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Always have some time off to chase the birds

2017 April 19
by Eric Ng


I based this blog on this pic because I like it a lot! Lyla told me she wanted to catch some birds, I knew she wouldn’t be able to catch them of course but I decided to entertain her. We waited patiently, hidden by the corner as the pigeons gathered together. The moment about 5 or more came, off she went! And she ran around laughing, chasing them around the grass field. Though she didn’t catch any, she was still very happy and we repeated this hide, wait, run like crazy process a few times.

As we stood there waiting quietly I was thinking, this is how life should be. Life is not all about working hard till you have no time for family and friends, or having so much of a good time till you’re have no idea of how you build for your future. It’s about the balance of it all. I used to always hear people say “Busy is good!” but I’m hearing less of that nowadays. Maybe it’s because being busy might not be the best solution. I do work hard, however I do not support working so hard till you lose touch of the other things that you enjoy or value in life. Being busy productively with effective results, that I support.

Maybe it’s because I’m turning 42 this year? However, looking back I’ve always tried my best to work hard and play hard. I’m lucky that my work is also my hobby, so my ‘play’ also include just sitting in front of my hi fi and allowing the turntable to wash great music over me which is happening as I’m writing this blog. Last time play also involved a lot more partying, however now that I’ve got a family and a cute kid, play includes hiding in a corner, catching birds.

And that’s what makes life great!


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