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Funkie Monkies presents “Song writing as a career” by Mr Benjamin 林明陽老師

2017 August 29
by Eric Ng

He’s produced more than 65 albums including Jacky Chueng 张学友’s Mandarin albums in between (1995~2001), with “True Love” holding the highest record of Mandarin album sales (1.6 Million in Tw, and more than 3 million global sales). Other than a top music producer, he’s been an A&R, Sound Engineer, Musician, Arranger. He’s written songs such as 你最珍貴, 愛是永恆.

He’s Benjamin, 林明陽老師, and I’m proud to name his as one of my mentors.

In 1997, I was trying to make a living, performing in various pubs. I was also writing a lot of songs, making demoes with friends, with no idea why. Other than the fact that I enjoyed writing them. I was approached by a Mr Steven Fock to join his music publishing/production company Musset which later would include Penny 戴佩妮, Hanjin 陳奐仁,陳文華 etc. He paired me up with 小寒, she 填詞 and we threw a lot of songs every week to Steven who would pitch them to the Taiwan music industry.

I have to admit most of my songs then were too raw, too alternative or too rock. But for this very reason, I got a call from Steven one day. He told me a Taiwanese producer wanted me to help him do up music for a song. He heard my demoes felt that I’m suitable to work on this song.

I was given the song. With that came very clear instructions on the chart, right up to the bass, guitar and drum fills! And of course, I couldn’t read music, so Steven had to ‘bang bang bang bsshh bsssh’ to describe what was in the chart. I proceed to program the drums, play the bass and guitars just like how I would do my demoes. After a few changes, that song 《加速离开》 was released. It was the title track of the album for a group named 中堅份子. And that was how I entered the Taiwan music production scene.

Of course that producer was Benjamin 林明陽老師. That collaboration led on to me working on his productions for Jacky, 鄭中基 and many others. That teething period was invaluable to me. Being a multi faceted music maker, Benjamin 老師 generously shared with me countless tips on what makes a song work, production wise, arrangement wise and most importantly melody wise. To the Mandarin music industry, it is really ALL ABOUT THE SONG.

Years have passed and we still remain fast friends. Earlier this year, I mentioned to Benjamin 老師 about our song camp last year. I said we’ll be doing it this year as well. Ever the generous soul, he said “Whatever you guys are doing, give me a call, I’m in!”.

With that I’m happy to invite the aspiring songwriter, the music makers to join us in

“Song writing as a career” by 林明陽老師 Mr Benjamin Lin

This is a Pre Seminar Event to our upcoming Professional Songwriting Camp.
Admission is FREE.

3 September 2017 (Sunday),
2:30 pm, 2MM Talent Hub.
Very limited seats! Please RSVP right now using this google form:

Benjamin 老師 opened the doors for me into the Mandarin music industry. With his wealth of experience. I’m very sure you will have a lot to learn him too!

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