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This is one place I really like but have not been back to for some time… (Zhou) Chongqing brought me to this little eatery along Kandahar St 6 or 7 a few years ago. He was craving their durian dessert so that was oddly, the only thing we had at this Thai-Indonesian restaurant when we first went (I think they were closing but accomodated us since we only wanted desserts).

This durian dessert, of Thai descent, is pure durian paste on glutinous rice, topped with coconut cream. I’m not big on durian desserts, but everyone I’ve brought who tried it, says it tastes divine. This isn’t a very appetizing picture but then again, when you look at a thorny durian, I don’t think the word appetizing comes to mind too, right? 


 Okay, now for my favourites. I’ve had them countless times and the quality of food has always been consistent. Now, That is really rare.


Fried Mee Sua smothered with seafood and vegetables. It’s really flavorful and what is amazing is that the mee sua does not become clumpy (that happens so easily). I like that they are very generous with the ingredients 🙂


Pineapple Rice topped with cashew nuts, vegetarian floss and sweet prawns 🙂 The rice is very fragrant and there are diced pieces of pineapple inside that gives it that extra taste and texture.


Chilld tofu and century eggs on a bed of sauce, drizzled over with chilli oil, shallots, floss and parsley. I like the contrasting textures of the tofu and the crispy bits on top. No idea what sauce it is underneath, but it all goes very well together.


Coffee Chicken – the fragrance of the coffee with the tender meat is quite a novelty….


Prawns with salted egg – this one was quite a winner too because their prawns tasted very juicy even though it’s fried.

There are many other favourites here, like their olive rice, tahu telor, fried fish with chilli, and sambal kangkong to name a few. I always want to try new items on the menu but end up ordering the same tried and tested stuff…. 

They have two outlets. The original is at a small shophouse at 44 Kandahar St, with traditional local peranakan decor that makes it feel like you’re eating at someone’s home. That feeling is accentuated by the small number of tables available. You might want to call for a reservation but it’s usually quite quiet (I’ve no idea why!)

The second outlet is at #01-25 China Square Central (China Court) – mostly for the lunchtime crowd I think. Bigger but with the same cosy ambience.

Other things to note – it’s a halal place so you can bring your Malay friends, and they have friendly service with friendly prices.

What happened @ 2am:dessertbar

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What happened @ 2am:dessertbar

All things Pho-ry

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Many Vietnamese restaurants begin with Pho because they mainly serve up this national dish of a tasty noodle soup. The most common would be Pho Bo(beef noodle soup) or Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup). It is always satisfying when I want something to warm my tummy 🙂 Besides, have you noticed how slim most vietnamese women are? Clear soup for every meal is the way to keeping slim I tell you! But you might have to take multi vits to supplement this diet…. 

The soups are served up with these :


Soak the beansprouts and mint leaf in the soup once it’s served – many don’t like the taste of raw beansprouts.


Pho Ga. Doesn’t look very appetising in this picture but trust me – it’s good!


This is the Pho Bo with extra beef bits like tendon and I’m not sure what other innards. Dan likes.

I had this at Pho Hoa, beside Coffee Bean along Holland Village 🙂

Instant Gratification

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I’ve been pretty much going back to the same places – Tampopo (most frequently), and the Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre. The new places I have been to are places I won’t be going back to so…. no point blogging about them, right? See the dismal state of my food life? *sigh

So since there isn’t much going on for real meals, I thought I’d share tidbits.

THIS is the most addictive thing since Chicken in a biscuit. In fact, I think this ranks above it (I feel so disloyal. Almost like I blasphemed cos Chicken in a biscuit has always been tops with me since childhood).


Thin biscuits coated with msg pizza flavouring. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It is hard to stop once you get started. Dan was the one who picked this up and said “Baked, not Fried so it’s very healthy what”. And guess which eye rolling person who wanted to toss it out of the shopping cart is now really going at it? I think partners secretly want you to grow fat so it’ll be more difficult to run away from them. hurhur.

Something healthier – I picked this one!! Instant Miso Soup. It’s a no brainer.


Empty contents of each sachet into a bowl and add 180ml hot water.


Tada – it even looks like the picture on the packaging, complete with inflatable mushrooms and stuff. Good when you’re craving something salty and daren’t start on the cannot stop biscuits.

Hm… shd I go on with instant foods? Just one more then – something you should Not get :


Bought two boxes in case I got the instructions wrong (which I did). Just so you know I really tried to make it work. 


Decent to look at, but not up to the taste test.

Ok boys and girls, go get proper meals! 🙂

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