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Pens for secret letter writing !

Here at the Afterdark Facility with the No Average Joe crew. We’ve been working hard on an interesting project that will come in handy for all you people out there with a special message for that SPECIAL someone in your life. Pilot have come up with a new series of Frixion pens that come with erasable ink and we’ve been tasked to shoot a stop motion video to showcase what these multi coloured babies can […]

Recording Demos

Keep me sugar level up with Zesta. 🙂


Acting has been something i’ve been longing to explore for the longest time. School drama kind of don’t really count in my books as real acting, in fact it is very far from the real thing. So thus far, despite having done a couple of performances, i still consider myself a complete amateur.  Acting’s a complete ARTISTRY on its own. and i’m kind of afraid i might not do it any justice. i’ve been wanting to seriously […]

Fun, Quite.

I dropped by the office of Sold.sg recently and was introduced to the world of Online Auctioning! (or… auctioneering…) And damnit, now I’m hooked. So. I’m not going to give you the BASIC Low-Downs on how to Bid because… well, that’s just easypeasylemonsqueezy. I’m going to give you MORE. I’m going to give you the LOW-DOWN on HOW TO WIN. (Results not double-confirmed.) OK, so this is how it works. 1. You log on to […]

Vocal Lessons with Iron Man?

New teaser video: Vocal Lessons with Iron Man? Vocal Lessons with IANMAN at Thunder Rock School. Keep your eyes peeled for a full video coming soon.

Two wheels are better than four

Two wheels are better than four? On the trails they are! Where the XC60 gets stuck jungle bashing, the guys with their bikes went up, up and away leaving clouds of smoke in our wake. Capturing the action as the riders launched off the top of the trail, speeding through the challenging course, negotiating hairpin bends, sharp turns, S-curves and rocky drop-offs in a smooth motion made for an exciting shoot with the post-rain mud, […]


Baybeats Weekend!!! Well you can hardly call it a baybeats weekend cause seriously, this weekend is probably the most event crowded weekend ever. We have the Singapore Theatre Festival at the Drama Centre, EDB’s Singapop! going on right opposite Baybeats at the Promontory & STGCC (Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention) at Suntec. But oh well, its still the baybeats weekend, been blocking out my weekend for years. Despite the many different events happening, baybeats […]

Razzle, Dazzle and Zazzle Me

I’ve been sick at home for about 2 weeks, so instead of going out, I’m just going to sit in my swivel-ly chair, spin around and write about it… ✩ ✪ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★ ✱ ✲ ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺ ✻ Nothing wrong with going out and having a bit of fun Tonight is all about u and me, baby It’s me and u… plus one and […]

Giveaway Time! :)

I’m giving away 1 customized wooden thumb drive away! 🙂All in the lovely name of ZESTA! well, the thumb drive contains: Personalized “Thank You” video All my album efforts thus day (2 EPs, 1 LP) Extra bonus track from the Wallflower Album All Music Videos Probably something else cool & one of a kind, that i can’t really think up right now. So if you want to take this little baby home, all you need is: […]

Two Weeks is a Fortnight. A Fortnight has 14 days.

Day #01: The Late Night Energy boost before I made my way to the final stop of the day, Cafe Le Caire! Top from Bershka in Shanghai! Told you I had lotsa good buys! They were celebrating their 10th Anniversary and had the road blocked off for their Party! The “Live Entertainment” SHINE, most awesome band in Singapore! (Have you seen the sticker on the butt of my bike?) Arman and Rudi getting into it… […]