Jack’s Place (yes really!)

By , February 25, 2011 10:22 am

Yeah, you read right. Jack’s Place. Why am I writing about Jack’s Place? It’s been around forever – ok maybe not forever but since 1967  IS forever to the younger readers.

Thing is, most people my age (fine fine, do I Have to spell it out?? *grumble* 30s) have a precious memory or two from their youth in Jack’s Place. At that time, it was THE place to go. I have two precious memories there.

One of them, is of a group of us (upper secondary I think) throwing peas around the restaurant at Bras Basah. *hangs head* I know. Very childish and irritating. It was the only one time we went there did it. It wasn’t exactly affordable fare for us too and we had to save up to eat there. I think they were glad we didn’t patron the place frequently although our school was just across the road.

Another memory, is of my father – he brought my sister and I to Jack’s Place at Ang Mo Kio for lunch once. Come to think of it, that might be the only memory I have of him… Oh well, better than none?

Anyhows, I seldom go to Jack’s because there are too many choices of too many new restaurants. But Dan likes Jack’s Place. He likes that their oysters are always fresh and their steaks always dependable. Having those two things at a meal always makes him a happy man.

I recently discovered that their teriyaki chicken is really good –

IMG_3919The chicken was, as advertised on the menu, succulent pieces atop white rice. They forgot to mention that the chicken will be browned to a slight crisp. I think more people would order it if they knew. Other than that, it’s a very simple dish. Chicken, carrots and peas with teriyaki sauce over rice. Fills you up, is healthy, tastes good even after you’ve fed your baby and it has been sitting out for awhile(not many dishes can lay claim to that!)


This chicken pasta is a winner with my mother who likes cream pasta (I’m not a fan). She likes that the pasta isn’t too al dente, that it’s tasty, not nauseatingly creamy, and that the chicken is the same good chicken over at the teriyaki dish minus the teriyaki sauce. 

Their menu is available online – nothing to hide when you’ve been around for so long. I’m guessing Renee will be eating there in future too =)

Simple pleasures.

By , February 24, 2011 3:53 pm

When we were in Europe for our honeymoon, one of our favourite things to do was to have a coffee at any quaint looking sidewalk cafe, and people watch. Our coffees usually came with a little something sweet on the side – a little cookie, a slice of biscotti, and very frequently, a caramelised biscuit (that was the name on the packaging).

They are two brown pieces of biscuits visible through a red and white plastic packaging. I found its taste to be extremely satisfying with a coffee or tea. Light, crunchy and the perfect blend of brown sugar and cinnamon. I liked it so much I actually looked forward to it as much as the coffee whenever we stopped at a cafe, and would even be a little disappointed when I didn’t see the familiar red and white packaging by the side of my coffee cup.

One day while we were in Prague (I think), we went to a supermarket and guess what we chanced upon in the confectionery aisle? That’s right – THE caramelised biscuits!! Yay!! I bought a few dozen packets and only stopped because Dan my voice of oppression reason said there wasn’t any space in our luggage.

When we returned, I made sure to eat the biscuits very slowly, because I’m obviously not going back to Europe anytime soon to shop for biscuits, right?

Then one day, we were at a supermarket(Cold storage or NTUC) and guess what we chanced upon in the confectionery aisle? That’s right – THE caramelised biscuits!!

How often do we go afar to find something good that is right at home =P

I still buy them to have with my coffee/tea – simple pleasures.  


Shin Kushiya

By , February 11, 2011 11:55 am

I was so stoked last year about NEX mall opening – a big mall 5mins away is something to be happy about, yes? But then my happiness was short lived because when it actually opened, the parking situation wasn’t (and still isn’t) very attractive so I’ve only been there a grand total of ONCE. 

 Then a smaller mall opened nearby – MyVillage at Chomp Chomp. You can tell immediately that though small, this mall is classier and has a nice vibe about it. The official opening is in Feb, but we’ve been there many times already to do our grocery shopping cos there is actually parking at the underground carpark. I know. Shocking.

There are a coupla restaurants there and we picked the restaurant with the nicest pictures outside – Shin Kushiya. The executive head chef came out and welcomed us after we ordered(yes, he did that with every other patron too – wasn’t just us!). I tell you, the Japanese ace at manners – he emanated warmth and sincerity, and we felt almost honoured to be there, like we were dining at his home.

But enough talk, here’s the food : IMG_4060

The Onsen Tamago was served chilled and as you can see, very beautifully cooked. The pickled condiment on top went very well with the chicken broth that the egg was in. *thumbs up


The Flamed Salmon Salad is a picture perfect salad, with every item fresh and seemingly handpicked to be presented in this plate of art. The sauce on the side, was a more lemony tasting sauce than the usual wafu sauce. Very refreshing =D


This is the Hamachi Carpaccio. Well sliced sashimi makes fresh fish taste every better. The presentation doesn’t hurt either =)


Shin Kushiya is known for their skewers –  Kushiyaki. We ordered two plates of an assortment of these. I like the chicken meatballs and meat wrapped asparagus. Dan loved the oysters. The Karubi beef didn’t fare as well – too chewy.


This was Dan’s main course – Truffle Oil Infused Pasta, with Sea Urchin and Caviar. All the atas high end ingredients =p The sea urchin was very creamy and fresh, and the aftertaste of the pasta made this very unique.

My main course was the seafood curry – I was (unfairly) craving a japanese curry taste from a restaurant called Curry Favor and so this didn’t match up.

The food amounted to 130+, and with taxes and gst, our grand total was 170+. Other than the food, the service and ambience was really good too – nice place to pamper ourselves =D

You can find out more information about Shin Kushiya here =)

Awesome Indonesian Fare!!

By , February 2, 2011 10:39 am

I have been to a coupla new eats since the year started and taken many good food pictures. Problem is, I have also had to bin those pictures because they didn’t taste good enough to share…… Not sure if that is because my palate has grown pickier with age experience or because the food at those places were really lacklustre.

Anyway, you can imagine my joy that this meal made it here – it is a Indonesian place called Manis Manis, located at Turf Club (Off Eng Neo exit if you take the PIE)


When we sat down, we were immediately served a generous plate of fish crackers to munch on while we perused the menu. Service was excellent =) I was about to ask where the chilli was when I saw the notice by the side of the door – “50c for sambal belacan”. The first thought that came to mind was “wa… it must be good if they’re selling it” – skipped it tho because the crackers were good on their own.


I ordered a boring vegetable chicken soup that was anything but. It was tasty and had a good portion of fresh vegetables and chicken – enough to share with two or three people!


Dan ordered the oxtail soup and said it was Excellent! Yes, with the capital E. He liked that it was a little spicy, very aromatic cos of the tumeric and other spices plus it was cooked so long the meat was falling off the bones. It was a generous portion too – you definitely can share this.


The beef rendang was soft, flavorful and packed a punch – just the right thing to go with white rice.


I ordered the ayam penyet – which is smashed chicken(usually the leg) with spices on it. I first tried the ayam penyet when my friend bought it from the Funan food court. It is SO GOOD. I’ve tried a coupla other ayam penyets since, but nothing came close. Manis Manis makes it as well as that store in Funan. I reckon it’s to do with their super good chili belacan (I was right about it being good!), and that the chicken had crispy skin and tender meat.

Dan also ordered roti prata (they were a little shy when explaining that it’s the frozen variety) and he liked that as well! Including 3 plates of rice, 2 coconuts and a tea, the total bill for lunch was 47.5.

Great place or what! We wanna go back soon and perhaps try the other stuff on the menu. Like sayur lodeh and chendol. *drool*

PS: Happy Chinese New Year!!! =D

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