Easy Crepes!!

By , March 22, 2010 1:54 pm

I am a big fan of Easy. So anything that says Easy and comes with many good reviews is a must try. In fact, this is so good that I had it for 4 days in a row. Now that I’m REALLY sure it is easy (cos I wouldn’t want to be accused of lying would I?), let me unleash this recipe on you so you may have it for many days in a row too. It is that easy to make and really, they are dangerously easy to eat. They can look pretty like this :


The original recipe with (109) rave reviews can be found here

Ingredients :

Basic Crepe
2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
3 tbsp (40gm) melted butter
Butter, for coating the pan

*Sweet Variation Add 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and 2 tablespoons of your favorite liqueur to the egg mixture. (I usually just add the sugar and vanilla extract)
*Savory Variation Add 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 cup chopped fresh herbs, spinach or sun-dried tomatoes to the egg mixture.

1. In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and pulse for 10 seconds. I put all the ingredients in a bowl and use a mixer to mix them all up. It works too!
2. Refrigerate the crepe batter for an hour to allow bubbles to subside. Can keep batter for up to 48hrs.
3. Heat a small non-stick pan and coat with butter. Pour 1/4cup room temperature batter into the centre of the pan and swirl evenly.
4. It is ready when the sides are brown and you can peel them from the pan (abt a min). Flip and cook for another 10secs.
5. Repeat with rest of batter.



You don’t need me to tell you that nutella and chocolate and strawberries make a lethal combo.

To be honest, the crepes here are dressed up for your viewing pleasure. I otherwise just smear fresh whipped cream and maple syrup inside, fold them in quarters and pop them into my mouth. Takes less than a min to make and eat one. It has been a hit with the young and old alike, with many saying that it tastes better than it looks.

Really, I wasn’t kidding about the dangerously easy to eat bit.

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