Pu Tien – Post Christmas =)

By , December 28, 2010 9:59 am

After the Christmas feasting, guess what we do after? Uh huh – go out for a good meal. Is it just us gluttons or is it a Singaporean trait??

I am again reminded of how much of a Chinese I really am cos I was uncomfortable after not having had rice in two days. I Need my rice and Chinese food. So we went to Pu Tien at City Square Mall (I know I go there alot – it really has everything I need minus jostling crowds) on Christmas day.


Dan ordered this plate of cockles. Not for the faint hearted companion and not before important meetings or on first dates. That said, Dan declared it the best cockles he has ever had. It’s almost like pickled cockles (cos they were uncooked) – sweet, juicy and soaked in a garlic chilli vinaigrette.


We saw this plate of braised intestines on EVERY table we walked past as we were guided to our seat. It is called the “9 Layer Intestines” cos there are layers upon layers of innards, inside each inside. Does that make sense to you? I reckon it’s an acquired taste cos we prefer the regular lone insides. Interesting dish tho =D


The bamboo prawn was my personal favourite – the prawns were fresh and cooked just right. You can always tell when you peel the prawns. If the shells stick, they are overcooked or not fresh (neither are good signs). Plus they were in this herbally soup. I like very much. With my rice =D 
















The braised spare ribs was deeeeeeeelicious! It was absolutely tender and tasted like it was braised overnight – that’s how soft it was. Yum!! (Just the sort of thing to go with rice too) It comes with a slightly sweet/tangy sauce which I normally don’t enjoy but somehow the blend of flavors felt right to my tastebuds.  







Pu Tien also serves really good rice cakes. They were just the right consistency and came in a flavorful seafood broth topped with seaweed.

We also ordered a vegetable (spinach with three types of eggs) and their abalone special (which wasn’t spectacular). They were run of the mill good (we are so spoilt!) and so didn’t get picture space.

On a side note : Before we left, Dan couldn’t help being inspired by their Christmas deco which prompted this tweet :
“Putien wins best Christmas deco award! “jingle balls x2 hanging on the wall….”


By , December 15, 2010 11:32 am

Am I the only one or do you sometimes also confuse TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur) with The Coffee Club (TCC)?

I was at Clarke Quay last week and mentally saw TCC but told my friends to meet at Coffee Club. Suffices to say, we were halfway through lunch before thinking to ask why they haven’t arrived yet despite us leaving the studio at the same time :p

Namesake confusion aside, I have to say that TCC surprised me with the quality and presentation of their food. When did the coffee place become a food place? IMG_2084

Seared Tuna Salad – the burst of colours decorating this dish makes it almost an artpiece. It passed the taste test with flying colours (pun not intended) too!


The Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio was extremely tasty and spicy the way I like it. The spaghetti was cooked al dente (almost like the way the husband makes it at home) and topped with fresh tasting seared prawns and scallops. This got many thumbs up too =D


Striploin on a Pastry is not its actual name…. or at least I dont remember it to be so. But I do remember it being tender for a striploin and it went well with the pastry. It looks good too, no?

We also ordered the chicken wings which was frankly very lacklustre (so skip that) and coffee (of course). I forgot to get a picture of the coffees my friends ordered – usually the cold variety with a scoop of ice cream. Seeing how I’m still on my no diary diet, it’s unfair to subject me to such temptation or expect me to torture myself getting a good picture of what I cannot have. Everybody enjoyed their coffees with smug smiles.

Good price for good food – that is becoming quite the norm for many of Singapore’s F&B outlets. Competition is tough!

Newest snack (咬咬)in my books

By , December 10, 2010 3:54 pm

At first glance, this might appear to be a bite sized savoury crepe, and actually it is.


I bought them from this place called “Modern Peking Duck”, and there are two different types. One is ‘Peking Duck’ – you know, the kinda food that we used to have only in ‘atas’ chinese restaurants? The other is ‘Suckling Pig’ – you know, the kinda food that we used to only enjoy during wedding dinners (at ‘atas’ chinese restaurants)?

I was at vivocity when I saw this stall :803

It didn’t look very interesting until I went to take a closer look.804

This bite sized savoury crepe goes by the name ‘Peking Duck’! If I were in a restaurant, the key things to look out for would be lots of roasted skin and a little meat, wrapped in a nice thin pancake together with spring onions, cucumber (optional) and sweet bean sauce. But this is not a restaurant and anything goes – I actually prefer more meat in my ‘Peking Duck’, less sauce and no spring onion. You can see why this is quickly my favourite.

The convenience and availability is a big big plus. I don’t even have to finish an entire duck for a taste so that makes it worth $6 for 5 pcs in my books =D

You can find this at vivocity and ion orchard!

Vitamin Water!

By , December 3, 2010 2:42 pm

You must have heard of Glaceau’s Vitamin Water by now (their launch was held last week at Ion Sky). They are so popular, their facebook page has over 2million fans – I’m sure having many Hollywood celebrities photographed with Vitamin Water in hand has helped sales =P 

But what exactly is vitamin water? It is fortified water that has more vitamins in it than your regular soft drink. While I wouldn’t replace my regular vitamins with vitamin water, here is why I would choose vitamin water over other soft drinks.

You know how some days you just want something cold and sugared or coloured?  I’ll have to admit I have more of those moments than I should (plain water is still your best bet). What I do, is that I pick something that doesn’t do too much damage in the calorie department. Green tea for example, has about 24kcal/100ml. Vitamin water has 18kcal/100ml. Plus vitamin water has more flavours and even some vitamins. You see how easy a choice it is for me?

I also like the write-up of every flavor – it spells fun and trendy and who doesn’t like that?


Ok and I’ll admit to the very cool bar fridge they sent to our household, stocked with vitamin water of every flavor. You’ve gotta love that. My friends come over and naturally head for that fridge – we’re down to too few bottles in too short a time. Need to stock up!


















You can get vitamin water at all leading supermarkets =)

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