Sundanese Sayang

By , November 29, 2010 11:13 am

 It is easy to give this little restaurant a miss, given the many brightly lit, beautifully designed and familiar (food) signages on every level of City Square Mall. I happened to be craving Sayur Lodeh (An Indonesian dish with a variety of vegetables in a coconut curry) and kept my fingers crossed that this restaurant would serve authentic Sayur Lodeh.  (Sundanese people are from West Java, Indonesia – the assumption came naturally )


I daren’t raise my hopes when the friendly server sat this bowl of fragrant sayur lodeh before me. Then I took a bite. BINGO! Struck gold! It’s really good! The vegetables were cooked just enough that it is soaked through with coconut curry, but is not overly soft.  I’d have been happy with just this and a bowl of rice.

But of course we ordered other dishes, greedyenthusiastic people that we are – more food, more to share, right?


I strongly recommend this chicken satay – generous chunks of well marinated chicken, grilled (I think) so well that each morsel of chicken is tender and juicy. It’s so good I didn’t eat it with the peanut sauce on the side. (Ok, that’s me cause I’m not a fan of sauces)


The chicken leg tastes very similar to the satay. It’s almost like the same thing, except that instead of meat on a stick, it’s on bones. Satay is better for the lazy =)


The Tahu Telor was pretty average but I thought it a nice picture =P

Sundanese Sayang is on the 2nd floor of City Square Mall – their website has pictures of this outlet plus the menu.

Grandma’s Kitchen (Part 2)

By , November 15, 2010 4:43 pm

I wrote about Grandma’s kitchen sometime back and ended it with a note to try their chendol – Which I did!


Except for the palm seed (or attap seed as it’s more fondly called) which was quite hard, this is very good Chendol! Thick coconut cream, sweetened red bean, green jelly and shaved ice topped with (as much or as little of) the best gula melaka I have ever had. This treat is an excellent replacement for ice cream (I’m on a no dairy diet) =D 


This is the Nasi Bukhari(15.8) – you get to taste all the good stuff on a plate. The beef rendang was really good (bigger pic in my prev post), the assam prawn passable, and the deep fried chicken thigh THE absolute best deep fried chicken I’ve had. The skin is fried to a crisp and the tender meat well marinated. I even came back and ordered this a la carte on another occasion.


Their set lunch is a really good deal : Penang Char Kway Teow + soup of the day + drink + dessert(Chendol!) for 6.90! This is really tasty Char Kway Teow – very flavorful and they used clams(which I eat) instead of cockles(which I don’t).

Couple of things IDan really likes about this place: High quality of food at an affordable price, all day beer promo : $3 for a pint of Tiger and $5 for a pint of Erdinger(?!!), quick and good service.

This is Grandma’s Kitchen at United Square =)

The Merry Men

By , November 11, 2010 11:27 am

As a rule of thumb, if the weather isn’t too humid/wet and there’s an al fresco area with a body of water nearby, I’d choose to sit outside. However, I was at a new(ish) bar +kitchen along Robertson Quay and really liked their interior deco :


Isn’t this such a beautiful and intelligent way to bring your attention to the high ceiling? It’s almost like bringing the outdoors, indoors. I like the slanting rays of about to expire sunlight on the walls too =)


I also like the raw finishes, like this wall that separates the chefs from the consumers. Always good to be able to look in on what’s cooking – I only tried the very wicked truffle fries (8), but heard from my sources that the mini blue cheese burgers (12) and grilled chicken (16) is top on the list of to-try! 


This is The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar at 86 Robertso Quay. Good food plus great place to sit around and be merry (couldn’t resist that one hehe) =D

Fremantle Seafood Market (Singapore)

By , November 6, 2010 9:14 am

If you are a fan of Sunday brunches / buffets, then you’ll know that this is a really good deal! No prizes for guessing who suggested we go there – the Dan the buffet man =p In addition to a fresh spread of mussels, prawns, oysters, raw salmon and cooked codfish, there was pork knuckle, and roast chicken and lotsa salad stuff too. I thought it a very good spread! 


I didn’t go for the buffet because I usually don’t eat my money’s worth (yes yes I am so Singaporean!) and don’t like to stuff my face trying to… So, I ordered the fish and chips which was served on a wooden board. Very good fish and chips!! Even better than the real Fremantle one(Perth) in my opinion, and I was just there a few months back.


What sold me on this was the freshness and quality of the fish – the texture was a little like codfish. I enjoyed it alot with the thick crispy chips =)


I ordered the mushroom risotto too which was all mushroom flavor but lacked something (salt? :P) I thought it a bit bland but liked the picture enough to include it here 😛

Good food with a nice view of the river (if you sit outside that is) – a great way to spend a Sunday!

Fremantle Seafood Market is at Clarke Quay, beside the Gmax bungee ride.


By , November 3, 2010 1:58 pm

Haven’t been to Prego’s in a while and I was wondering why not. It could be cos I don’t like to queue to get a seat and Prego’s gets pretty much packed during lunch. Well, I could call in advance for a reservation but only Dan I (shockingly) do not plan my days around food and our restaurant visits are most times impromptu.

After a visit last week (way after lunch hour),  I was reminded of how good the food there is!


The Calamari (26) has a very light batter, is deep fried to perfection and has this juicy and lightly chewy texture . PLUS they are big sized squid rings =) Oh, just a pity about the prettily wrapped lemon – I initially thought that was  a great way to dress up the dish and get lemon juice minus the seeds. But it was so dry we managed only a teaspoon of juice from it. Fortunately, all of us were happy even without the lemon juice =)


The Insa Seppioline (25) is a selection of very fresh seafood served with a special pesto sauce. For lovers of clean tasting seafood flavors.


The Tagliolini Neri Gaberoni (32) is the best squid ink pasta in a tomato based sauce that I’ve had! If you love the taste of squid ink but don’t like getting black lips and teeth from eating it, this is a good alternative. The pasta itself is made with squid ink, and the base is a tangy tomato sauce which is slightly spicy thanks to the chilli padi. Add to the combo crunchy fresh prawns – Uber delicious! My new favourite pasta!


The Fillet Mignon(42) flanked by bacon is hard to get wrong. Only gripe is that we both ordered this, wanted it to be medium, but got one too cooked and one too rare. Fortunately, I like a more cooked ‘medium’, while Dan likes a more raw ‘medium’.

Oh the fresh bread they serve before the meal is really good too :


Warm and toasty with a fluffy inside and served with a pureed salsa sauce. Be mindful not to finish it all (it’s quite big and too easy to eat too much) or you might not have space for lunch!

The other things we had was the beef carpaccio(28),  carbonara(26) and some drinks.

The damage was 250+

Ah…. That might be the reason why we don’t go ALL the time but if you wanna give yourself a treat, this place delivers on its food =)

Prego’s is at Raffles City. Call for reservations! (6431 6156)

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