Desserts are fattening.

By , September 18, 2007 6:32 pm

I hate to rain on everybody’s parade since it’s post one of day one. But i have to be a responsible deliverer of recipes – desserts ARE fattening. (oh have you heard? my blog’s gonna be quite hot – the oven sorta hot hehe) 

The honest truth is that it’s hard to resist temptations of the chocolate and cake (or both) sort. A few years back, i tried valiantly to say no to ANY empty calories and what happened was the stuff my face sessions eventual submission to my cravings that probably packed more calories than if i had just given in when i felt like it. So why put yourself thru my hell?

My tip – the all important M word.

No, M is not for enough Money to diet afterwards. I meant Moderation.

French people keep remarkably slim. But their desserts are uber sinful. How do they do it? Why are their desserts always so small and expensive? ah…… are you connecting the lines to the dots yet?

To put it plainly (and i have to because this is the disclaimer post before the recipes posts), desserts ARE fattening BUT not if you keep them little. remember – DO NOT DEFY THE LAW OF M.

I’m also here to solicit good recipes so please feel free to post your favourites… I”ll even post pictures of how they turn out in my hands(yes, even if i fail *cross my heart*) so please keep this very interactive!!

Oh and i forgot – WELCOME TO MY PAGE!

14 Responses to “Desserts are fattening.”

  1. Prataz says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Do recommend where’s good for desserts and stuff so that boring guys like me can bring our dates there k =)

  2. jaimeteo says:

    i will keep that in mind!! 🙂

  3. Prataz says:

    Thankies and look forward to your next post =)

    Thanx more pictures k, coz a pictures say a thousand words

  4. Prataz says:

    Jamie, update lei =) Don’t be one post then no more

  5. jaimeteo says:

    the bad news – I’m in the midst of moving house and therefore do not have access to an oven or unlimited internet access 🙁

    the good news is that the mayhem should be over by mid oct – can’t wait to start baking properly again. will definitely post more “in action” pics then alright?

  6. Prataz says:

    Tat’s cool =) Too bad I don’t have an oven to try out yr recipes.

    Had u tried b4 Fresh Milk with Mango Sago b4?

    It’s damn nice and refreshing!

    p.s if you need a photographer, do let me know =)

    I need to practice my food photography

  7. \')/* says:



  8. Desserts are my favorite. My parents always allow them to have it. They were telling that it is less calorie food and will help to maintain my slim. That is why nowadays i am addicted in it.

  9. Dessert is my all time favorite.It is less calorie food so that it will help me to maintain my health.

  10. Writing Help says:

    It’s just hard to resist temptations of the chocolate and cake sort. Ever tried fresh milk with mango? It’s just amazing!

  11. French people keep remarkably slim. But their desserts are uber sinful. How do they do it?

  12. Sure dessert is fattening, if you consume it everyday. Just eat dessert 4 times a mont (once a week) and than the dessert will not become fat.

  13. I love eating desserts despite the fact that they are fattening and I have to lose weight. It is very difficult to avoid eating dessert, especially when having dinner with colleagues. I wonder how the french people manage to maintain a low weight and they eat dessert daily.

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