Xin Wang Cafe

By , June 24, 2010 10:06 am

I used to live just opposite one (and it was a 24hr outlet too!) but never visited. There were just too many other options around, like the Punggol Nasi Lemak *drool*  Anyhow, I finally went two weeks ago to the United Square outlet. Twice. For this :


It may look like muar chee, and it may taste like muar chee, but it isn’t muar chee. It’s Japanese mochi in ground peanut. The difference lies in the chew factor of the mochi. And that pretty round shape instead of the haphazard shapes of the regular muar chee. Or it may be the finely ground peanut with fine sugar and I think some almond. Yums!


Since it’s a HongKong cafe, my choice of beverage was naturally the yin yang aka coffee and tea. I thought this was quite a good version cos some I’ve tried are too heavy on the coffee OR tea and that just messes up the drink.


Dan had the lychee tea on both occasions cos he thought it was really well done. I think simple things done right is very appealing. Yes, lychee tea can go wrong  – too much or not enough sugar syrup.


This is a beehoon with spare ribs which I liked. The beehoon reminded me of the sort my grandma used to cook : regular beehoon fried with canned spareribs. Pity the spareribs on the side was a tad dry.

Actually, we tried quite alot of food on both visits. Peanut toast, half boiled eggs, siew mai, prawn dumplings, fried wanton, pork chop and pork chop burger. But I thought they were pretty much mediocre although the variety (menu claims over 200!) is a plus point for a big group with diverse tastebuds…

I’ll probably head back for drinks and mochi =)

The Cathay Restaurant

By , June 18, 2010 11:27 am

That’s the name of Dan’s new love 😛 I did a food review there a long time ago and am not sure why I never gone back. But I have been hearing about how good the food there is, so we finally went there this week to try it out. Warning : Do not scroll down on an empty stomach!


Rice roll with dough fritter($4.20) : The dough fritter was crispy throughout so the contrast with the fresh rice roll made this a winner with us. We ordered another once we tried it cos it was so good!


BBQ Pork Bun ($3.20) / Siew Mai($4.20) Quality dimsum regulars!


Shark’s Bone Fish Maw Soup ($16) Dan loved this thick broth (I didn’t cos me no like fish maw or shark’s bone) and said that it was worth every cent it cost.


Half a crispy spring chicken ($22) : Very crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. I had expected the breast meat to be dried out but it wasn’t and was well seasoned.


Ribeye Beef ($12) : Love the presentation – it’s a fried quail egg atop the ribeye. Very tender and tasty!


Stir fried Spinach with beancurd and crabmeat ($6) : Single serves (the beancurd can sit squarely on my palm) is another reason why I like to eat here – variety without overeating! 

TCR4Baby lobster with handmade noodles ($23) – Fresh seafood in its juices is always a winner with Dan’s tastebuds. I thought the noodles was a tad overcooked tho…


Mianxian with Scallop ($7.80)– What they didn’t mention in the menu, is that it sits on a bed of egg white! Totally my type of dish. They also drizzled chinese wine and chicken sauce on the scallop and mian xian. I’d order this again next time. Only complaint I have, is that the mian xian had hardened a little when it got to me.

What else made this lunch a good one for us : the service was impeccable(they sat us in a corner so that our stroller and sleeping baby will not be moved or disturbed during our meal); UOB card members get 15% off ala carte ; 30% off dimsum on weekdays(of cos it’s either the 15% or the 30% – not both); The Cathay gives away a pair of movie tickets for $75 spent plus complimentary parking.

We’re planning to visit Dan’s new love sometime very soon =)

Riders Cafe

By , June 7, 2010 5:03 pm

I have blogged about Riders Cafe before here. I was raving about their Mushroom soup the last time but forgot decided not to order it this time. Do you remember the crazy hot weather two weeks back? In a non-airconditioned place, soups just does not sound like a wise choice.

So we tried this something new :


Chicken Paillard. Paillard is a method of preparing meat that involves pounding on a piece of meat til it’s flat. That not only shortens the cooking time, but tenderises the meat. I’d call this a Chicken Salad cos while this piece of meat is very well marinated, is extremely tender and juicy, it obviously isn’t ‘paillarded’.

Y’know, I’m all for fancy names but it’d be good to actually serve a dish that goes with its name. I’d order this again the next time – other than the misnomer, it really is very good!

We also ordered this something new :


Beef Onglet. Another fancy name? I googled this cos I have no idea what an onglet is. “Apparently the Onglet is a the French cut of a Hanger Steak. This is the part of the diaphragm that hangs between the last rib and the loin. Very close to the beef’s kidney which is why it has TONS of beefy flavors. It’s a tough cut to come across because it usually winds up in ground beef or related“.

I remember that the meat had a very tasty flavour, combined with creamy mashed and fresh greens that went perfectly alongside it. I only tried a bite tho because it was too rare for my liking. That may be because (also googled) “It is a tough grainy piece of meat that needs either long slow cooking or a quick pan fry to medium rare or less”. Ah…

This is my something old:


Fish n Chips : The difference from the last time I went – they removed the greens, plumped up the fries (regular fries to steak cut fries) and I think they also upsized the fish. My knife easily cut through the light batter to reveal a white succulent fish inside which was really fresh. Boring is sometimes good!

I think a friend was raving about their Death By Chocolate Cake on Facebook. But that afternoon, it was Death By Oppressive Heat for me so we quickly paid and left. Great place for food but better with good weather.


PS: Door gift anyone?

Riders Cafe (located within Bukit Timah Saddles Club) @ 51 Fairways Drive (S) 286965

Little treats

By , June 2, 2010 1:13 pm

It isn’t that I haven’t been eating out. It’s that either I’ve blogged about those places already, or the new places are so bleah I can’t bring myself to recommend them.

Fortunately, there are the little treats I’ve been having cos my main meals haven’t been filling me up(they really have been so bleah).

This one was recommended by my Mom !


I went there wanting to buy egg tarts cos that’s what my Mom asked – if I would like egg tarts. Then realised they have so many other flavours (strawberry, chocolate, orange chocolate, kiwi, kaya, blueberry to name a few), and even some savoury ones (curry chicken/pepper chicken!). 

Presentation is key – these cup looking tarts look very dainty and pretty. Like they will not fill me up too much and still afford me a taste of sweet. I discovered later that it is surprisingly filling (for me)!

eggtart1The original is of course the egg tart. With a crisp and buttery crust, it’s really satisfying unless you do not like buttery. Actually it reminds me of a thin shortbread. The filling is a smooth and soft egg tart filling. Not too sweet or thick. Here are the other flavours!

I bought mine at City Sq Mall (B1). They have two other outlets at IMM and Tanjong Pagar Plaza – you can get the address from the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website (link is above)

The other little treat that I like is from Petit Provence. You must have heard of their choco wassant :

choco wassant

Picture credit cos I googled this image after finishing mine without taking a single picture 😛

These soft, light and fluffy treats are good for anytime of my day! I think Petit Provence made the first choco wassant in Singapore and it was followed by all the major bread shops. I’ve tried most of the others and they don’t come close in terms of texture and taste.

Actually, this has been a favourite since Dasmond and I introduced it on 下一站,吃什麽?a few years back and they’re still as good 🙂

Yummers. Can’t wait for teatime (I still have egg tarts)!

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