Modesto’s Set Lunch!

By , March 31, 2011 10:14 am

After re-reading that last entry about fantastic pizza at Modesto’s, we decided to head there again for lunch. I’ll have to take back what I said about it being too pricey.

Modesto’s at Orchard offers a great set lunch! The food is fab and even more fab, is that it’s at $11.99 – includes a drink, a soup/salad and a main course.


Pick the soup – their mushroom soup is not of the canned and watered down variety. It is of the authentic, taste the grounded fresh mushrooms with every spoonful variety. The bonus with picking the soup, is that their bread basket has soft and warm focacia bread with crusty sides. In short, the perfect accompaniment to the soup.

Of course if mushrooms aren’t your thing, then get the salad =p

As for the main course, you can pick a wood fired pizza or any classic pasta (with penne or spaghetti). I picked the same chicken sausage pizza and it is as good as I remembered it to be. Dan picked the bolognese pizza (his first) – very yummy!

I’ll admit I was initially worried that quality will be sacrificed as is sometimes the case with set meals… pleased to say – not here! Definitely my recommendation for lunch =)

Fantastic Pizza!

By , March 25, 2011 11:27 am

I recently tweeted this: “Pizza Hut is either better than I remember or I’m hungrier than I think.”

All my replies to that was along the lines of how hungry / famished / starved I must be… :p

So before I lose all credibility as a food blogger, I have to clarify that firstly, my fantastic pizza is not about Pizza Hut (altho it IS edible when you are hungry), and that secondly, managing expectations is a life skill that will make everyday a better one.

Now on to the fantastic pizza: This one ranks up there with Peperoni or CPK. (There is this other pizza I used to love but it’s no longer as cracked up as it used to be hurhur).

This is my new old favourite : Pizza at Modestos.


We ordered the Wurstel: Tomato, cheese and chicken sausages(20.50) – sounds boring doesn’t it? It tasted anything but. The chicken sausage is of the processed variety, meaning there are no chunks of meat/fat. This one had a very tender bite (I like this sort!), and it was a little springy on the outside the way sausages should be.

Dan ordered this appetizer – Vitello Tonnato: Thinly sliced roast veal served with a special tuna mayonnaise sauce(18.50).


The sprinkling of capers on top added to the interesting flavor of this dish! The roasted veal would have been too dry on its own, but paired with the tuna mayo, made this dish moist and flavorful.


Even their regular spaghetti bolognese pasta(19.00) tasted great. Al dente pasta with a flavorful and chunky sauce. (This is only a quarter of the serving)

We also ordered a Filetto di Branzino con Salsa Limone E Capperi(29.00) which is a pan fried fillet of Seabass with a caper and lemon sauce. We were surprised by the size of the fillet – very generous! Of course quantity is nothing without quality and this was uber fresh and well cooked =)

If you are wondering why this entry has got so much details, it’s because Modesto’s menu is online!

I wouldn’t be visiting this restaurant everyday – prices are a little on the high side. But for the quality, this will be one of my go-tos when I feel like a treat =)

Ma Maison

By , March 17, 2011 10:02 am

We went to Ma Maison at Bugis last week and I had a fabulous lunch! Been wanting to write about it but what with my weekend trip and a sick baby on hand, didn’t get a chance to til now….

You know which one I’m talking about right? That Japanese restaurant with the French name(Ma Maison is french for “My House”), English cottage deco and Western/Italian cuisine. It sounds a little complicated put that way, but trust me, it works out really well when you’re there. How else do you explain their longstanding presence in Bugis =)

Their signature dishes are actually the hamburger steaks and squid ink pasta (or so I’ve heard) but I didn’t have those that afternoon. You can google “ma maison” and “hamburger steak” for reviews on those 🙂 I’d like to introduce this instead :


The STEAK DON! I think it’s a seasonal/promotional item on their menu because I’ve not seen it before… I loved the taste of the steak – a little charred (maybe grilled) and cooked to perfection. It sat on a bowl of rice drizzled with a sauce and some shredded cabbage. It’s odd how everything came together nicely for this dish – the Western way of serving steak, but paired with a decidedly Chinese way of serving rice – with ‘gravy’ over. ALmost like 肉飯 (Taiwan’s famous stewed pork and rice).

My only complaint, is that it came in a huge bowl meant for ramen. But I suppose I can survive that again :p This lunch set came with a small salad, dessert and a drink – $15.50.


This must be instantly recognizable to most : Tonkatsu! This definitely gives Tonkichi/Tampopo (Japanese restaurants known for their tonkatsus) a run for their money. It was a thick yet tender and juicy pork cutlet fried with a light and crispy batter. They had a Japanese sweet sauce as well as fresh ground rock salt on the side with this dish – Ace! I suspect I’ll have to have two main courses for lunch the next time I go to Ma Maison.

Oh and I absolutely adore this shot of Renee taken there, with the nostalgic function on my camera on :


This really is a timeless place =)

Of Phuket and Liquids!

By , March 8, 2011 3:50 pm

Who’s a big fan of Tom Yam Soups? *wave hands frantically in the air*

We were in Phuket last week for a coupla days and I tried to have Tom Yam Soup every lunch and dinner. In fact, I realised that the liquids were what satisfied me the most, of all the meals we had (which explains this post)….

It is hard to go wrong with Tom Yam Soup in Thailand but there are exceptions. (Just like chicken rice in Singapore – you’d think one can’t go wrong there but it can…. )


I couldn’t find my way back to this little store that we stumbled upon on our first day, but it served the bestest Tom Yam Soup I had in the 4 days we spent in Phuket. It wasn’t very oily, and it wasn’t overly spicy (which may mistakenly be the benchmark for how good a Tom Yam soup is in Singapore). It had the fullness of all the different spices that makes a Tom Yam soup well, a Tom Yam Soup! I could just about taste every ingredient that went into the making of it – the galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves and tomatoes…. no expense was spared to make this soup flavorful. I loved it!!

Oh, this little store also served an incredibly memorable strawberry smoothie :


Even the colour tells you it’s gonna be a rich and tasty strawberry smoothie, right?


 The above was my second favourite Tom Yam soup in Phuket – it was a little coconuty and had a little chilli oil which made a big difference in the taste of the soup. It was really good too and I think being being generous with the ingredients was key….


The above is the Tom Yam Talay – clear Tom Yam soup which can pack a punch but this one didn’t. I included it for reference/variety’s sake. I had two not so good Talays – so disappointing right?! For days when you just want something really spicy, Thai Express serves a clear Tom yam soup that burns a passage down your tummy =)

The rest of our eats in Phuket were mediocre. Yes, even the grilled lobsters and mantis shrimps(Dan says it’s like eating an alien hurhur). I blame our lack of homework on where to go but then again, me and Dan have always preferred to walk into shops with no expectations and our fingers crossed….

Oh and since we’re on the topic of liquids, let me also share this picture :


You have to go island hopping to see waters this clear – we were at Khai Island(above), Maya Bay(where Leonardi di Caprio filmed The Beach), and Phi Phi island – they were the best body of liquid on the trip….!!  =)

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