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Work and Play. A Quick Getaway to Kuala Lumpur

2017 July 19
by Eric Ng

Just got back from very quick getaway to Kuala Lumpur, catching up with 阿管 and friends, and lots of great Malaysian food!

Actually I’ve known 阿管 since 2002. Time passes by in such a flash. We’ve went through so many ups and downs and yet we can still hang anytime and have a good laugh. It’s hard enough to retain true friends in the real world, let alone in the music industry.

The food! We only had a few meals in KL so we made sure we get our fix!

This is my all time fav “Onion Fried Chicken” at Wong Ah Wa at Bukit Bintang. It’s not even on the menu, and I always have to describe it to the waiter. It rocks!

Black Man Nasi Lemak

Kin Kin Ban Mian

Ok, this trip was not entirely a getaway. I went there to do some drum recording with old friend, session drummer John Thomas as well!

I always thought my first recording with him was in 2002 when I got him to record for 梁静茹’s tracks. He reminded me that it was actually earlier on where I engaged him for his first drum session for the Mandarin music scene for a few 羽泉 tracks!

Fast forward to 2017 where John is one of the top touring and session drummers for the Mandarin music industry. He balances up his passion for jazz by doing regular jazz club gigs and music festivals as well. This time we recorded him at Nomad studio, a recording studio he owns where he lays down his drum tracks.

Work and Play is always best when it’s combined. What a short and fun getaway!

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