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The Ng’s get away to Penang – Adventure Zone

2016 December 19
by Eric Ng

Ahhhh! the Adventure Zone! I think this is the place where Lyla enjoyed herself most! Located within the Golden Sands Resort, it’s an indoor playground with a ball room, rope ladders and various obstacles for kids to climb around.





But that’s not all! The main attraction of this place are the slides! There are a few different kinds of slides available. Though younger children like Lyla are not allowed on the crazier slides, she still did have loads of fun on the gentler multicolour slides where we had to slip into a gunny sack and slide down four storeys.



I went ahead to try the more challenging slides where I had to borrow LJ’s long sleeve cardigan to prevent getting abrasion burns as the craziest slide was a 90 degrees down the same 4 storey drop!
Honestly I initially didn’t even dare to slide down looking down from the top of slide where all you could do to go down is to push your legs over the edge! However after watching all the kids run past me and sliding down with glee. I went ahead and did the drop as well.


And there’s this fast curvy one where you landed into a pool of balls!


Needless to say, it was super fun! A great way for kids below 12 to spend a good few hours sliding around! We had to peel Lyla off when it came time to leave the Adventure Zone!


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