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New Old Music

2017 June 14
by Eric Ng

Recently I have been listening to John Mayer’s new album “The search for everything” a lot. I’ve been telling everyone who hasn’t heard it to check it out. I describe it as “new-old music”. If you’ve checked it out and are born around the 70s or 80s you will know what I mean. It’s good old classic solid songwriting placed at the forefront. Even though he’s a mighty guitar shredder, it’s a great album with well planned arrangements and good songs with a mighty band.

I’m not sure if it’s because of this album, but I’ve since been rediscovering some “old-old” music and it’s never stops amazing me when I read the date of production of some of these classics. It’s really a different level from being able to perform something as opposed to actually creating them. When I hear greats like these, I sometimes wonder, hmm why are we still creating music when everything actually seems to have been done? Well, coz we enjoy it for one, another reason is because that’s how we discovered the greats ourselves. It’s one artist combining his or her different influences into one unique art and from there we, the fan dig deeper to discover where it came from and from there, enjoy even more music!

So here are some of the great works I have been rediscovering, where once upon a time, it was all about the song.

1. Carol King – Tapestry

Looking at the turnout of this concert. This 1971 album release is still as relevant and well loved as ever.

2. the Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time out

Though released in 1959, I only recently discovered this album. When listening to it, I really can’t imagine this recording was done in the 50s. The fidelity is amazing. I don’t usually listen to much jazz but what I like most about this album is that it showed me that jazz can be this simple, catchy and engaging.

3. Marvin Gaye – What’s going on

A 1971 release, I purchased the Hi Res recording of this album at 192/24 bit. The recording is so spacious, huge, nice and open. That melody of first verse of What’s going on, gotta be one of the best pop/soul moments.

4. Eagles – Desperado

One of my favourite songs in the John Mayer’s new album is “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” the last song of the album.

When I heard the song, it immediately brought me back to the intro of this song. Not saying both songs sound the same, however the vibe is similar and I enjoy both songs.

I’d suggest grab a good pair of cans or speakers and find the highest resolution you can of these songs, plug in, close your eyes to shut off all distractions. And get lost in the world of great record production.

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