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Beijing Songwriting expedition!

2017 June 20
by Eric Ng

Just got back from Beijing. The main purpose of this trip was to record an artist but following the motto of Funkie Monkies being “Write the song in you”, I decided to do something different this time. I extended my stay, called up various friends from Beijing and had a three day songwriting expedition!

It turned out to be a super fun trip with me being able to check out and work in various different environment with various songwriters!

With Beijing being the centre of music industry in China, I watched in envy the nice recording studios abound.

And I love the fact that you can find cool recording studios sprouting everywhere with cooler looking frontages.

So I got together with 6 songwriters, some of whom are music producers, session musicians and from various indie bands in Beijing. We wrote in the usual recording studios, jamming studios, however my most memorable session was writing in a primary school classroom! The school is set in an ancient establishment and it looks like it’s steeped in history. The energy was really great writing in the classroom filled with cute drawings from the kids.

With that, 3 days down, we wrote 10 songs! What fun! I got such a kick out of this trip. Will definitely be back to do it again!

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