Tajimaya Yakiniku

By , September 29, 2010 5:39 pm

On our 3rd wedding anniversary, Dan gave me a whole lot of shopping vouchers cos I haven’t been out in so long and all my clothes look dated moldy. In return, instead of nagging him about  insisting on healthy eating, I took the lead and walked into a new yakiniku restaurant at vivo. He wasn’t expecting a meat meal and was all smiles the whole day =) See? It’s important to pick your battles – nag about his health the rest of the year give and take makes for a happy relationship.


What makes this yakiniku restaurant different from our other favourite yakiniku place, is that they use a charcoal grill instead of a gas grill. Feels healthier somehow. Other than that, despite their grill’s best attempts to suck in all the smoke, it is inevitable that the air smells like grilled meat and it is also inevitable that some of that smell stays with you. Just a little. The above was my favourite meat – Wagyu Karubi Beef. Very oily marbled means very tasty.

IMG_0705This leaner fillet was soft but wasn’t as tasty as the karubi.


This is the US Karubi – I thought it was kinda chewier which I didn’t like. IMG_0710

 Dan’s must order – rare beef. He says it’s Oishi! He also ordered the ox tongue and pork belly which he gave double thumbs up. I didn’t include more rare meat pictures cos they really look pretty much the same.


Their sashimi wasn’t as good as their meats. But then again, that is probably why their meats get top billing – not the fish.

I will go back for the first karubi beef – lower in price than that of our favourite place, it’s always grilled to perfection by my personal chef Dan and it makes the man happy the whole day =)

Tajimaya Yakiniku is on Level 1 of Vivo city.

The Gold Metal Mee Pok

By , September 17, 2010 10:45 am

I stared at the signboard for some time wondering why it sounded wrong.IMG_0585

Then it dawned on me (too slowly) that it was meant to be “Gold Medal”. After standing there for so long, laughing and then taking a photo figuring that out, I decided to order a packet for takeaway.


Upon opening the packet at home, I thought it looked amazingly similar to the signboard picture. Impressive right? No wonder it’s the Gold Medal Mee Pok. I thought it extremely worthy of its medal even though I ordered its skinny sibling, the mee gia. The taste of lard reminded me of the noodles I used to have as a child from Tiong Bahru market – everybody knows they have the best stuff (in the past)!

This is at the coffeeshop at Potong Pasir Blk 146(or 147 ) – you can see KFC (which is in the community centre) from that coffeeshop. If you’re there, you might wanna check out the soya bean and croissant at a unassuming little shop between the coffeeshop and KFC too. It is uber good too =)


By , September 8, 2010 12:42 pm

I have heard much about this place and decided to head over one unfortunate blisteringly hot morning. Sitting outdoors wasn’t an option so we decided to risk smelling like the food we were gonna order since they were frying up stuff right behind the counter in the airconditioned indoors. I also wasn’t all that impressed with their canteen/mismatched furniture setup and started wondering if this place was a case of hype.

Then the food arrived and shut me up properly.


This is the Choco Nana($5) – banana and nutella sandwiched between buttered toast, dusted with a little sugar and a sprinkling of chopped strawberries. The stuff heaven is made of I’m sure =) (By the way, is it rude to shove a picture of a half eaten sandwich at the beginning of a post? It even sounds a little rude… )

 I tried to replicate this at home. Epic fail. Simple does not equal easy.


The Eggs Benedict ($12) was a winner too. Their homemade hollandaise sauce was a little on the creamy side but after I scraped some to the side of the plate, the remainder went really well with their perfectly poached egg atop ham and buttered muffin. Eggs Benedict has a small corner in my heaven.

I tried to replicate this at home too. Epic fail again. If cannot do the simple, don’t try the difficult?


Dan ordered the Breakfast Burrito ($12) which is the above flour tortilla wrapped around 2 scrambled eggs with chorizo, tomatoes and cheese. It was superbly done.

Yes you guessed it. We tried to replicate this at home too! It turned out better than the other two. Yay!!


Finally there’s the Pancakes($6) which we thought was mediocre… But that could be because we didn’t have anymore room left in our tummies.

No no, we didn’t try to replicate this at home. Bet you thought I was gonna say so!

Be warned that this place is crowded for Sunday brunches.

Epicurious is at 60 Robertson Quay.

Final Macaron Post

By , September 2, 2010 11:24 am

You guys must be sick of macarons, but indulge me just one final macaron post.

Presenting the Green Tea Macarons!


Green tea powder isn’t readily available in most supermarkets, and I only had two sachets of green tea powder from a green tea loving friend who bought them from Taiwan. Lucky that was all I had because if I had put more, the taste of green tea might be overpowering. I paired it with bitter chocolate ganache and it was quite the winner with me my friends.

I overwhipped the egg whites which explains the uneven height of the macaron so nay to how it looks. But still, yay to its taste!

NB: I substituted 1 tbsp green tea in place of 3 tbsp cocoa

This next picture, is of my attempt at making the Pistachio macaron.


The same mistake – overwhipped egg whites 🙁 I knew the texture when wrong when the macarons did not settle down after piping, but maintained the shape of how it was piped out. The unevenness was even more obvious after it set in the oven. Like this :


For this macaron, I grounded whole pistachios instead of using almonds. Couldn’t taste the pistachios much – it just tasted sweet. So I thought I’d use more pistachios with buttercream for its filling.


It was….. still too sweet. Macarons are generally too sweet for my liking which explains why my fillings must either be bitter chocolate or VERY lightly sweetened cream cheese.

So nay to taste and nay to looks for this macaron. *sigh

Please feel free to drop ideas of ‘bitter’ flavors other than coffee, chocolate and green tea. It will be much appreciated!

Ok. No more macaron entries for awhile!

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