The (Feel) Skinny Pizza :)

By , November 25, 2009 10:46 pm

We were at a photoshoot for the Cat Welfare Society held at House (8B Dempsey Road) two Sundays ago. As we passed the Barracks cafe downstairs to get to the Beauty Emporium (where loads of organic beauty products plus mani/pedi services are available), we spied some tables with delicious looking pizzas and pastas and what have you. I’d have loved to stay that day to try the food but we were unfortunately rushing off for I can’t remember what (**I think I can stick this forgetfulness to being pregnant)

We finally returned to Barracks cafe a week after, but it probably wasn’t the best time to sample their menu cos it was past 2pm and only the pizzas (whose picture stayed in my head since the photoshoot) and their burger was available. Dan was kinda disappointed cos the appetizers and mains on the menu looked like they wanted to be eaten but my focus was on the pizza. Did I already mention that the image of the pizza stayed in my head since the photoshoot? Oh I did. Sorry – read above disclaimer** on forgetfulness.


I ordered the Ham and Cheese pizza cos I’m boring that way plus pregnant people can get their way. *smug* The tagline for this pizza is “What a crack” and what a crack it was – every time I broke a piece of the crust, it made this cracking sound. It’s pappadum thin without losing its crispiness after being out for 10mins (Pappadum loses its crispiness that quickly you know?). They are very generous with the fresh ingredients they throw on the crust (it doesn’t look very artfully arranged)- good shaved ham, parmesan cheese, slices of tomatoes that adds a burst of moistness when you think it might be getting too dry and a handful of rocket leaves. Oh, there’s also this melted cheese spread on the crust. An absolute mess and delight to eat. My latest favourite.

It’s probably called the Skinny Pizza cos anyone would feel skinny afterwards – it’s like really elaborate cheese and crackers (plus some choice ingredients). How fattening can that be, right? Plus it has the word skinny in its name. Sounds like diet food if you ask me 🙂 


Our only other option available was the Burger Slider (At least that’s what I Think it’s called. Read disclaimer**). Two mini burgers served with truffle fries and sweet potatoes. The burger wasn’t much to shout about – I thought it a tad dry plus it gave me aching jaws(I only had 1). The sweet potatoes were coated in sugar – odd but interesting.

The truffle fries were good. There’s something about the hint of truffle in every bite of the crispy fries that makes putting another fry in your mouth irresistable. It’s almost like you catch only a waft of the truffle fragrance and need to have another to remind yourself how good it tasted. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, we liked it.


The drinks that accompanied our meal – Dan had some berry cocktail which would be yummy and healthy(the crushed fruits inside looked impressively fresh) if there wasn’t alcohol in it; I had boring OJ. Both were served in too small cups. The scoop of truffle ice cream was rather disappointing as well cos there were icicles in it. Not sure if that is intended or if it got thawed and frozen again.  

I googled Barracks Cafe and found this blog – amazing number of pictures from Barracks Cafe (it’s like food porn!!). Enjoy.

Burger Shack!

By , November 16, 2009 10:28 pm

I’ve been to a few new places in the last two weeks and have been traumatised by the bad food and undeserving prices. (ie: $8 soya bean milk served in a coffee cup?!) That has been enough to cause me to seek solace at my regular haunts which I’ve already blogged about so nothing very much have been up my end.

The only reason why I risked this new burger place (over the many other burger places that have popped up recently), was cos my friends pleaded an airconditioned alternative to a quick dinner at Adam’s Road Food Center. They suggested Burger Shack which was diagonally across, at King’s Arcade. That explains my accidental meal.

A little bit of a background – Burger Shack is run by the same people who gave us Island Creamery. I didn’t quite know what to expect – ice cream people doing burgers. We walked in, placed our orders at the cashier and then went to sit at the slightly more upclass version of canteen tables and benches. While waiting for our numbers to be called, I noticed this blackboard by the cashier that said their burgers are not about gimmicks. Just fresh ingredients and food they’d serve their family. That certainly set the mood and expectations 🙂

Here was what I had :


A grilled BBQ chicken with an additional topping of egg (they have quite a number of ‘sides’ to choose from). It was a good size for me – not too big or too thick, PLUS it was wrapped nicely in the paper so I wouldn’t dirty my hands (or for some, the burger). I thought it was a good idea for a less chunky piece of meat so that adding any sides with it wouldn’t make the burger unmanageable. That said, DO add a side or there might be too little filling :p I totally enjoyed my burger – very good comfort food in a casual and relaxed setting.


For those who think that bread is evil, there is the garlic/butter rice option. My friend picked this Chicken Jap burger (I forgot the ‘proper name). Fried chicken with mayo and okonomiyakio sauce. I forgot what she said about it but since I took the picture I thought I’d put it up.


I didn’t particularly feel like fries that night, but these shoestring fries with a dash of their ‘family secret powder’ were pretty addictive! Nobody stopped til there was none. Ok ok, I took the last one.

You might wana check it out for yourselves : 559 Bukit Timah Road #01-01 King’s Arcade.

The sweet bits of my trip :)

By , November 8, 2009 2:16 pm

We had sooooooo many meals in Japan it wasn’t possible to document All the food. Take a kaiseki meal for example (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) with its 12 plus or minus exquisitely prepared dishes – we just wanted to enjoy the meal instead of take a picture everytime a little dish appeared.

Honestly, I thought the quality of Japanese food in Singapore comparable to that in Japan (maybe I didn’t go to the best eateries there). Of course the ambience in Japan takes the culinary experience to another level but if we just compare the food,  I really think Singapore is doing well 🙂

The sweets, on the other hand, are a totally different ball game. They do their pastries, cakes and breads uber well! Add to that their presentation and we are left smelling the smoke 😛 Here’re some of the sweet schtuffs we enjoyed :


ShinOsaka train station had so many choices for food we were spoilt for choice when we arrived. This is a Beard Papa outlet – they had these pastry rings which are filled with fresh cold custard. Dan thinks it’s better than our version because the cream tasted richer and more flavorful, and the pastry lighter. He was thinking about it before we went to bed that night. It was that memorable.


On the first night, we also tried these pastries from a chain called Choco Cro. Much like a chocolate croissant but with the chocolate inside. Maybe it was the quality of the chocolate, or the fact that we stepped in just as they popped these lovelies out of the oven, or that it was a cold night and hot pastries just taste great. Anyhow, It Was So Yummy. The pastry is uber light to the bite but not overly flaky, and the chocolate just the right level of sweet. *SIGH*

Littered around Japan, are Doutor Coffee outlets, much like the Starbucks/CBNTL here. Thank goodness for friends who know what’s good or I doubt I’d have gone in cos they look so modern and we were looking for authentic 😛 Their hotdogs are fantastic, as are their cakes :


Honey flavored mille crepe : The first mille crepe I’ve had was at a house warming – Diya and Carrie bought them from JB. After tasting these, I think it’s hard to go wrong with mille crepes – they just taste really good. Let me share my mille crepe making experience in another post. We need some mille crepe outlets in Singapore!  


Chestnut cake: The strips are chestnut flavoured cream piped across a soft chiffon cake. There was also some light whipped cream just underneath the surface. I typically wouldn’t try chestnut flavored anything cos I’m not a fan, but this is reeeally yummy. I could taste a tinge of chestnut and it’s difficult to describe how it came together pleasingly in my mouth.

In a shopping street called Teramachi in Kyoto, we tried Japanese crepes. Not just any ordinary crepe, but a matcha crepe! It was filled with cornflakes, soft vanilla ice cream and topped with mochi balls, strawberry and red bean. Love the combo!!! 😀


Later in the night, after a gut busting beef shabu shabu buffet, we couldn’t resist the rows of prettily displayed ice creams :


So we ordered this : It’s the ordinary sorta good (so spoilt aren’t we!) but check out the presentation!


At an old post town called Tsumago-juku (we drove so this place isn’t typically on foreign tourist routes), we decided to try this matcha ice cream cos every student there(class excursion we think) had a cone in their hands. Best matcha ice cream I’ve ever had. My friends had the chestnut flavoured one and they said it was also really good 🙂


Tampopo (the Japanese restaurant in Liang Court) serves some pretty good Japanese cakes. If you aren’t flying to konichiwa land anytime soon, you might wanna try a fix there 😀

Garden Dining :)

By , November 4, 2009 10:39 am

Set amidst lush greenery in Bishan Park, is a gem of a place Dan found last month. Its ambience is conducive for romantic meals, intimate catch ups with friends/family, or a solitary afternoon read if you so feel like it.

What doesn’t hurt, is the attentive but non-intrusive service staff Plus a menu with good food to go with the ambience 🙂 We’ve been there 4 times in two weeks!!


Starters : I’ve tried the lobster bisque and smoked duck salad. Lobster bisque is not fantastic but better than average. Love the toasted bread on the side – it might’ve been wholemeal…. We order the smoked duck salad Every time we head back. Michelle (chong) gave it a thumbs up too 😉


Breakfast fare all day (8am – 5pm): I’ve tried both eggs benedict(with ham) and eggs florentine(with spinach). The poached eggs were done to perfection and the hollandaise sauce not too overpowering. Haven’t been able to finish half my food cos it’s also really rich tasting but the first bite is always heavenly! The banana pancakes with maple syrup is complete with an extra scoop of ice cream!


Sandwiches : That’s the BLT and the chicken sandwich. Just fresh ingredients make for good sandwiches. I preferred the BLT 🙂


Pastas! Crab linguine and Carbonara. The former was a tad bland plus I had hoped that it’d be chilli padi instead of the regular chilli that tastes like vegetables. But thumbs up for the generous crabmeat. A dash of salt saved the day 😉 As for the carbonara :


The little man cleaned out his plate and said it was yummy with every bite! 😀 Only thing was, the next time we tried it, it was a tad wet and the pasta overcooked.. You might want to remind the server if you order this :p


Mini steak got the thumbs up from all of us. There are two pieces of meat but one got siphoned to another plate. The fries are the thick cut crispy ones I like, and the medium cooked steak was succulent and soft, made complete with the mustard dip.

Another favourite with me, is their juices. There’s one called Detox which I like(Can’t remember what goes in it. Maybe Apple, carrot and cucumber. I think) At $9 a glass of fruit juice…. you might wanna have the healthy smoothies which is about that price too.

Abit of trivia about the place, we realised on our last visit, that it’s run by this lovely lady who is surely no stranger to you : The very beautiful Jazreel Low. There’re 3 establishments run by her, sitting side by side in Bishan Park- the Canopy Garden Dining & Bar; a vegetarian place called the Green Room Cafe; and Aramsa The Garden Spa.

I’m heading over to try their facial next week and then having my favourite foods. Definitely looking forward to it 🙂 You try it too soon!

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