bubur pulut hitam (black glutinous rice)

By , July 16, 2008 8:43 am

bubur hitam (i call it that) is a childhood taste to me for the simple reason that i’ve not tasted better bubur hitam in adulthood. in comparison, ice cream for example, isn’t a childhood taste because all the amazing gelati and ‘branded ice cream’ i have since tried, has raised the bar in the ice cream taste buds department. i also strongly think i only had inferior ice cream when i was young.

so back to my bubur hitam. it’s remained a childhood taste because it’s quite difficult to find a good bowl of bubur hitam and it doesn’t help that i’m not inclined to try more stalls after being disappointed once too many times.

some time ago, dan and i were grocery shopping when we came across a ready made packet of bubur hitam. just pour, microwave and serve. he immediately grabbed 2 packets for himself and young to have on the morning show. dan’s adventurous that way.

he came back with rave reviews but i waved it off because c’mon, how good can instant things be. after a few more trips to the supermarket (and on many occasions, he just bought however many packets of bubur hitams on the shelves there were), i thought that it was about time to be more open to new experiences. 

when i finally tried it, i was pretty wowed by this instant stuff –  great taste, texture and thickness! the only downside is that it’s a tad too sweet but i can live with that 🙂 


i went back to the supermarket to buy the other instant stuff they had – dan grabbed the bobo chacha and i got the tau suan. both of us say just stick to the bubur hitam. i think both cold storage and ntuc has them.

ps: on the topic of bubur hitam, the bubur hitam flavoured ice cream, at island creamery in serene center is some kind of wonderful too 🙂

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  1. k says:

    anything from island is good. love the cookies and cream. except the chendol lol, that’s too weird.

  2. Derrick says:

    The horlicks was nice. I also had some berry thingie concontion. Solid pieces of dried fruit. Ice-kimo at Sin Ming’s not bad too but variety’s not as plentiful. Their earl grey and bandung’s nice though. Think you went there before right? Tiny little place.

  3. jaimeteo says:

    k : i thought the chendol was alright. the beer was a little funky for me 😛

    derrick: horlicks, bubur hitam, teh tarik and burnt caramel have equal standing for my favourite island creamery ice cream 🙂 have only been to ice-kimo once – remember that the earl grey tastes great 🙂

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  5. sharon says:

    hey! can i get it from any supermarket? Where did you get the instant one from??

  6. jaimeteo says:

    It’s often out of stock 🙁 I used to grab a couple whenever I see thm on NTUC shelves..

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