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Guns and Roses at Osaka!

2017 February 16
by Eric Ng

I have mentioned several times that my entire musical existence can be traced back to this band. The first lead guitar part, bass line and drum groove that I tried to pick up was all from the song “Sweet Child O Mine”, the song that got me to pick up piano again was “November Rain”. So I was highly excited when Guns and roses announced that they were touring in Japan! Of course after that they announced they were coming to Sg too and we bought the tickets by then. But no regrets! The show was great!
As expected. Opening band Baby Metal was very entertaining. The band was super tight and the cacophony of blasting metal to the 3 girls was such a visual and audio treat. I loved the catchy poppish tunes and the girls were highly confident and full of stage presence.

And then the band went up on stage and the place went wild! I was glued to the band and got lost in my own world. Though I had watched so many concerts over the years, This was a surreal moment for me as I watch my teenhood idols perform before me. It’s like your favourite cartoon characters walking out of the TV. Slash was non stop amazing and Duff looked like a rock god in great shape. Axl has put on quite a bit of weight over the years, but looking at myself I can’t complain =D Though for some of the songs, Axl seemed to run out of steam but that’s understandable when you have to scream your way through so many hits! And many hits they played! Many of the songs from the cassettes that I wore out when I was young were performed and I loved that there were many extended guitar solos during some of the songs. Slash’s own guitar spotlight was mind blowing and he made it look so easy. It was a great gig and I left highly inspired to play more guitar!

In fact the gig was so good that I will be watching their Singapore gig too! Thank you Guns and Roses, you didn’t disappoint. Rock on!!!

Just in case people didn’t know we caught the gig at Osaka =D

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