Desserts are fattening.

By , September 18, 2007 6:32 pm

I hate to rain on everybody’s parade since it’s post one of day one. But i have to be a responsible deliverer of recipes – desserts ARE fattening. (oh have you heard? my blog’s gonna be quite hot – the oven sorta hot hehe) 

The honest truth is that it’s hard to resist temptations of the chocolate and cake (or both) sort. A few years back, i tried valiantly to say no to ANY empty calories and what happened was the stuff my face sessions eventual submission to my cravings that probably packed more calories than if i had just given in when i felt like it. So why put yourself thru my hell?

My tip – the all important M word.

No, M is not for enough Money to diet afterwards. I meant Moderation.

French people keep remarkably slim. But their desserts are uber sinful. How do they do it? Why are their desserts always so small and expensive? ah…… are you connecting the lines to the dots yet?

To put it plainly (and i have to because this is the disclaimer post before the recipes posts), desserts ARE fattening BUT not if you keep them little. remember – DO NOT DEFY THE LAW OF M.

I’m also here to solicit good recipes so please feel free to post your favourites… I”ll even post pictures of how they turn out in my hands(yes, even if i fail *cross my heart*) so please keep this very interactive!!

Oh and i forgot – WELCOME TO MY PAGE!

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