Relish and Relish

By , April 25, 2011 11:02 am

For the uninitiated (like myself), first there was Wild Rocket, then Wild Oats, then Burger Bench & Bar, then Relish and now Relish 2. It is obvious from their expansion that the food must be in demand because I trust that Singaporeans are very discerning foodies =)

My first visit to Relish @ Cluny Court was only earlier this month (I know – so late on this wagon!) where I had their classic burger :


It lived up to its hype – Lightly toasted sesame bun with a juicy beef patty cooked a just right medium. And you know you’re having a gourmet burger when rocket leaves replace the regular lettuce. The thick cut fries on the side were also really good (fried foods are NOT created equal).

Dan had the braised beef :


He declared it the BEST braised beef he’s had in terms of flavour and texture.

 My mom had the tofu burger with portobello mushrooms :


She loved the presentation of the dish but said she could have so many more portobellos and tofus for $20 (it was 17++ i think). I can almost hear my grandmother saying the same thing =) Our family was raised on being thrifty and that has kept me grounded more than anything else. Try it if you don’t believe me :p

I loved the ambience of the restaurant – classy but casual, a combo not many places can pull off. But I didn’t think that Dan and I would frequent Cluny Court because it’s just not our area…. THEN we discovered that a new Relish has opened up at where else but MyVillage! 

What greeted us was an eye catching cosy corner with a vintage set of furniture. Very inviting and we were to later find out that they are all for sale too. 


Their set lunch looked particularly appetising to two starving people. It included a soup :


This mushroom soup is not the usual creamy and thick sort that I rave about, but it was delightfully flavorful because of the truffle oil and diced mushroom bits.   


A crabmeat pasta cooked al dente with bits of crab meat, garlic and chilli. Everything about this was just right. The portion, the flavors and the ‘doneness’.  

The set lunch also included a cuppa tea/coffee and was very attractively priced at 11.90++!

In addition, we also had the onion rings with curry mayonnaise :


Although I’m not a fan of onion rings, I liked this one with the amazing curry mayo. It’s hard to describe how this unlikely couple makes such a good pair. In fact, I could have eaten fried flour with it and found it yummy :p

Dan also ordered this chocolate cointreau shake :


And the Cointreau wasn’t just for taste – I took a yummy sip and felt the buzz but that doesn’t count for much cos I’m a terrible drinker…. What does count is that Dan felt the buzz too and he can drink. I can only imagine how much Cointreau went in there.

In short, I relished Relish totally (so cheesy right? That line was in my head from the beginning of this post haha)

You might wanna try it too=)

Cake decorating classes by the maker of THIS cake!

By , April 14, 2011 2:55 pm

Yes, this is a cake, and everyone on it is edible. It is made by my friend who isn’t a professional baker. Some days when I’m in need of a dose of humility, I go to Facebook and look at the cakes she bakes. It’s hard not to feel jealousy admiration for someone who can teach herself to create such pieces of art =p


So anyhow, I was tweeting for help on cupcakes last week and this friend replied to say that she is starting a little class on how to make and decorate cupcakes. I was immediately intrigued – you mean I can actually try to make the stuff she does? Of course I’m going!

She sent me a class brief and yesterday, I turned up at her doorstep at 9am. Together with 3 other ladies, we had a blast of a morning icing little cupcakes and making fondant figurines.IMG_5514

The above was a sample of things to come – we would be making garden themed cupcakes (Even I didn’t think we’d be starting with an Angry Birds cake) She first demonstrated how to make the cupcakes, and while they were in the oven, showed us how to make a batch of buttercream. We then divided the buttercream and everyone coloured a batch.


Then we learnt how to pipe icing onto our cupcakes (This is the grass version) :


Afterward, we learnt how to make figurines with fondant/gumpaste. That was really an eye opener for me because I have NEVER worked with fondant/gumpaste before.


That’s the caterpillar in making =)


An edible arts and craft session!!

I was skiving documenting the class, and thinking to myself it’s crazy the amount of work that goes into making these things. By the end of the class, we each got a box to bring our cupcakes home in so that we can show off  share how fabulous our cupcakes looked.


What I really liked about the class was that it was very hands on, and that it was an intimate class of 4 – everybody got to ask many questions. What’s more, she was very generous in sharing everything she knew, and no question was too basic or irrelevant. I think when passionate bakers teach, they really dish out on invaluable tips and advice instead of hoarding it.

Her name is Audrey Leung and if you feel like admiring beautiful cakes, you can check out her facebook page here. As these classes are a hobby for her, she is flexible with class plans and size. Get a few friends and go for a lesson together – either learn everything in a day, or spread them out! You can write her at 

I’m not sure I am cut out for fondant modelling, but maybe one day, I can do this :


One can hope right? =)


By , April 6, 2011 1:37 pm


The first time I tried this ramen, I had to return the very next day because my tastebuds missed it already =p Thin and straight noodles (you can order the springy and curly ramen too), in a rich pork broth. This Original Shoyu Ramen(13.8) has a really nice bite to it, and is served with a generous thick slice of braised pork and half a japanese styled egg. You know, the sort with the dark gooey egg yolk? *drool

I picked a mini Spicy miso Ramen(10) my first visit and was delighted with its flavor (tasty and spicy!) – returned the next day for the non mini version. This doesn’t come with the egg tho.

It’s a good thing this place is so close to home – Daikokuya is at myVillage Serangoon Gardens, and I mentioned here how much I like this mall.

Daikokuya means God of Wealth in japanese and trust me, they have a wealth of yummy eats in their menu other than their ramen.


The Egg Tempura(2.8) is for those who find that half an egg in their noodles is only good for a tease – they need a FULL egg to satisfy their tastebuds. The tempura sauce is a little salty for my liking, but the crispy tempura skin is quite a nice contrast to the egg. Actually, I’d be happy with just the egg cos they serve THE authentic Japanese egg.


The Original Cha Shu(5.8) is for those who find that one slice of pork in their noodles is only good for a tease – they need a few more slices to satisfy their tastebuds. I REALLY like the way they do this. They use non fatty pork, braise it in a way that some parts are so tender they fall apart with a prod of the fork.


The Fried Chicken(8.8) is prepared upon ordering so you get fresh fried chicken. The kind with crispy outsides and juicy insides that burn you when you insist on biting into it immediately.


Their Spinach Salad was very interesting – the poached runny egg on top especially. But perhaps they should rename it Spinach and Lettuce Salad because the top layer of Spinach leaves camouflaged a mound of lettuce underneath. Fortunately all the greens were nice and fresh so that sorta “saved” it =)


This Pork Croquette(3.8) was a rather big serving of a fried patty made of pork, chives and other unknown filling. I found it so-so but wanted to include this because I like the picture I took of it. Plus some people feel like something fried sometimes, right?

Tip: This restaurant is a little short on indoor seating so maybe nights are better so that you can seat outdoors. Midday sun and hot ramen is quite a cruel mix.

Enjoy!!! =D

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