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By , August 26, 2008 9:00 am

i suspect my taste buds are spoilt. not the broken down sorta spoilt. the pampered sorta spoilt. too many meals have left me feeling full but not satifised recently and i was starting to wonder if i’ve lost all joy in eating. over the weekend, i discovered that i just needed really good food :p but to have such good food every meal seem a tad extravagant, so here’s reliving that meal and every morsel i put my mouth, stamped in virtual eternity 🙂


dan’s choice : shark’s fin, crab meat and crab roe soup with a texture more like a sauce than soup. very yummy although any more than a few spoonfuls would’ve been too much for me – i felt like i was downing cholesterol but oh what heavenly tasting cholesterol 🙂


the sliced roasted duck was my personal favourite. it would’ve been the perfect meal if i only had this and plain rice. it’s hard to describe how perfectly roasted the skin was and how juicy the meat tasted. the sauce complemented the duck perfectly.


beef tenderloin that gave tender a new meaning.


japanese cod fish cooked to perfection with its meat flaking off with every prod of my fork. the strawberry gave it a refreshing twang – i usually dont like fruits with my savouries but this was really well done.


the mango pudding sago wasn’t much to shout about cos it was too watery, but the chilled bubur hitam with coconut ice cream was the essential sweet ending to my meal.

tung lok signatures at vivocity. definitely going back.

ding ding round 4

By , August 22, 2008 11:05 am

it’s the most inane thing, but i noticed that zhang yining’s blue drink matches her blue outfit. this is during time out called at match point and she immediately takes the game 3-1 after. 

i’m talking about table tennis, probably the most watched olympic sport in singapore after our silver medal team win. for those not in the know, zhang yining is the current world number 1 from china and she’s now playing li jia wei, singapore’s representative. 

y’know, table tennis is a really great sport. i don’t need to play it for my heartrate to go up. just watching does fine. of course i’ve since concluded that it’s bad for my heart to watch so i’m listening to it instead, and writing while i’m listening.

for the record however, i’d like to say that i do play table tennis on occasion. dan and i once played it for 4hours on holiday in club med bali (that was the duration for which i demanded rematches cos i kept losing :P). i also play it on occasion with michelle chong and it makes me rather disheartened when i realise that i’ve never once beat her at it. the both of them really play better than average (or so i’d like to think).

game over. zhang yining’s going to the finals. it isn’t much of a surprise because she is really good, but there was the glimmer of hope before the end. i think to hope is a very human trait.

ding ding time to get back to work which at the moment is the world of JS, CSS, XHTML and flash.

an old fantaisie…

By , August 16, 2008 11:52 am

it’s not a typo.

when i was a librarian in school (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being geeky), i’d occasionally stay in the library to watch tapes cos it’s a quiet, nice air conditioned place to spend an afternoon. if teachers were looking for me, they’d be unlikely to look there. and if they weren’t looking for me but saw me there, i get that look of approval – you know, That look.

sorry i digress. so one afternoon, i popped the video of a literature favourite, “little women” into the vcr. (not the era of vcds and dvds yet). halfway through the show, one of the characters played this piano piece and i fell in love with it instantly. afterwards, i’d often borrow that tape to hear the song many times over.  through sheer ingenuity (even if i may say so myself because it also wasn’t the era of google and i didn’t have easy accessibility to classical pieces, the scores or titles), i managed to get a copy of the score.

too tough. couldn’t get past the first 4 bars.

i gave up and forgot about the piece until a few years ago when i picked up playing the piano.

again, too tough. i could play 2 pages of the right and left hand separately. but i couldn’t play them together cos they were to different rhythms. 

over the last half a year, i’ve been picking up a few more difficult pieces and decided to give This a go again.

when i hear the semblance of the song coming to life under my fingers, there’s a feeling of pride and incredulity that can only be dulled by many hours of the same refrains. alot more hours need to be put in before it can even be close to the original but it’s an odd sense of fulfilment that justifies the grueling hours.

here it is : Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu No. 4 in C-Sharp Minor. (watching a 7year old playing this so effortlessly can only be masochism on my part)

[youtube WuQDV5TCn5Q]

it’s all in how it looks.

By , August 15, 2008 8:12 pm


this is a salmon wrap. i’m not a fan of salmon wraps for no reason at all. i eat salmon. i enjoy wraps. but i just am not a fan of salmon wraps. so when dan ordered it, i thought i’d just take a picture in case the meal turns out to be recommendation worthy. (you have no idea how many food pictures i have)

he thought it tasted really healthy but isn’t rave worthy. i didn’t wanna try it, but as i was looking at the pictures in my camera halfway through the meal, i did a double take at this picture. it looked so appetising! i decided to give it a chance. 

the smell of salmon and onion hit me just before the wrap touched my lips. yuck. but the hand to mouth momentum was in full swing and it was too late to not try it.

that’s ok really. afterwall, we’ve already established that i don’t like salmon wraps.

but what was strange, was that i kept wanting to look at this picture after i’ve downloaded it from my camera. initially, it was strange cos there’s no reason to repeatedly look at something i didn’t like. and afterward, i was just looking at the picture trying to find the reason why i keep looking at it.

maybe it’s the lightly toasted wrap around moist looking, dressing tossed greens. or it could also be the soft orangey salmon and bits of pale violet onion enfolded within. or it could even be the clean cross sectional cut that’s made an art of those ingredients. i could try to explain it somemore, but you know what? a picture does speak a thousand words.

my conclusion is that the key to food advertisements is really, picture perfect food.


By , August 10, 2008 11:56 pm

a new haunt! what i really liked about the place was the atmosphere of fun. dinner was twice interrupted by the manager (owner?) and crew dancing around the restaurant in a line to thumping music. that’s not to say i approve of the method – the music came on so abruptly and loudly that i literally jumped in my chair and bruised a knee; the dancing reminded me of the dancing on the ellen degeneres show which i never got, but i give credit where effort is present and all of them looked like they were (not so) secretly thrilled at having to do the dance as part of their jobs. that was the clincher. they looked like they were having fun 🙂

other than that, i also really liked that everything on the menu can be customised.

“the chicken basil and egg sandwich with rice instead of bread? sure. would that be white, brown or maybe blue rice?” (yes. joke.)

“the chicken wrap with the chicken prepared in a totally different way, preferably spicy? sure. coming right up.”

now that’s what i call service (and a well stocked kitchen).

the food came well presented(the sauce for our fries was served in testtubes) and tasted…  suffices to say that we ordered a variety of dishes and none disappointed. not exactly rave worthy but it’s better than average.  i’d go back for the other reasons above PLUS everything’s reasonably priced. what’s not to like 🙂 


really. what’s with the clams?

By , August 7, 2008 7:36 pm

i can’t explain the taste change. other than the clam pastas i spoke about here, i’ve now hopped onto the clam chowder bandwagon after having some at hard rock cafe recently. given the number of times i’ve had clams this week (don’t let your mind run away with you. i’m talking edible clams), i think my liking for clam has graduated to an infatuation.

here’s my quickfix :


comfort food at its height – microwaved Campbell’s Select New England Clam Chowder + toast.

the last lecture

By , August 7, 2008 6:56 pm


the first few pages of this book got me smiling and i guess you could say that if you can get a smile out of me, more will follow. case in point – funnyman dan got me all the way to the altar. and of course this author got me to part with my money.

the author uses many maxims which may seem passe, but many times i found myself nodding in agreement or my eyes widening at a fresh outlook on a familiar situation. it may be largely his wit and humor that made the book so easy to read, but it is definitely the content that’s made it stick in my mind.

i had wanted to blog about this book some time back but procrastinated thought food entries must be so much more interesting. and then i saw a video of the “last lecture” on youtube (yes, the book is based on the lecture. it was an actual lecture. the sort you attend in school) . so for those who dont really like to read. here’s the visual alternative :

[youtube ji5_MqicxSo&e]

a baby’s little toes

By , August 5, 2008 9:48 am

dan’s sister gave birth to a beautiful little boy over the weekend and really, newborns are such a miracle. every little toe, every little finger, every little everything about the baby is such a miracle.  


babies are such a nice way to start people. – don herrold

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