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Wakin《今天唱什麼》last stop – Singapore

2017 September 18
by Eric Ng

The last stop. But of course the music doesn’t end there. We have more shows lined up for the rest of the year. But this show spells the end of our 《今天唱什麼》concert tour.

As previously mentioned, our show coincided with the Foo Fighters show right across the road at the National Stadium. Some of us who missed the show decided to cross over to buy the Foo Fighters merchandise to feel better.

And so, guess what T shirt I decided to wear for the show? With other lesser artists, they might get sensitive about it. But Wakin, being the ever 大方 artist thought that it was hilarious. Halfway during the show he passed the mic over to me to have a word with the audience. I share with everyone that 20 years ago I watched the Foo Fighters concert in Singapore. At that time, I never expected 20 years later I will be playing for an international 天王巨星周華健 right across the street. So if u ask me if I rather be at the Foo’s gig opposite or here playing with Wakin to my family and friends. Of coz I rather perform with Wakin laaaa…We all had a good laugh.

This is the fourth time Wakin performed in Singapore this year alone. Surprisingly, the show was once again, entirely sold out. I had my family in the front row and I had quite a few friends who messaged me, telling me they’re at the gig. Even my neighbour was there!

The show went well and ended more than an hour after Foo’s gig across the street! All in all, a nice end to a fun tour. On to the next one!

After that we had a fun after party with our friends.

Wakin decided to stay a day more and we had so much good food, it was crazy!

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