colour accents with a canon ixus :)

By , April 30, 2008 12:25 am

did you know that your canon ixus can create pictures with colour accents? i wouldn’t really understand what i’m asking if i didn’t learn how to do it over a wedding dinner last week. here! (much easier to show than tell) :


so as you can see, the entire picture becomes black and white except for the colour i want accented. isn’t it exciting??! i know i’m sounding more and more like a geek but this does open up a whole new world of photo fun you know? anyway, i’m sure i’m not alone in geekdom-here’s the howto if you have a canon ixus :

1. push the button “Func. Set” to bring up the available options.

2. find “Color Accent” (usually by pressing right on the navigator)

3. push the button “Func. Set” to select it.

4. now push the button “DISP”. you’ll see a tiny box appear.

5. put the tiny box over the colour you want and then press left on the navigator. you can do this numerous times until the colour you want appears at the bottom of the screen (beside a left arrow)

6. push the button “Func. Set” to select it.

now you’re all set to shoot! have fun – i did! 🙂

ps: chai, thanks for sharing!! 😀

in disbelief.

By , April 29, 2008 1:01 pm

over this article.

in a nutshell,  a girl was imprisoned by her father for TWENTY FOUR years from the age of 18, in a tiny dungeon under their house which is on a busy street. her father sexually abused her from the age of 11, and has fathered 7 children with her in that time.

nobody knew.

i’m reeling from the horror of it. how can this happen? how can nobody know? how can a father do that to his daughter? how? how? how? 

fun and food :D

By , April 29, 2008 12:29 am

a girl’s gotta find some time for fun, right? i went ice skating with my nephew for the second time today and what really amazes me is how he gets right back up on his feet after he falls. it’s like his knees are made of rubber or that they come with springs. it hurts when my knees make contact with the ice no matter how gently 😛

anyhow, that was how we came to be at leisure park and how we came to find a new dining place on level 1, called Rosti :


i love that the food’s served like art pieces. maybe not the place for you if you can’t dig into pretty food – i obviously have no such qualms :p 

the beef tenderloin ($32) was tender and moist; the red miso codfish ($30) was cooked just right and tasted no different from good codfish cept that it’s a strange red color; the carbonara fusilli($18) was not too creamy and had lotsa bacon and mushroom bits; the sea bass fillet ($20) on the bottom right was very fresh and there was just the right amount of spicy green curry looking sauce that added a unique flavour to the fish without overwhelming its natural taste.

and that’s not it. DESSERTS!


i’m not a fan of the panna cotta but dan is and says it’s good. again, there was just the right amount of berry compote to compliment the creamy pudding. (some puddings drown in these sauces.)

i’m a fan of the profiterole and i say it’s good 🙂 the round baked choux pastry(alright – the non atas term is cream puff) is slightly crispy the way i like it. the chocolate is rich but not too sweet and very importantly, the vanilla ice cream doesn’t taste like cheap vanilla if you know what i mean.

i haven’t raved about food in a while. it’s great to be able to 🙂

a season for music

By , April 28, 2008 9:49 am

my sister introduced me to this : 

[youtube ItX5-oOjTcg]

The above is a short clip from the movie, “secret” by jay chou. i thought it was a really cute song and decided to see what what else was on the movie’s soundtrack. found this :

[youtube EAOWenyeCis]

and this 

[youtube XvsMpfslpjQ] 

the desire came over me to want to learn how to play it, so over the weekend, i watched the movie, bought the score, and spent hours hunched over the piano.

i think it’s gonna be a couple more days of obsession.

an hour to live, an hour to love

By , April 23, 2008 12:17 am

dan’s colleague gave us a bag full of thoughtful wedding presents and because they were all individually wrapped, everyone was a surprise. amid toiletries and aromatherapy tealight burners, the last gift i unwrapped stood out in a “i’m not from the same department” way:


“goodie!” i thought cos i’m geeky enough to actually get excited about starting on a good book and people almost only ever buy another a book they think to be really good, right?  i turned to the back (excerpt):

“Richard Carlson’s sudden, tragic death in December 2006 left his millions of fans reeling, but even their many letters, calls, and emails couldn’t erase the loss felt by his wife Kristine.

To try and come to terms with her loss, she pored over 25years of love letters, reliving the memories and cherishing her late husband’s memory.

But one letter stood out. Richard had written to his wife on their 18th wedding anniversay and attempted to answer the question: if you had one hour to live, what would you do, who would you call, and what would you say?”

knowing the premise of what i was about to read made my heart heavy and after a few pages, my face wet. the book’s only 60pages long and took less than an hour to read. but the message was really touching. their love for each other was really touching.

i think we all need to be reminded of our mortality, and of what’s important to us every (other) day. so i’d like to share the closing of the book with you. it’s Richard‘s favourite poem by Norma Cornett Marek :  Tomorrow Never Comes.

easy dinner

By , April 22, 2008 12:12 am

we discovered that the spanking new cold storage at leisure park has the biggest variety of everything. wines, cheeses, meats, ice creams. it’s ALL about variety there. oh and did i mention that it’s huge?

anyhow, we came across this :


so we got some chicken breastmeat to go with it. and pretzel buns to go with the breast meat. and cheese, roast beef and ham to go with the pretzel bun hehe


looks good huh. just cover meat with the shake and bake, then bake. it tastes amazingly deep fried. cool stuff.

oh and easy dinner’s when you’re not the one cooking 😀

happy is…

By , April 21, 2008 1:46 am

warning : please do not read beyond this line if sweet deeds nauseate you.

i had a totally enjoyable birthday because dan made sure 🙂 he handed me red packet no. 1 (of 5) to start off a string of surprises.


took me a coupla blinks – Doctor Fish!!! then he explained that our theme is “never before done” activities. YAY!!!


this photo could only be taken near the end of the half hour i was there cos i was squirming, laughing, and generally abusing dan’s arm trying to still my feet in the water for the first 20 mins. little fishies were feeding off the dead skin on our feet and the sensation was just so so strange and ticklish! i loved it for the fact that it was such a novelty!

with my feet finally used to the little fishies (close to time to leave), i got red packet No. 2.


uh huh. paint ball. best part was that we weren’t gonna actually play the game cos i bruise terribly easily. and there’s no contest who would win if it was just us two. so target practice it was since i’ve never shot with a paintball gun before 🙂


when it came to red packet No. 3, i was well and truly stumped.


my first guess was the merlion. “sentosa! we’re going to sentosa now!”

i felt triumphant for all of 3 seconds before realising that i had mistaken dan’s incredulous look that i was so off the mark, for being awestruck at my intelligence. he almost snatched the clue card from me to embellish it with more details.


“not lion meh? what about tiger? are we going to the zoo?? no ah….. ok ok, rat. no? are those big ears? Elephant!!”

it was at this point that i thought that my guesses were terribly ludicrous (have you seen a flatter nose on an elephant?). and it was also at this point that i realised that dan had suddenly gone silent. i turned to look at him and he uttered one word that made me burst out laughing.


i was almost tearing from all that laughing when he said in all seriousness. “i got you a dog. you can choose between a beagle and a golden retreiver.”

that shut me up really quick. i dont want a dog. you might as well hand me a child and say “nah. yours.” cos that’s exactly what a pet is.

“have you paid for it? can you tell them you don’t want it?” (note how panic supercedes manners :p)

dan then broke into a grin and handed me this :


aw.. such an adorable doggie (and it’s not breathing)! i was noticeably relieved and also guessed what the next red packet would contain 🙂


i gushed about my present for abit and because the earlier panic scared away my manners, i said “love, you Know i’m not raising any electronic pets right?” at this point, i’d like to say that i do not think lesser of people who keep electronic pets just that i’m not a fan. anyhow i felt the need to set dan’s expectations right – he’d be awfully disappointed if i said i loved the doggie and Never play with it, right?

then he looked sideways at me, grinned again and said “of course i know that. that’s why i got you this.”


and i was all smiles because i love puzzles. and because he knows me so well 🙂

my final red packet says :


ICE SKATING!!! something i tried before (but never got good at), and something we’ve never done together.

so happy is when i feel pampered and loved and i do.

it’s a puzzle.

By , April 20, 2008 1:29 pm

some people get on a highway that says “airport” and then wonder why they’re at the airport when they reach the end of the road.

there are so many variations to this and the real puzzle is in why we keep doing it when we know.

the food most definitely!

By , April 18, 2008 10:00 am

can’t believe i haven’t posted pictures of the food that night! food tasting was a month before the wedding and it was really tempting to blog about it then but i didnt (er… obviously) so here it is with amendments we made to the original menu. 🙂 i didn’t get to take pictures that night (in case it’s not the obvious for some) and thankfully jessica tan the reigning MSU did. i stole asked her if i could have them. (obviously that’s an ok too)

1. Combination of drunken maine lobster on daikon, spicy sweet chilli sauce and chinese style smoked duck, tempura fried fresh water prawn, wasabi mayo, mango salad. Zero changes to this one cos we all loved it.


2. Stir-fired Bay Scallops with baby asparagus spears with deep-fried yam dumpling filled with goose live in crispy potato basket. The food tasting version was spicier -our mums said it should be less spicy to accommodate those with a milder palate. we said “orh”.


3. Double-boiled chicken & yunnam ham consomme with King Crab meat, glutinous rice dumpling with conpoy & crispy ginger. It was initially Shark’s Fin. We decided to help the sharks some and kill the crabs instead 😛 at least the crabs dont sink to the bottom of the seabed and drown….


4. oven backed miso glazed silver fin cod on butternut pumpkin puree, light vermouth butter infused pink ginger, pepper roasted green asparagus.  This was a totally different dish from the food tasting. the chef recommended lamb shank and it was really the most tender lamb i’ve had. that’s a huge compliment given that i dont eat lamb. and maybe 7 people at food tasting didn’t too. so we decided to go with the fish and spare the lamb.


5. Abalone fried rice with pine nuts and conpoy. We loved this one too. Zero change.


6. steamed snow fungus with passion fruit, lotus seed supreme and bird’s nest, vanilla red bean ice cream. The dessert got two thumbs up too!


i loved how the food tasted better than it looked 🙂 and that i didn’t have to stress about the menu because the chef thought up of it all 🙂 looking at it now, i wished i had eaten more that night. Hmph!

wedding singers and hosts :) Part II

By , April 17, 2008 12:08 am

continuing with the program!! Irene introduced Chong Qing and Chong Qing brought Carrie (of superstar fame) and Goh Kheng Long (music director / arranger / pianist of Ah Mei and Jacky Cheung’s concerts!) to accompany him to “爱得正好“.


all our elderly relatives nodded especially appreciatively when they came on because they could finally understand what was going on :p chongqing definitely made many new fans with his strong vocals! 


i could so feel the love 🙂


Carrie brought on Diya (also of superstar fame) and they did “Beautiful Love” by Tanya Chua together, beautifully 🙂


Kheng Long epitomised “if you have it, flaunt it” 🙂


mr young (who co hosts the morning show with dan) was the next white carded victim. he introduced tracy tan (seen most recently in “Leap Years”) with her special and touching rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. ok the link here isn’t the original but it’s a nice version too 😛


tracy then brought jonathan leong on and he sang “Baby Can I Hold You Tonight“. both were so good i wished i didn’t have to be rushing into my second outfit backstage at that time 😛 thank Ted the outfits were so easily transformed or i probably would have had to miss even more performances. 

finally, hossan leong came on and dedicated “love changes everything” to us. he went to the piano and started impressively. halfway thru, FD came to take a picture, followed by pat mok who also decided to give hossan a head massage.pierre, vernetta, rebecca and irene then joined in the ‘try to distract hossan’ crew. it was hilarious to watch and dan and i were laughing so hard backstage watching it on the big screen. i say he ended more impressively for the very fact that he did not miss a line or note despite the interference!! KUDOS hossan!!


thank God for friends talented and generous 🙂

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