so which is it?

By , March 31, 2008 5:10 pm


if it’s no milk ice cream blends, then what exactly is almond nuts milk? dont be silly – of course i didn’t order that just to satisfy my curiousity. haven’t you heard how the cat died?

this is at vivocity on a saturday night. we needed a quick bite, quick being the operative word cos we were running a little late for camp comedy @ the st james powerhouse opposite. (btw, camp comedy was Hilarious!! mental note : look out for more stand up acts cos all that laughing’s great and great for the abs too)

the first mistake we made, was to pick the most empty cafe we saw. the second mistake we made, was to not leave after reading such a suspicious menu. no prizes for guessing that the food wasn’t good and i could only manage a few bites although i was starving when i walked in.

lesson to be learnt : empty restaurants are empty for a reason.

oh and be careful for what you wish for cos you may just get it – i wanted a quick bite and we got out of there really quick.

blog surfing

By , March 29, 2008 12:26 pm

and i saw this para i’d like to share : 

Meaning doesn’t lie in things.  Meaning lies in us.  When we attach value to things that aren’t love–the money, the car, the house, the prestige–we are loving things that can’t love us back.  We are searching for meaning in the meaningless.  Money, of itself, means nothing.  Material things, of themselves, mean nothing.  It’s not that they’re bad.  It’s that they’re nothing.  (Marianne Williamson)

happy i am

By , March 28, 2008 10:06 am

because i’ll see my wedding dress tomorrow for the first time.

because it’s only 2 weeks to the wedding.

because honeymoon plans are confirmed.

because my new life is taking shape slowly but surely.

because everyday is such a beautiful day.

*deep breath*


By , March 27, 2008 2:10 pm

so many people around me (and usually younger too) have become mommas! i mean i Know that already, but it just sorta hit home harder when i was at this course last night.

i met a girl who told me i used to teach her body percussion when she was in primary school and i, in secondary school. she’s 6 years my junior.  and she’s also 2 and a half months pregnant with her second kid.

on a side note : i think it’s normal that juniors remember seniors more than seniors remember juniors (dont tell me otherwise cos that’s my last line of defence for my bad memory). 

where did time go? it may sound cliched, but the younger ones i used to look upon as little people running around have all grown up and gotten jobs and families. and i’m still having fun and not feeling my age. in fact, it feels like i’m playing house and looking for a job that’s fun instead of an adult one (ie: the brokers, managers, executives, directors in every field and department. you Know what i mean)

but never mind that. the most worrying thing was when she told me that once a woman gets pregnant, she’ll become very forgetful.

more so than i am right now? this week alone : i forgot to bring home a brand new pair of shoes (yes. that means i lost it); i forgot about my sweater and found it on the floor beside the car where i must’ve dropped it, the next day; and i’ve no idea where my camera is (my guess is that i probably dropped it outside the car too 🙁 ).

so if and when i get pregnant, does it mean i’ll have to wear tags with my name and dan’s on it?

gula melaka (with sago pudding)

By , March 25, 2008 5:46 pm


no it doesn’t look very appetizing. in fact, i only tried it because dan said he had TWO of it the last time he was there. ok and because i didn’t want to appear unadventurous about food although we know i am. 

first, a short lesson : gula melaka is also known as coconut sugar, and gotten by extracting the sap from the flower bud of a coconut tree, and boiled til it thickens. gula melaka sago pudding has peranakan origins, and is basically bland sago pudding served with gula melaka syrup and coconut milk. (no i did not initially know that. i wikipediaed it)

believe it or not, this is the first time i’ve tried gula melaka sago pudding. really. i wasn’t lying about the unadventurous about food bit. and in wikipedia, the pudding looked messy unlike the nice octagon shape our sago pudding came in.

at first taste – colder than it looks. and i thought it was very sweet. nice sorta very sweet. and to have the block of white pudding dissolve into little sago pearls in my mouth felt really strange. nice sorta strange. oh and it also reminded me of the coconut sweets i used to have when i was a kid. wrapped in different coloured cellophane paper.

verdict : i like!

found at The Simple Life (beside Fish & Co), Wheelock Place Level 2. it’s just called gula melaka on the menu 🙂

what i missed.

By , March 24, 2008 10:05 pm

i love looking at pictures of food. the same way some people like to look at pictures of beautiful scenery, clothes, bags, undressed people, you get the drift. 

over the weekend, dan threw a wine and cheese party. he very kindly took pictures for me cause he obviously knows that. plus i  suspect he wants me to know what fun i missed and food he had.


i think i’ve only mentioned a gadzillion times that food is all about presentation.

why don’t i think bunnies and colorful easter eggs?

By , March 22, 2008 6:09 pm

because if you’ve watched “The Passion Of The Christ”, you’d know. about the pain. the blood. the violence of His death. about how it was difficult for Him on all counts and why He did it.

for me.

(oh alright, and you too)

and i’m just thankful and grateful He loved us enough to have gone through with it.

Happy easter to you too 🙂

a clear sign.

By , March 21, 2008 3:40 pm


technology nowsadays

By , March 19, 2008 10:41 pm

it’s almost a given that when an sms is sent, it gets received. so if i didn’t receive it, it just means it wasn’t sent and any attempt to say otherwise just reeks of an excuse equivalent to “my dog ate my homework”.

last week, i sent smses out to the remaining guests who’s yet to rsvp and i didn’t get a single reply.  i spent the rest of the day plagued with self doubt, indignation that my friends do not even have the courtesy to reply my smses, and fears if i was such a terrible person and the whole world hates me. ok i’m lying. i lamented “i don’t believe this!” for half an hour, and then my mind flitted to something else and i didn’t think much about it anymore. thank God for healthy self esteem, yes?

so yesterday, through a weird coincidence (which is too lengthy to go into), i discovered that many people did reply just that i didn’t receive it. 80% of those people can’t have all lied, right? i called my provider and their very helpful solution was to turn off my phone for 5mins so they can reset my line although they don’t see anything wrong.

what i’m sad about, is that i’ll never get to know for sure who replied said what in those replies. i’m sure there must have been some sweet and some funny smses. and i can’t ask them to resend those messages cos how would i know i’d receive them still, right? i mean also other than the obvious that a request like that would make me sound a little attention deprived.

we’re way too dependent on technology. but we’re also way too deep in to not be. how?

the electric chair

By , March 19, 2008 2:46 pm

there’s a new segment on dan’s show (9am-10am weekdays), where they put guests on their electric chair and ask questions. that was where i was this morning. in the electric chair.

what happened to my priviledges of having the other half as the show host? suspended? what’d i do? (or didn’t maybe)

anyhow that’ll be available on podcast tmrw on 987’s site. (yes, google podcast 987 electric chair). maybe i’ll hear all the others and console myself with the fact that i was in fact afforded a leeeetle of the hoped for priviledge.

ps: my least fav bit was having to come up with something on this toy drum that appeared out of nowhere. where’s the love? *sigh


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