It’s Tea Time!!

By , May 31, 2011 3:46 pm


Need I say more? Fabulous tea time food…. although some may say it’s fabulous anytime food. I personally prefer toasted bread of the thinner variety (ie: ya kun type toast), but there’s been times a nice crusty toasted thick bread has changed my mind (ie: chin mee chin type toast). The above is obviously neither (Killiney), but right now the bread is secondary because I’m craving any good ol’ half boiled egg =)

Enjoy your teatime!

Going the distance for food

By , May 18, 2011 10:36 am

I think Singaporeans are generally quite ‘well travelled’ when it comes to food. We’ll travel our little island to an unfamiliar part if there is good food!

We went to Punggol Marina Club for a wakeboarding session sometime back and discovered a seafood place called Atlantis. What was in their tanks impressed us :


Quite tourist worthy right? (say hello to Marcus the tourist on the left!)

We ordered alot of food, so in order of goodness here they are :


This Butter Sotong(12) is crazy good! It is deep fried in a light batter and has a fragrant buttery taste to it. What was more impressive, was that even though it was deep friend, it was still juicy and you can taste the freshness in every bite. I would go back just for this =)


Fresh clams(13) with garlic and chilli cooked to perfection, without a single grain of sand! You gotta love that =)


Crab meat fried rice(15) with chunks of fresh crab meat is obviously going to be good right? It even had that taste of a fired up wok. Yummy. Even better with chilli padi but that’s just me =)


Champagne and Stout Pork Ribs(15). I couldn’t taste the champagne or the stout, but it was tender and well flavoured (I couldn’t really tell what flavour :P). I liked that it was of the boneless variety and not too fatty =)


This is one of my favourite dishes when we have Chinese food : Spinach with 3 types of eggs(10) – Century eggs, salted eggs and regular eggs. You’d think it’s hard to go wrong with this dish, but some places have the gravy too watery or salty. This one was just right in texture and taste. *thumbs up*

We also ordered a Tomyam Soup(10) which wasn’t fantastic in taste but had really fresh seafood inside and a Fried Chicken Indonesian Style(12), which really is Fried Chicken on a bed of belachan – only for the true belachan fan (ie: alot of belachan).

In fact, we came back here again with the family and ordered all the same dishes for them to try (that’s why I didn’t bring my cam!!), and we ordered a new dish – ‘Sauna Prawn’. Fresh prawns on top of hot stones, cooked in a wooden bucket. I thought the way they served the dish was quite novel plus you really cannot go wrong with fresh prawns so long as it isn’t overcooked.

You might’ve noticed I almost ODed on the word “Fresh” and that really is the essence of good food. Fresh food, well cooked at reasonable prices – always a winner. We’re planning our next trip ‘out’ soon!!

PS: Great Atlantis Seafood Restaurant is at 600 Ponggol 17th Ave Marina Country Club. Tel : 6386 0600

Officially the Best Sliced Roast Pork.

By , May 10, 2011 8:34 am

Does this look appetizing?


It’s even better in real life because they serve it still sizzling from the grill and it smells heavenly. I’m not one to take fatty bits of a roast pork (Dan always tells me I’m missing out), but I couldn’t resist taking a big bite of this, fat and all. The burst of flavour and the contrast between the tender meat, the melt-in-my-mouth fat and the crisy sides made this taste like a bite of heaven =p


Dan ordered this braised pork – It was very well seasoned with a distinctive taste of spices…. Good but I’d have preferred a second order of the roast pork =)


The chicken broth ramen also gets a thumbs up – thin ramen (almost like the wanton mee variety) in this yummy chicken soup which I prefer over a pork bone soup sealed the deal for me.

The (very efficient) server also recommended a crispy chicken katsu – Tasted almost like chicken popcorn served as a cutlet. Ie: very crisy to the bite but also a tad salty.

Many people must love Marutama too because they are now at The Central, United Square, and Liang Court. You have to try it!

Authentic Vietnamese Fare

By , May 4, 2011 10:49 am

I was craving Vietnamese food and a coupla places in Joo Chiat turned up when I googled researched it. We decided to take our chances and just drive there to see where we can find parking (I know, so well thought out right? =p)

We stopped at 233 Joo Chiat Road cos there was a parking lot right opposite this Vietamese place. It looked rather commonplace but we had an inkling we’d get authentic Vietnamese fare when we spotted these on the tables.


Drinks first : A cold Vietnamese coffee as a perk me up! I thought they gave me someone else’s unfinished coffee when this arrived :IMG_5633

Then I stirred it and it became a full glass of rich coffee with a strong taste of chocolate and that distinctive aftertaste of Vietnamese coffee. *thumbs up!* 

Their lime juice was served the same way too :


And this lime juice was amazing – even though it started with so little lime juice at the bottom of all that ice, it stirred up to a refreshing glass of strong lime juice.

This next dish is Dan’s pick. (Cooked) Cockles with a strange hoi sin like sauce. He polished off the entire plate by himself and declared it the reason why we will be back soon while licking his fingers.


This deep fried pigeon was also Dan’s pick (you can tell he is very adventurous when it comes to food) and it sounded extremely crispy. There was very little left of it afterwards cos Dan said it was very tasty too.


I wanted a good bowl of chicken pho and was rather dismayed that they don’t serve chicken. So I went with the next safe thing on my list which was Beef Pho. This totally satifisfied my tastebuds – it could be the good chilli, or that the meat isn’t tough or fatty, or that the stock was not too salty or too much (you know how Vietnamese places drown their pho in soup?), but I was glad that they had no chicken or I wouldn’t have had this. This is the reason I’ll be going back soon.


For 3 bowls of beef pho (5.5 ea) and all the featured pictures above, lunch cost under 40. I thought it very reasonable! This is Quan An Vietnam at 233 Joo Chiat Road.

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