Zhou’s Kitchen

By , October 29, 2010 4:18 pm

I first visited Zhou’s Kitchen at Square 2 when they just opened. Didn’t find it blogworthy then.

Last weekend, I found myself back at Zhou’s Kitchen because I was craving for Chinese food, we were at Square 2, and I was really starving. It was with a “Oh well, this should be quite quick” mentality that we settled down to order our lunch.

I think they might have changed their menu because all the pictures looked very good on the menu (it could be my hunger). We overordered and then food was sent our way Very quickly.


Their ‘Soup of the day’ was really tasty. Pork Rib with I forgot what vegetable. You can tell it’s properly boiled with quality ingredients by the thin film of oil over the soup. That’s how it looks when I cook pork rib soup at home =)


The crispy chicken comes with the obligatory saucer of salt and plum seasoning which wasn’t needed because it was really good on its own. I like fried to a crisp chicken skin and tender chicken meat. You can tell from the picture it is all that, can’t you?


Very good chilli clams!! Spicy but not overly so. Fantastic with the fried rice =)


 You can’t really tell from this picture but this braised pork shank is HUGE. Dan an tackled it on his own. He says it is very well cooked.


This is the uber yummy seafood fried rice with spicy XO sauce. Can’t tell from the picture, but it had this burnt wok taste that is the mark of good fried rice. We like very much =)IMG_3050

I am a fan of spinach with fried tofu and usually find the places that serve it to cook it well. Same here =)

We also ordered dim sum fare (shrimp dumplings-ha gao, pork buns-char siew bao), roast meats, an assortment of mixed fruit drinks and basically ate til we couldn’t walk.

As we left the restaurant at 3plus pm, the restaurant started getting crowded with the high tea buffet spread which at 16.80++  (adult) is a pretty good deal!

I think their fare has improved from our last visit so you might wanna look out for it if there’s a Zhou’s kitchen near you =)

Villa Di Parma

By , October 22, 2010 5:49 pm

In a corner of Serangoon Gardens (opposite Chomp Chomp food centre), we found a little Italian restaurant. It may have been the hot weather outside, or the fact that there were only 2 other tables occupied at lunchtime… but  it felt more like siesta hour rather than lunch hour.


I ordered a pretend red wine to accompany my lunch (which I finished before lunch arrived).


Dan ordered a pretend salad to eat his favourite foi gras (and the 2 slices of foi gras disappeared before the greens)


The baked mussels topped with cheese was pretty good.


As was the beef (according to Dan)


We ordered two pastas – the above is the beef tagliatalle.


And this second pasta is a penne with ham. I have this to say about their pastas – al dente, generous with the meats and very tasty!

I was quite surprised because my expectations of the food lowered with every passing minute we waited. (Although seriously, how is that relevant?) I first wondered how long more the wait would be if the restaurant was at full capacity. Then I wondered if the waiting time was the reason why few come here for lunch.

Anyway, I was glad that the pasta was most worth the wait =) 

PS: We were told their patrons especially enjoy the desserts. You might wanna give it a try if you go!

Turkish Cuisine at Turkish Cuisine

By , October 19, 2010 3:20 pm

What’s really good about walking into a restaurant named “Turkish Cuisine”, is that you don’t have to guess what cuisine they serve. We’ve walked by this place so many times but only decided to try it a few weeks ago (Dan was agog at the picture of the lamb shank)


This is no ordinary watermelon juice. This is slushy watermelon goodness served cold – not the watered down variety. So good it wins the award for best watermelon juice in my books =) 


 Freshly baked turk bread tastes crispy on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside.


 Humus (mainly mashed chick peas) has got the texture but not the taste of babyfood. Surprising for me cos I’m not a fan of chick peas – it went really well with the bread! 


Chicken Kebap – I was totally impressed with how tender and tasty the chicken chunks were!!

IMG_2856Pide with sausage. The Turkish equivalent of a pizza – something you’ll like if you’re a fan of thin crust pizza and boats.IMG_2857

A not very good shot of THE lamb shank. I had to do it quickly because Dan was waiting with knife and fork poised above it. The knife wasn’t really needed cos the meat just fell off the bone. At the rate it disappeared, I’d say it was very good.

Their menu is here (with prices!) if you want to check out what else they’ve got.

Turkish Cuisine is at Suntec Level 3, near Toys ‘R’ Us.

The Sticky Chewy Chocolate Place

By , October 13, 2010 5:18 pm

Yeah, that’s what I call Swensen’s. Doesn’t matter it is 6 syllabus more than Swensen’s. It’s a name that stuck from teenage days cause the sticky chewy chocolate was our only reason to go (restaurant prices too high for the poor student). I’m not sure why I haven’t been back until recently but good thing I did – learnt that their menu is rather good!

We’ve been back 3 times in 2 weeks and Dan always orders 2 main courses :


Their fillet mignon tastes a tad gamey for me, but has a wonderful texture – tender and juicy.


The grilled barramundi (which we had Every visit) was always fresh and always cooked just right. The fish flakes off with a prod of the fork. Yum!


This is the wagyu fried rice. I’ve been craving lotsa rice lately so this satisfies my palate. Not WOW but good. We also tried their fish n chips (yay), chilli fish pasta (nay) and lamb chops (yay).

The menu also boasts milk shakes of many many flavors. I didn’t order any because I was supposed to be on a no dairy diet. But I did sneak a spoonful of The Sticky Chewy Chocolate.


(Here’s an obligatory picture from Swensen’s website)

Before that first bite, I was a little reluctant to find out if my tastebuds, now having been exposed to atas good ice cream, will find The Sticky Chewy Chocolate not as good as I remember it to be. (When you are young, ALL ice cream tastes good).

It Is as sticky and chewy and chocolatey as I remember it to be. So familiar! *sigh*

You’ll always have a special place in my stomach =)

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