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By , January 7, 2011 1:39 pm

I wanted the first food post for 2011 to be special, and I’d say home grub is special because it is yummy, it’s available anytime and because The Man prepares it =)



This explosion of colours is bound to impress any guest =) The biggest plus is that this platter is easily assembled – you just need the ingredients on hand and of course some flair with decorating. It is also a very healthy platter : Tomatoes; strips of carrot, celery and cucumber; cocktail nuts; raisins; cranberries; sliced mushrooms; vegs sprinkled all over; salami and cheese.

On the side, Dan also prepares crackers to go with the cheese and salami (it’s such a wicked combo!). For a bigger group, he usually gets dips (from Cold storage) and nacho chips too.

It’s really nice to sit around this platter and slowly pick everything off it while catching up with friends/family. Dan’s choice of beverage for the platter is red wine/champagne. Yes, he does enjoy his food and wine 🙂



I honestly think Dan makes very good steak (Don’t tell him I said so, but I was 3/4 won over during our dating days the first time he prepared me a good steak!) I’m not alone too – everybody who’s tried the beef he prepares thinks so whether it’s panfried/barbequed/roasted. It must be his affinity with steak… or just that he’s had sooooo much of it.

A Fairprice Finest recently opened near our hood so he buys the tenderloin from there and requests for the meat to be cut about an inch thick ($6.70/100gm – way more affordable than eating out!). He prepares a salad on the side Jamie Oliver style (ie: without washing) and drizzles the salad dressing over some leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers and raisins.

Back to the ‘star’ of the dish: As the pan is heating up, Dan seasons one side of the beef with a little salt and pepper. When the pan is hot, he cooks it with a teaspoon of olive oil and waits for the side of the steak to show a 3/4 ‘cooked’ line. He then flips it over and expertly gauges the doneness of the steak to perfection. After he removes the steak from the pan, we wait for 2mins for the meat to ‘settle’ and then drizzle this over :


$44.90 for 250ml felt very expensive until we saw a 100ml bottle going for $55.90. But it is a very good investment because it makes every dish taste like restaurant takeaway. *slurp*

You might wanna try firing up the stove and impressing your friends/(potential) partner/ family cos Dan will testify that it works!

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  1. Derrick says:

    Does truffle oil go with steak? BTW is your Facebook page up? Can add me? Can’t find the add button on your page lah :-p

  2. jaimeteo says:

    I think that depends on whether you like truffle oil =p Sorry about the FB – only family and close friends are on it…. Drop a tweet if you wanna say hi instead? =D

  3. jennifer bishop says:

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