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Story of My Starry-Eyed Sensational Night

Wednesday 7.15pm: I’m sitting somewhere in Orchard with Oli and Dom having a sort of dinner.

Wednesday 7.16pm: I receive an sms from one of my contacts saying, “Estelle Estelle, are u coming to HTC Sensation’s media event? We have a phone for u engraved with your name, so you must come!”

Wednesday 7.17pm: I ask my contact, “Is this a real phone or fake?”

Wednesday 7.18pm: He laughs at me… “Real lah.”

The rest is history, and a small-time blogger like me is honoured to have been handpicked by HTC – among their extensive pool of chosen celebs and ambassadors – to receive their latest, beautiful new HTC Sensation phone.

The LCD was so bright, I thought that maybe a genie would come out of it if I rubbed the screen.

It has my name so I cannot sell it right?! Haha. But seriously, I am quite looking forward to exploring the wonderful world of open-source apps on Android. It has really good social media integration (it syncs my friend’s Facebook profile photos and latest statuses with their contacts), I’ve played with the 8-megapixel camera already (pretty photos and high-def videos), and I am just waiting for their app market to boom the way iTunes did (app developers… step on it!).

So yeah. Andriod FTW! I definitely won’t be using my new HTC Sensation to surf for porn but I’m sure I will find other heaps of fun things to do… Big ups HTC.

Many friends and familiar faces at the HTC Sensation Media Powerhouse event – I hadn’t spoken to so many of them in such a long time. T’was a very busy night! (More pics on their facebook page here)

[youtube aN_ch48mGac]

***UPDATE: I have received a few questions about the phone, I’m sure it will help me to do more! Right now though, I cannot answer questions like “is it a good phone” etc because I have not used it enough yet, but once I do I will be able to better report back to you on the good/bad. Watch my space okay?***

Originally posted on June 9 at loveyouwrongtime


What is Zesta?

Whatever it is, it made us pretty happy.


Hi friends, Zesta kakis, FB peeps! I’ve been really busy with work and a lot of things going on, but just a quick shoutout here (HI) and I’m zex-cited to be on Invogued! I have more updates soon that I hope to share with you… I hope you can keep up.

Grab a can, hold on to my hand (or your keyboards), and rocketeer with me… Let’s do more! 🙂