Peperoni Pizzeria

By , May 29, 2009 12:26 pm

I went! I went! Twice!

*drum roll* Presenting the appetisers :


The beef carpaccio had just the right sprinkle of salt and pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. I also like that there were a variety of greens atop the beef compared to some places that serves it with only lettuce.


Very clean tasting bruschetta – crispy bread with fresh tomatoes that hasn’t drowned in garlic. I suppose the original version is supposed to be garlicky but I prefer this modified-to-suit-my-tastebuds version anyday.


Chicken wings that tasted like they were from Macdonalds. Not too impressed, but anything deepfried a crispy golden brown just looks nice in a picture so I thought I’d include it.

And now, for the pizzas!!!


Dan’s choice – truffle pizza! It reminded me of the plaster prata, which is prata with a sunny side up plastered on it. I suppose that was how it got it’s name. Ask for it in any self respecting prata shop 🙂

But back to this pizza – it has capsicum, a runny egg atop, and the black streak is truffle. It’s especially fragrant for the truffle lover – I notice that many people are putting truffle <insert seasoning> into all sorts of food. Eg: Truffle salt with fries, truffle oil with duck….


My regular ham and mushroom pizza which tasted HEAVENLY. I love that the crust is crispy like a biscuit. I like very much. Not for you if you like your pizza base breadlike / chewy.

We also tried a squid ink pasta that didn’t look or taste up to scratch (in our opinion) – I say stick to what a place is known for.

This is Peperoni Pizzeria at 6 Greenwood Ave.

The Little Prince

By , May 29, 2009 12:15 pm

The Little Prince

The Breakfast Burrito.

By , May 19, 2009 12:21 pm

I woke up on Sunday morning craving pizza. It had everything to do with Shan Wee (987FM) bringing THE famous Greenwood Ave pizza (Pepperoni) the night before. He arrived after we had a big dinner and it was total agony staring at food that I had no stomach for.

So to compensate, I happily asked Dan if we could head to Greenwood Ave for pizza at 10ish in the morning. He thought it a strange choice of breakfast food, but if you think about it really carefully, most breakfast foods have cheese and ham and bread and isn’t that put together, a pizza? So off we went.

Pepperoni opens at 12 noon.

With another hour to go before I could have my pizza, we decided to have a latte anywhere and maybe something small while waiting for the doors of Pepperoni to open. Cafe Iguana was it. 

We liked the description of the breakfast burrito :“Housemade minced chorizo sausage, three scrambled eggs, roasted poblanos, and fried potatoes. Served dry 19.99”

It sounded very unlike pizza and manageable. So after ordering our food, we settled down to enjoy our latte on a lazy Sunday morning, with the papers and crispy nacho chips dipped in tangy salsa sauce.


Then we were interrupted by a huge plate arriving. The breakfast burrito is about my arm’s length (with a closed fist). Hardly the “something small” we had in mind.


It was Really big and very tasty. The soft scrambled eggs went very well with the chorizo sausage. The diced onion and tomatoes played their part in combatting the richness of the flavours with their refreshing taste. Did I mention also that it’s Really big?

Oh and there were these great sauces that were available – no prizes for guessing my favourite:


Dan was full after finishing his half of the burrito(which is saying alot from someone who can out eat most people). I barely made it through half of my half.  Although it wasn’t pizza, it had some pizza elements like cheese, flour, and some meat. Overall a thumbsup!! 😀 

As we walked out of cafe iguana, we saw someone walk out of Pepperoni with a box of pizza. I remember thinking how familiar this staring at food that I have no stomach for scenario was.

Maybe today.

Michelle & Shaun’s wedding dinner!

By , May 14, 2009 12:02 pm

I am referring to the food we had, since Michelle’s dress has been talked about to bits (that girl can wear anything and make it look beautiful I think!), and many have witnessed the setting of the Ritz Carlton during the ‘live’ telecast. 🙂

Wedding dinners used to be a cold platter followed by shark’s fin soup (btw, it’s politically incorrect to have those now), then some chicken, fish, vegetables, then noodles and then yam/mango pudding for dessert. Those who are older have attended many wedding dinners would know what I’m talking about. These days, single servings are the way to go. I’m not sure if it’s because hosts these days want to ensure that everybody gets a fair portion of food, or cos guests have been complaining about looking at a mutilated dish in the middle of the table. For whatever the reason, it can only make the dining experience more fun because the menu is usually very innovative and each dish, a work of art.

Food is obviously of importance to Shaun and Michelle cos even the wedding favor was something that’d go with food : Sambal!!!


I like this for its very personal touch. They handpiped the homemade sambal into over 1000 bottles, tied strings around them and then stuck the logo designed for their wedding on each bottle. How much work is that?! Plus to me, it showed how local they were at heart. Cho chweet right? 🙂

Ok, on to the first course.

Freshly Cut Kiwi Fruit with Autumn Garden Carpaccio, Herb Cress Dressed with White Balsamic & Truffle Salt.

I’d like to add that getting a good copywriter for your menu helps plenty! I like how autumn garden carpaccio is really sliced carrot and radish(I think). The combination of the truffle salt with a fruit was surprisingly refreshing on the palate. (Does anybody know if the kiwi fruit is classified under a citrus fruit? I can’t seem to find any clear answers online.)

Double Boiled Chicken Essence Infused With Lemon Grass, Scallop Dumpling

Consommes (ie: clear broths) are great for wedding dinners because with so much time between each dish, you don’t want to fill up too quickly. This soup was flavorful enough to keep my tastebuds tantalised til the arrival of the next dish.

Deep Fried Sea Bass Fillet with Garden Greens and Thai Chilli Sauce

The seabass was really fresh, with its soft and white meat flaking off my fork as I tucked in. Of course the Thai Chilli Sauce complimented the fish perfectly. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was, that it was still hot and cooked just right.  It’s amazing what goes on in a kitchen that serves a dinner of this magnitude – I imagine it must be havoc in there with many chefs dressing up the many dishes.

Braised Chinese Flower Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables

See the pretty red autumn leaves by the side of the plate? Signifies that it’s coming to the close of the dinner.

No. not really. I just made that up. This was very local and it’s a vegetable that I like! 🙂

The next dish : Combination of Smoked Farm Chicken and Steamed Mini Lotus Rice.
I don’t have a picture of this because I had to leave already – too late for dan who’s got morning shift the day after.

Lastly, dessert!!! I snuck a few pictures as I was walking out – it’s dessert buffet and EVERYTHING looked uber good.


You have to forgive me for giving more pixels to macaroons. They look lurverly don’t they?

On being sick

By , May 13, 2009 12:07 pm

On being sick

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