from nice(pronounced niece) with love…..

By , May 31, 2008 7:45 pm

still a french keyboard n operating system but it does get easier w practice 🙂

lucerne (or luzern as it is spelt in switzerland) is unbelievably beautiful!! strolling around the city is like wandering on a movie set…


we went up mt pilatus (google it!) for a view of the swiss alps n met fellow singaporeans who are studying in switzerland altho how u can get any studying done in a country so beautiful (id be out everyday i think) is beyond me. o well, thats just envious me talkin 🙂


last night was spent in monaco, 2nd smallest independent country in the world after the vatican city. land of formula One, casinos n opulence. needless to say, if u r a citizen, u r at the very least a millionnaire. blew too many euros in a monte carlo casino but my consolation is a priceless experience 🙂


today is stroll around nice day before heading to italy to check out the leaning tower of pisa n florence from tmrw. will do montage of pics when i get home cos slow internet plus big files dont go hand in hand 🙂

from paris with love…

By , May 28, 2008 4:17 am

first of all, french keyboards are quite a novelty cos i hafta press the shift key to get a fullstop and it is not the qwerty keyboard too. very challenging….

we crossed the english channel yesterday and spent today taking in the sights of paris!! wud love to post pics but the usb port doesnt work so will leave that for another post. its quite surreal to be atop the eiffel tower, inside the notre dame cathedral, staring at the mona lisa and strolling along champs elysee. lotsa (pictures for) memories and we are only on the second country of our european leg 🙂 

on a side note, european girls are seldom without makeup and that generally makes for great eye candy. thats an observation from our favourite parisian activity – to watch the world go by while sipping on an expresso outside a cafe. we darent step into anywhere that doesnt have a picture/english menu cos ordering food is quite a feat without french knowledge. so far its been mostly the universal sign language and that works really well so we arent pushing our luck.

altho its been mostly cold and wet both in london and paris, being a tourist means we get to walk around in ugly n uncool ponchos so the weather hasnt deterred us much. afterall, the opinions of people we are unlikely to ever see again is hardly of any consequence, right? i had loaded my ipod touch with parisian cafe tunes to listen to but left it in london 🙁

alrighty spent too long here! next stop is lucerne. will be glad if there is internet access there never mind irregular keyboards…

(ive never searched so hard for punctuation marks before)

a note between places

By , May 24, 2008 11:06 pm

heading to london soon and i’m not sure if internet connection there is as easy as in toronto  – i even managed to get wifi on my ipod touch in most places here!!

enjoyed canada’s wonderland extremely (and i was worried that i’ve lost my sense of adventure when i daren’t step on the glass floor at CN tower) and i haven’t even shared the most tender, and well cooked bit of cow i’ve ever had….. oh well in another post. another place.

have a happy weekend!

what do tourists do?

By , May 22, 2008 8:46 pm

why, touristy things of course! 😉


it was a 2hr drive to the niagara falls and truly, the falls were a magnificent sight…


with the weather this dry out here, this must be God’s version of a humidifier – nothing in half measures huh 😛


there should be a pot of gold right about under dan cos that’s where the rainbow ended 😛


next up, and i really mean up, was the CN tower. it’s that projectile missile looking building. up close, it looks like this :


and you can take in the view thru glass windows :


or through netted grills accompanied by cold winds :


or thru a glass floor…. scarrrrry….


we even got box seats (can’t buy these!) to a baseball game where i learnt the rules  – freeflow of food and drinks are great motivators!


i’d love to stay and continue with this post, but the page’s taking forever to load and i’m guessing it’s cos i dont have my photo tinkering softwares to make the pics tiny. dan’s just hovering around me cos we haven’t had our tim hortons. (now he’s rolling his eyes cos he read what i wrote and said “pui! i’m waiting patiently ok. you’ve only been here 2 hours…”)


getting used to change…

By , May 20, 2008 3:06 pm

the obvious would be climate and time. the temperature’s 10 deg lower than it shd be this time of the year and his cousins call it freaky weather week cos it was 20deg outside just last week. i feel like i have perpetual brain freeze when i’m out without “headgear”.


and then there’s the time difference. we were pretty much out of it at 4pm earlier (4am in sg), took a nap, overslept and entirely missed a family dinner gathering that’s 17 years overdue, that being the last time dan was here. i’m mortified that they might think we’ve left our social graces in singapore.

oh and another interesting thing is left hand drive. being constantly worried about turning into oncoming traffic keeps us alert on the roads….. that said, i think left hand drive is more logical cos there’s no blind spot :p

ok if i keep at being at computer, i’ll never get used to the time here so i’m just gonna upload a coupla shots and head to bed 🙂


where dan went to school as a kid 🙂


and where he played…..


the powerlines that look magnificent and sorta menacing in this weather.


no stop sign can stop the changing of seasons….


the starbucks equivalent in canada – tim hortons!! (personally prefer the donuts back home :p)

from toronto, canada with love :)

By , May 20, 2008 1:41 am

yay!!!! internet connection on a regular computer! just a quick upload of something i wrote earlier cos noontime is activity primetime. i’m leaving it unedited for authenticity – check back later!

it’s now 3am in my hotel room and i’m doing the nromantic honeymoon thing because i really wanted to drop a short note. to my distress, i can’t remember the login url, and can’ find it i this backard version of a browser on this tv internet system 🙁 oh dear – he keyboard’s quite cranky and cannot keep up ith my typng…. will mke do for now.

 highlights in the last coupla days include attending a wedding, meeting dan’s cousins, settting off fireworks(NOT firerackers!), playing PS rock band (apparntly really big here!),  and the reeeeeallyl ong fflight out here. weather’s freaky freezing cos it’s suposed to be warmer so we need more clothes!

ok i can’tdothis. the eyboard’s reeealy exhausting my initial enthusiasm soi’ll continue on a proper keyboard. wehn i find one. night!

it’s here! it’s here!

By , May 16, 2008 1:11 am

after the wedding, i remember everyone asking us when our honeymoon would be.  it felt like 30 long days away when i replied “next month” but the 30 days just whizzed by in 1 quick month (numbers play such mind games with me), and it’s here!

i really am excited, but in the midst of all that “yay!! it’s finally here!!”, i’m also sure i’m gonna miss my laptop terribly – it’s grounded cos being online chatting with my friends, surfing or blogging is hardly honeymoon activity 😛 dan’s not so sure i can survive more than a month without it and we’ll both find out i guess.

seriously, i think i’ll feel so stupid handicapped without my trusty tool. i mean how else can i appear to be clever all the time, right? with the innernet, i know a coupla different languages (, the meaning and pronounciation to every english word (, every song (, and virtually any answer (in depth no less) to any question (


oh well, i’m sure i’ll be able to find internet cafes where i’m going (although it’s not the same and my laptop knows it) so will post more sights and thoughts later. i had planned to list my itinerary but figured it’d be more fun to just write from wherever i’m at.

next post from out of singapore! (teasers are so much fun :))

did she just say that???

By , May 12, 2008 10:24 pm

we had a pretty awesome dinner tonight at tambuah mas restaurant at tanglin shopping centre, but the highlight was when dan, me and 3year old camryn were standing outside a lift waiting for the rest of the family.

“how come boys and mans don’t have vaginas?”

dan and i looked at each other in disbelief. he thought he heard wrongly and asked camryn to repeat herself.

and she did. the exact same question.

i think we did a pretty good job pretending that it was no biggie, and said that boys and girls are just made differently. that it was such a ‘out of nowhere’ question, rendered us open mouthed for awhile…. i mean if she was reading an encyclopedia, it’d make some sense. to think i didn’t even tell her that the plural of man is men and not mans(yes i am quite particular about such things :p)

so after that, we related the conversation to dan’s mum and she teasingly asked camryn what a boy’s equivalent is called.

very impishly, “pee…….nut”

we all burst out laughing.

dan later added that at age 3, she may not be so far from the truth. hurhur.

coin deposit machines

By , May 12, 2008 6:43 pm


it was quite a cheap thrill fun coupla mins, pouring coins into the tray and then hearing the machine count them. i’ve been wanting to send all my coins here after first discovering these machines awhile back – haven’t you always wondered what to do with all that loose change?

anyway, being the smart aleck helpful individual i am, i even gave a running commentary to an old man who requested to watch the entire process. must’ve done a pretty good job cos he asked if i work for the bank 🙂

what i learnt from my coin depositing excursion which lasted 5mins, was that there’s a charge of $0.0075 (i think) for every coin so dont put your 5c coins in there (i had so many of those!)…. oh and so that you don’t fumble like a newbie at coin depositing (like i did), have your account number on hand cos you need to enter that onto the touchscreen.

bangkok jam!

By , May 7, 2008 1:38 am

i read about the place some time ago and was deeply attracted to the picture of their fried chicken wings. it’s different because the wing bit is chopped in half before it’s fried and dan likes it that way. this particular bit of “dan_trivia” stuck cos this one time we were in bangkok, he covered quite abit of distance on foot looking for it. what’s special about that, is that it’s a rare occasion for him to volunteer the walking plus not find what he wants.


anyhow we discovered that the wings were… you know how piping hot wings that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside taste? it was exactly that and so flavorful that we couldn’t resist getting a second serving 😛

the tiger prawn sashimi is only for those with a strong stomach. dan found it great but paid the price in more ways than one afterwards. he also gave his sirloin a thumbs up (i thought it was awright…) and i gave my tomyam two thumbs up for being yummy – spicy and sour the way i like it. in fact, just looking at the picture is making my saliva glands go into overtime 😛

definitely going back – second level, great world city.

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