my macaroons!

By , September 9, 2008 8:57 am

i went to canele again last week cos i couldn’t forget the macaroons. happily, i picked out four flavors and cheekily asked what the damage was.  the lady didn’t seem to find the question amusing and answered straightfaced $9.80.

little bites of heaven really cost.

i started reminiscing the macaroons i used to make – macaroons with pretty feet (that’s what you call the frilly edges of a macaroon) and shiny tops. it’s like i lost my macaroon making abilities after i got a new oven cos i’ve only made ugly macaroons since.

with renewed interest, i embarked on my search for a perfect macaroon recipe and found these :


a la cuisine!


their macaroon pictures (it’s terrible how i’m such a sucker for beautiful food pics) inspired me to run to the nearest supermarket to buy ground almond ($4 for a 100g packet=1cup).

with enthusiasm and vigor, i tried tartelette’s recipe. i thought it had too much sugar and used less. i thought not measuring the melted sugar’s temperature wouldn’t make a difference, so i didnt.

i knew i thought wrong when the macaroons deflated into inedible dough-like disks, 5mins out of the oven.

my deflated ego and enthusiasm took a day’s rest before i tried again the next day with my regular macaroon recipe at this site : david lebovitz . didn’t make a single alteration to the recipe.


not all the shells were perfectly smooth cos i didn’t pipe it so, but i got all excited when i saw feet appearing on my macaroons plus they didn’t crack!!! 🙂


these dont look at pretty as those i bought, but they are mine and tasted yummy 🙂 it’s REALLY sweet so i used cream cheese filling to balance out the sweetness – worked! 🙂

with some confidence back, maybe i’ll try strawberry or green tea macaroons next… yay!

ps: how to make cream cheese filling : 50 grams of cream cheese + 2 tbsp of icing sugar. whip it with a mixer til it’s soft. taste. if it tastes strongly of cheese, add more icing sugar in increments of half tbsp til it’s pleasing to ur taste buds.

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