Outback Steakhouse!

By , August 31, 2009 5:57 pm

Where did August go??? Figured I better post something before mould starts growing here.

I used to frequent this joint in the past and forgot why I stopped going. After two visits in the last two weeks, I remembered – the quality of food isn’t consistent. One day it’d be Reeeeeally good, and another, Reeeeeeally mediocre. It’s disappointing to get the latter when you’re craving for good stuff. Know what I mean?

But really, when it’s good, it’s goooooood.


Sweet bread and yummy butter – not sure why I’m eating more and more butter.


Bushman Shrooms – basically big juicy mushrooms with a crispy light batter. Must eat with dip. Fantastic on a good day although juices explode in mouth and can scald the impatient. Actually, still yummy on not so good days.


Crispy chicken tenders. Quite good this one. Love the fries.


Prime Minister’s Rib (I think). Very tender and awesome on a good day. Dry on not so good days.


Victoria’s fillet (fillet mignon). Very good on most days.

I can’t find the picture of the fish n chips – surprisingly good! They must have their batter/fried stuff down to an art.

*Thumbs up* This is at Millenia Walk 🙂

Butter Pork Ribs…

By , August 14, 2009 5:35 pm


Butter Pork Ribs (and it’s boneless too!)

I know how it tastes, so looking at the picture makes me wanna drive out to buy it – it really is the best butter pork ribs I’ve ever had. Can you tell by looking at the picture that it’s going to taste great? Does it really look enticing or am I biased?

The pork is well marinated and coated with a very fragrant butter sauce. It passes the taste test with flying colors – tender and flavourful plus it accompanies the egg and white rice perfectly – I know cos I arranged a bit of everything on my spoon before each bite. Ok ok. not every bite but you know what I mean.

This was a rather unexpected find – in an inconspicuous coffeeshop at the end of Bukit Pasoh (opp Outram MRT). Definitely butter pork ribs for lunch next week 🙂

Chicken In A Pot!

By , August 13, 2009 11:41 am

This August update will explain just why I haven’t been upkeeping this food blog. However, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been eating well – there’s always time for food! It’s just a little slow getting from my cam to here 🙂

We noticed a new stall that’s opened at the Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre the last time we were there and made a mental note to try it soon. So a few days ago, we headed over. Big obstacle – there was NO QUEUE at the Nasi Lemak store and that is a rare sight indeed at 7pm!! With an amazing amount of willpower, I we decided to skip fried chicken and try the chicken in a pot which looked healthier (cos we had the most unhealthy weekend of food in KL hurhur).

Dan was going on about how he couldn’t believe we didn’t order nasi lemak as we sat down. Thankfully, the smells from neighbouring tables were already distracting us 🙂


This chicken in a pot is very much like a dish I absolutely LOVE in Taipei – when it is first served, it has a thick gravy. After that, soup is added to the pot so the gravy dilutes to a tasty soup and you can add vegetables into it, much like steamboat.


Although it doesn’t taste like the one from Taipei, (cos this pot originated from Shenzhen – the friendly owners came over and gave us the lowdown), I very much like the distinct herbal taste. More importantly (for me) it came with an option for spiciness. We took the least spicy (小辣) but that was still too much for Dan. Whoops. Guess who ate most of it. I finished the whole pot of soup cos it was so good! For the non chilli lovers, there’s the herbal pot which I suspect is the non spicy version.

I wanna go back soon for the “medium” spicy(中辣). Or if I’m feeling adventurous, the most spicy(大辣) . Must bring the girls soon cos they love soup and spice – it’s the healthier option you know?

If you didn’t catch it above, this is also at Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre.

Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre

By , August 3, 2009 12:43 am

Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre does not only sell nasi lemak altho Kenny Sia says it’s the best nasi lemak he’s had. I’m not that big a fan of nasi lemak, but I’d eat it if there isn’t a queue (rarely). I think the X factor with this nasi lemak, is the extremely fragrant rice – good even without the sambal chilli(That is saying alot!!). The perpetual queue also means that whatever is on sale is fresh off the wok/frying pan/oil so the food’s hot and the chicken wings uber yummy!  


My picture of the chicken wings didn’t do justice to how yummy it was so I’m not putting it up. Kenny’s link has a picture of the chicken wing (if you really must see a chicken wing) and also of many other items. Nasi Lemak is available from 6pm-5am, closed on Thurs.

Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre also serves very good Chee Cheong Fun (flour roll). They make it fresh so it’s softer than most flour rolls that are factory made, and tastier. Also only available at night.


Then there is my favourite store which fortunately happens to be open 24hrs so I can satisfy my craving any time of the day – minced meat noodles! Dan loves the dry version but my favourite is their really wicked mee sua soup.


The stock is flavorful, the pig liver (I always add another dollar of it) cooked just right, and the chilli padi makes this absolutely heavenly. If hokkien mee is one of the dishes I least order, this is the one I most frequently order. I’m talking about everyday if I could but dan would go absolutely ballistic if he cannot have his expensive western/japanese meals 🙂

This is my new neighbourhood which explains why I’m so “in the know”. Heard that the hokkien mee (beside the flour roll store) is really good too but you know me and hokkien mee… maybe next time.

If you happen to be on (965)Upper Serangoon Road, look out for this big red banner that says “Punggol Nasi Lemak”. There’s more in store than just nasi lemak!

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