Merry Christmas!

By , December 25, 2008 12:24 pm

tis the time when we all need a big dosage of moderation 🙂


founder’s bak kut teh!

By , December 17, 2008 11:06 am

i’m sure you have heard of the famous bak kut teh along balestier road. lest you be confused which one it is, it’s the only air conditioned bak kut teh along this street – you know how uncomfortable it gets when you’re drinking peppery hot soup on a humid day? oh and it may also be noteworthy that they’re otherwise known as the hall of “frames” because they’ve wallpapered the interior with pictures of local and foreign artistes who’s tried their famous brand of brew.

there’re different types of bak kut teh – i don’t mind the herbal tasting sort, and even occasionally the supremely garlicky sort. but that’s only if i’m in kl, or with overseas friends who insists on their favourite store.

my personal preference leans towards soup that has a simple and clean taste of pork rib and pepper. but the soup’s only half the battle. what really hooked me on the bak kut teh wagon, is this :


sliced lean meat instead of bak kut (hokkien for spare ribs).  i’m not sure how they prepare the meat but it is so so soft and tender. not every bak kut teh store has this offering and for the stores that do, nowhere comes close to how well this is done. however accurate it might be to say my favourite is actually qia ba teh instead of bak kut teh, it just doesn’t sound right 😛

bak kut isn’t very appealing to me cos it often has dry and stringy meat – dan enjoyed this tho.


 next up is something that could possibly be on fear factor – intestines. except that many chinese would be thanking the heavens to get something they may actually like – my grandmother used to cook this and everytime i have it, it reminds me of childhood. she also always told me to not have this outside cos they might not prepare it well (it tastes disgusting when it isn’t cleaned properly). took me a long time before i dared try this out of home – this tasted delightful – well cleaned, chewy and delicious!


another favourite is their braised pork trotters. the meat pretty much falls off the bone and it’s cooked to the right texture and taste. spoon the soya sauce over the rice, scoop it up with a bit of the meat and it makes a heavenly bite!


the only deterrent to eating here is the regular queue outside its doors and non existent parking space. although to be fair, the hardworking can park at shaw plaza opposite and cross the overhead bridge.

347 Balestier Road.

writing entries always make me hungry.

The One Dollar Diet Project

By , December 16, 2008 11:48 am

I was gonna blog about bak kut teh but the powers that be online navigated me to a video which spoke about a couple in the states, experimenting with living on a dollar a day for food. 


i started wondering if, all meals being equal, we could do it in singapore. but the thought of no multivits with that diet(the monthly budget of $30 is insufficient if i ONLY had multivits :P) and the damage it’ll do to my body and skin…. nah. skip.

according to statistics, more than a billion people in the world live on less than a dollar a day for food. of course one can argue that those statistics probably come from the under developed countries where the cost of living isn’t as high comparatively.

but that aside, see how a little project that stemmed from curiousity about personal preference/living, can snowball into an interest group that includes broader topics like the food system within a country and even the world’s problem with hunger?

 i thought it a classic example of interest preceding proceeds – too often, the goal at the end of the tunnel is the proceeds and with that in mind, people then work backwards. but for this couple, their curiousity and interest unexpectedly brought them to a level of affecting change and they stood up to the challenge and decided to get proceeds from it for altruistic purposes. (kudos to them!). they have a blog which started as a documentation for their ‘journey’ and i hear a book’s in the horizon.

after reading about this couple’s experience and efforts, i felt oddly guilty about wanting to blog about a $20 bak kut teh meal so that entry will be for another day.

last astons post i promise

By , December 4, 2008 12:15 pm

who’d believe i’m not a shareholder of astons seeing how this is entry number 3 on their steaks. so last one. really.

presenting *drum roll* the tenderloin! i was surprised by how tiny it looked when it was served.



but by virtue of how fantastic it tasted, i concluded that quality can sometimes offset quantity. i can’t remember how much this cost, but derrick left a comment in the last post about how tiny the tenderloin was at The Cathy. If they were the same size at a different cost, then i’d advocate hog’s breath too. (can’t believe i’ve not yet introduced my other favourite steak place!)

this next steak is called the porterhouse steak – it has striploin on one side(left) and tenderloin on the other. i’d say this is more a tbone steak than a porterhouse, because the difference between the two (by definition) is that for the porterhouse, the tenderloin bit should be bigger than the striploin bit. tasted alright although i dont think dan will order this again.


healthy greens with too much mayo and butter 😛 served separately cos there’s no space on the plate.


next up, salmon steak (as if you wouldn’t be able to recognise it). it was half cooked just like i asked. unfortunately, it didn’t impress so i’m just gonna stick to steak of the moo sort in future. heard that the fish and chips are nice and crispy. maybe next time.



By , December 3, 2008 12:25 am

how on earth did i get by before there was google? (no, i’m not really asking.)

there are 5 pasta de waraku outlets in singapore and I frequent the one at square two. i’ve been wanting to blog about this for sometime but always left it cos i wanted to try more dishes since their menu leaves one spoilt for choice. The day i decide to finally pen this, i couldn’t find half the pictures i took…. *sigh*

 Oh well, we’ll make do with what i found – they aren’t ALL the pics, but they’re all yummy 🙂


salmon carpaccio – i think the raw salmon’s the only japanese-y thing about this place. skip the garlic if you’ve got to talk to the world afterwards. 


paper thin pizza crust. this is salmon and mushroom flavored – i like the carbonara and margherita pizzas too! Easy on the stomach and light enough for starters 🙂


kimchi spaghetti!! they use chilli padi and that gets me everytime. it’s my current favourite.


the old favourite – little neck clam soup which took the place of the clam spaghetti i liked at sushi tei (which was seasonal).


squid ink pasta which tasted awright. dan tried this as well as the carbonara with oysters; lobster spaghetti; spinach and salmon as well as some spaghetti with octopus (i told you i lost a buncha pics 🙁 ), but no, not all at once.


the soft vanilla ice cream’s very good. the tiramisu bit is the cube on top which was too hard and didn’t taste much like tiramisu. but i’d order this again cos the soft vanilla ice cream’s very good – i said that already didn’t I?


the other japanese-y thing is the matcha(green tea) ice cream with red bean paste. not a personal favourite but i suppose it would be gratifying for matcha lovers 🙂 dan says the mochi ball was yummy.

some of my friends think the food serving is too small but i like that it is (smaller compared to a regular dish) cos i can then either order more food for variety or actually finish my food so there’s no wastage.

the next post will be real soon cos i resized a buncha pics with this batch!

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