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Renee turned a month old last Sat 🙂 It spelt the start of us dining out(nothing new there cos we started with all our fav haunts) and me guzzling cold water like it’s going out of fashion(I hope my mom isn’t reading this!). 

We googled for buffet food and full month packages just the weekend before Renee’s month old party, and I was initially looking forward to blog about the buffet food. It did turn out truly blogworthy cos it was so bad but I don’t like to do bad reviews… Figured I’d share the full month package cos that fortunately was a hit =)


There were several things that I liked :
Firstly, ordering it (and customising the babycard!)was a breeze cos it was done online.

Secondly, the selection in the package has a mix of traditional items(red eggs/ang ku kueh) and current items(donuts/swiss roll/cupcakes/mochi). I got approving nods from the young and old alike!

Thirdly (and I always say this), packaging matters! I was very pleased seeing our guests leave with this pretty package in hand – The inside looked mighty pretty too =)


Oh the message on the cover is also customisable :


I really like this quote which explains why it’s on the box 😛

Finally, I’ll admit to being a little afraid that it’s all too good to be true and kept my fingers crossed that the food inside would actually be edible. It was. So much so I was happy to keep the extra boxes for personal consumption. My favourites were the swiss rolls and cupcakes. 

Sweetest Moments – saved the day for me!

21 Responses to “滿月咯!!”

  1. 宏沁 says:



  2. jaimeteo says:

    宏沁, 謝謝!!

  3. shelene says:

    Hi Jaime, congratulations to you! mind sharing which cake shop is that? 🙂

  4. jaimeteo says:

    shelene: It’s called Sweetest Moments! Link’s on the entry!

  5. Ah I just saw some pics on FB! CONGRATULATIONS JAIME! Your little girl is adorable and you look fantastic!

  6. jaimeteo says:

    Clare: Thanks!!! You are too kind *blush You are on Dan’s FB? Mine got disabled 🙁

  7. Nope don’t even know if Dan remembers me! I saw pictures of the Goh’s…. I tried looking for you on fb but couldn’t find you! boo!

  8. jaimeteo says:

    Clare: The FB story is here -http://www.jaime-teo.com/?p=608

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  15. The message on the box is indeed prophetic and yet very true. As a mother to be, even if my sweet little girl has not been born, every time I see the future, she is in every frame.

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