Paint it Black by Janet Fitch

By , December 30, 2007 11:28 am

On the cover that leaned against the dirty couch, John and Yoko pressed together for a kiss they would never finish. People were always trashing Yoko Ono, blaming her for breaking up the Beatles, but Josie knew they were just jealous that John preferred Yoko to some bloated megaband. Nobody ever really loved a lover. Because love was a private party, and nobody got on the guest list.

Paint It Black by Janet Fitch

when i’m picking a book out at the library, i pull out random covers and then read the synopsis. if it’s vaguely interesting, i’ll leaf through it and read random paragraphs.

this book, is the story of a young woman dealing with her boyfriend’s suicide. on how she copes with the loss, with discovering another side of him, and of herself. the above was the second paragraph of the book and i thought that was so beautifully written.

there’s something about the tone of the book…. a little depressing, a little raw…. and the beauty of it, was that the author brought me right into the book and showed me the pain so that i felt it too. i thought that was really impressive.

just wanted to share 🙂

food break.

By , December 29, 2007 3:36 pm

in case you thought i meant that to mean we’re taking a break for food, i had meant taking a break from food.

i’ve been waiting for the nausea that comes at the mention of food to pass so that i can continue with my blog (i mean it is supposed to be a food blog :P) however, that doesn’t seem to be happening so just to keep you in the loop, i’m not gonna blog about food for a coupla days (depending on when the nausea passes).

it may have something to do with the excess that i’ve had over christmas (and the lead up to it). or it may have something to do with feeling mildly seasick when i went on my first fishing trip two days ago. but in any case, i can’t bring myself to talk about food or bake anything.

my pineapple tart making partner in crime just reminded me that the chinese new year is round the corner, and if we should start on those little pretties. i couldn’t bring myself to start too. *Sigh.

how like that?

i’ve been missing because….

By , December 26, 2007 10:56 pm

before christmas, there were a coupla gatherings and you know gatherings. it always happens around mealtimes. so i’d either be busy preparing a meal, eating a meal or digesting a meal. so although i wasn’t blogging, i did think of you guys – see? i took pics before partaking 🙂


special mention goes to :

1) salads in the leftmost pic – the potato salad totally rocked and the greens had the right mix of my favourite veges (ie: rocket leaves, raisins, baby tomatoes) with great dressing. thank you empress! (er… yes, i have friends who call themselves royalty)

2) roast beef in the right most pic. black angus prime rib that’s been aged 240days. nice price tag too but worth every penny!

after christmas, i had this :


little wonder i kept busy, right? 🙂

ps: i love that i can surf and watch youtubes on it! oh oh oh and i also love playing with the magnify image function. for the uninitiated : press your thumb and index finger together and put it on the screen. then pull fingers in opposite directions. so fun!!

ugly macarons

By , December 22, 2007 9:45 am

perfect chocolate macarons look like this :


a glossy, crispy top that crumbles once your mouth closes in on it. and then the flavors explode in your mouth. i first tasted these pretty things at GoBi. love at first taste 🙂 so of course i scoured the innernet for a recipe and found it here : David Lebovitz’s.

can i please not have to retype it here? it’s really easy. position your cursor over the name David Lebovitv. click.

i’ve only managed to get the glossy top and pretty feet about 5 times. and i’ve made it ALOT more than that.

so i just renamed them ugly macarons. still tastes great 🙂 but i decided to not erm.. batter their self esteem by posting pictures of them online hehe

in disguise

By , December 22, 2007 9:14 am

“are you going to put cream on your christmas log cake? ok never mind. we can just scrap it off if you do cos we all don’t like cream.”

so out went the mental fancy cream lines and swirls. in came sifted icing sugar and cocoa powder. this is the hazelnut chocolate roll disguised as a christmas log cake. my proud partners in crime : santa, reindeer and trees.


ps: and this was only part 1 of the mrng. i baked sponge fingers cos they ran out at the major supermarkets. Plus made macaroons (will post that one soon).

being adventurous.

By , December 19, 2007 9:34 am

over the weekend, we felt like a nice brunch at PS Cafe, dempsey. but they must have started a new policy :


haha Kidding! that sign’s always there. the place was really packed (everybody felt like PS Cafe too and no wonder) so we decided to be adventurous and try a new restaurant at the dempsey blks just a short drive away.

we parked right at one end so we could take a leisurely walk down the entire block. off the top of my head, i remember ben and Jerry’s (that’s not exactly adventurous), Dome (crowded), Margarita (didnt’ feel like mexican), Culina (crowded), Jones (crowded) Harry’s(didn’t look like they were serving food yet), the Prime Society (didn’t want to fall back on a piece of steak), and since we were almost at the end of the block and it looked like it was gonna rain, we decided on a nice italian restaurant facing raku because it looked nice and modern. actually what won me over was the prawn bisque and vongole on the menu. plus it wasn’t crowded and the staff was friendly.

i didn’t get any pictures of the food cos they didn’t look particularly fantastic. and they didn’t taste as good as they looked. but like i said, the servers were nice – they allowed me to cancel my vongole after we’ve had (and didn’t enjoy) the prawn bisque (luke warm and too creamy), the beef carpaccio (i prefer raw beef slices as opposed to the cured beef slices we were served) and the seafood antipasto (tad too bland). and the bread bowl failed to impress with its different (cold) breads.

it could be that we ordered all the non restaurant specialities. but for a meal consisting of 2 appetizers, a soup and a bread bowl, i had expected a minimum standard, for the bill to be more than a hundred.

we looked at the remains of our lunch and decided to stay positive and focus on the good in the meal. Here.


we tried 🙂

a week before christmas….

By , December 18, 2007 1:33 pm

means i have to get reacquainted with wrapping. not my favourite activity although there’s this sense of satisfaction when you see an entire pile of wrapped presents. anything looks nice after they’ve been wrapped (unless it’s a tshirt without a box and i did the wrapping).

suffices to say, no time to do anything but go out, get presents, come home, wrap. ok ok i managed to finish reading 3books in the last 3 days so i actually slacked alot in between.  *whiny* but i feel lethargic when i look at the presents waiting to be wrapped. and immobilised when i see the list of names without ticks on them.

i know Christmas is the season for giving. but (dont shoot me) i do find buying presents (and wrapping them), a pain. especially when you dont know what to get. what is the point of getting a present if it’s just done for the sake of being done? and then the true reason for the season gets forgotten under the gaudy lights and ripped wrapping papers.


ignore me. i’m just ranting because i’m frustrated at having to go out, buy presents, come home, wrap. oh and include squeezing with the huge crowd at shopping centers (you’d think they’re giving away presents instead of discounts). and queueing at the donut like line at cashiers.

busy day

By , December 15, 2007 11:10 am

with these :


yep. cupcakes Again. so many variations! and these :


yep. tiramisu Again. they really rock!

my sister commissioned me to make them for the big ones and little ones at my nephew’s nursery. got myself in a fluster before sending them cos decorating took more time then i expected (yes, even simple icing is alot of work). but the oohs and aahs coming from the little ones were great work memory erasers….

oh and i have to say this : R-E-S-P-E-C-T to nursery school teachers. where more than 2 little ones congregate, that’s what you deserve for just being able to endure the decibel levels.

it definitely is more fun playing with other people’s kids tho – there is an end to the day where you can look forward to some peace and quiet… oh well, maybe in (far far far far far far away) future 🙂

focused business?

By , December 15, 2007 4:07 am


or discrimination? hm…….

why fishes are great

By , December 13, 2007 11:40 am

yesterday, i decided to bathe the two cats. they hate baths. and they looked at me very displeased afterwards.

yesterday, i decided to bring the house dog to the vet for neutering. and he looked at me very displeased afterwards.

that must be the reason why people keep fishes. they dont know how to look/to be displeased. and in any event you wouldn’t know.

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