the drum circle!

By , February 28, 2008 12:26 pm

i was at kreta ayer square over the weekend to participate in a drum circle which was facilitated by One Heartbeat and organised by CLAP!. lost? ok, some background :

kreta ayer square is the place beside the refurbished chinatown temple.

One Heartbeat (i played with them in my schooldays!) are called the facilitators because that’s what they do-facilitate the drum circle.

CLAP! (Community Life Arts Programme) is the event organiser, and the drum circle is part of a bigger lineup of programs for the day.

so now that we’re all clear, let’s get back to the drum circle 🙂 when i arrived at 5ish, the setup looked like this :


chairs in circles, with a latin instrument for EVERY chair. the bigger ones are the noticeable drums. the smaller ones (quite difficult to see from the pictures) are handheld latin instruments like the agogo cowbell, shaker, maracas, gem block, wood block, etc…. something that makes a sound when you hit it. 

so when the clock struck 6, the band struck up a rhythm and asked onlookers to take part. there’s no right or wrong rhythm. there’s no musical experience needed. all that’s required is a willingness to participate, to sit down and play with whatever instrument’s with the chair you’ve chosen, and be part of the rhythm.

soon the drum circle looked like this :


surprisingly, there was rhythm to be heard even with such a diverse group of participants.


what i found very interesting was, for that hour, everybody became friends. the people you normally walk by in the streets without a smile or nod of acknowledgement; the people you normally wouldn’t befriend voluntarily; the people you normally don’t greet. all these people came together in a drum circle and it seemed like we were somehow bound just because we were all part of a rhythm.

i thought that was pretty awesome.

the humble glove

By , February 28, 2008 10:59 am

some people think wearing gloves when washing is troublesome. but i love them. it means i can use heavy duty detergent and not worry about my hands drying out. it means i can be in the middle of washing, and still pull my dry hands out to answer calls or doors. it means i dont feel eeky when i have to touch eeky things (like schtuff at the sinkhole).

yesterday, dan found another reason for the humble glove.


the balloon stand in! 😀

turtle soup

By , February 25, 2008 3:44 pm

are you going “eeeeeeee“? cos that’s how i went when dan brought it back to our table. 

“you know i can’t talk to you for the duration of this lunch right?”  
“why? it’s just like chicken soup”
“no it’s not. it’s cruel to eat turtles cos they excavate the turtle from its shell.”
“just like when we excavate crabs from their shells, and prawns too. same thing what.”


and seeing how it’s the first time i’m sitting beside someone who’s having turtle soup, i took a picture of it. to be fair, it did look quite nice…… until dan scooped up something cartilagey looking.

“what’s that?”
“turtle skin. yum yum”

despite being grossed out, i took another picture. just for your sakes. 


i refused to talk after that and we ate in silence until dan said he was gonna get angry hehe

“poor turtle…. why can’t you eat regular food like chicken and duck?”
“i’m eating a predator ok. did you know that turtles deplete our food sources? they eat fishes and squids and sotongs leh. so actually, i stand for all those who say cao tur tur!” <that means smelly turtle>

hur hur. end of turtle talk.


and end of turtle too.

the one step to cutting & coring an apple

By , February 25, 2008 3:09 pm

buy an apple cutter. it looks like this :


to be honest, i wasn’t really impressed when princess(part of my self named royalty group of friends) bought it for me last year. thought it looked like some torture instrument. and then i witnessed its prowess…  


quite cool hor. then you can soak the apples in lemon juice so they don’t turn yellow, put it in the fridge and eat when it’s very cold. It makes for a great tasting, low calorie dessert Plus all you’ll take is 5mins to do this (with the torture instrument maybe 3).

oh yar, the apple looks quite fancy too. look out for self portraits on apples next (yes i’m kidding.)

do you have nice handwriting?

By , February 23, 2008 10:25 am

i don’t. my handwriting looks like a child’s. come to think of it, there’s still appeal in a child’s handwriting. mine’s pretty honest looking. it looks like it belongs to an adult with ugly handwriting. my only saving grace is that i can type. and i can type really quickly. but of course when i’m filling out forms at the airport/bank/shopping center, there isn’t that option and it’s back to basics ie: pen and paper. then i quickly scribble my details in hope that whoever reads it (the poor data entry clerk actually) thinks the handwriting’s ugly because the writer was in a hurry.

and of course if i want to send out mass invites, i will painstakingly print and paste every single one. what a lot of work. i should’ve concentrated on writing well instead of typing well when i was young.

misplaced priorities happen all the time.

in the mood for lurrrrrrrve.

By , February 22, 2008 9:29 am

and love is a big word. cos so many things come under its umbrella. but for me today, the matter of national importance came head to head with a matter of lifetime importance 🙂

i felt this surge of pride as i watched the live telecast of our PM’s congratulatory speech yesterday. tiny singapore’s hosting the inaugural YOG? – wow!! and seeing those at the padang screaming, shouting and cheering singapore on – way to go!! it was contagious even though i was watching it alone at home 😉 

and this was the other picture in my head :


spreading the carbs

By , February 21, 2008 9:19 am

it’s glorious to be able to have fresh bread again. i make them when friends/family come over, when i go to their place for dinner (of course i don’t bring my own bread to restaurants. i may be obsessive but am not yet a crazie) and it’s even a good item to bring for barbeques! 🙂 *wink wink*
so now, whenever someone compliments me on how good it tastes, my auto response is:

“the machine made it! (it just feels wrong to be credited for measuring out ingredients) 

you can make great bread too! (see a light turn on above their heads)

and there’s even a timer function so that you can wake up to fresh bread you know? (see a big icandoittoo smile on their faces)

i wonder how many more people are gonna get breadmaking machines. evil thought : and how many more bread pin sales they’re gonna get.

P.S I Love You

By , February 18, 2008 1:15 pm

Is a story about a woman whose dead husband leaves letters detailing tasks for her, to help her through her period of grieving after his death. (i think my summarizing skills have improved)

there was a short scene before the starting credits appeared and the tears starting falling (horror of horrors!)from then. cos i knew she was going to miss everything that he is, everything that he does, when he dies. and i know he dies cos the synopsis says so, right? it’s a 125mins show. and that was the length of time i alternated between laughing and crying. but i loved the ride and always, a tale of love 🙂

not a show for the emotional. so consider yourself warned – bring a cap (or paper bag) for after. and i don’t suggest planning for a party on the same day. or the next.

patting myself on the back

By , February 18, 2008 10:04 am

with some divine help (which led me from manual to website to warranty card on which there was a number to call), i’ve found out that the replacement pin costs SGD16, and i can go to tagore industrial building to buy it.

how quickly, from kicking to patting myself on the back. the ego is a resilient thing.

kicking myself

By , February 16, 2008 2:45 pm

i made a chocolate bread yesterday. i mean i tried to make a chocolate bread yesterday. it didn’t work out and i haven’t figured out why. the unfortunate thing is, i don’t think i’m about to figure it out anytime soon because i threw the rock of a bread away with the kneading pin still inside the bread.

note to all who gets the breadmaking machine – remember to remove the kneading pin from your baked breads before consumption (if it’s a success) or throwing away(if it bombed).

let’s see if getting a replacement part is gonna cause me more grief.

yep. still kicking myself.

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