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对手(To Be A Better Me) – Stories We Sing

2017 November 15
by Eric Ng

对手(To Be A Better Me)
词Lyrics:小寒Xiaohan 曲Melody:黄韵仁Eric NG

演唱 Lead vocals : 庞家成Pang Jia Cheng (Funkie Monkies Productions)

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With our passion to discover, groom and introduce the next generation of music makers into the world. It’s an honour and privilege for XiaoHan and me to be working with the team from STAR Ministry of Education, Singapore and the National Arts Council Singapore for “Stories We Sing”.

Stories We Sing is a collection of twelve commissioned songs specially designed for the professional development of music teachers. The songs, which explore aspects of Singapore life, are a fresh wave of local songs – given contemporary twists such as Mandopop and Malay pop rock – meant to help schools in music teaching and learning.

What started for Xiaohan and me as a simple casual meet up chat arranged by the NAC to introduce us to the people at STAR (at Star Vista =D), this collection of 12 songs composed together with 7 educators and 12 artists became a true labour of love. All thanks to the passionate and fun team at STAR – Ministry of Education, Singapore + National Arts Council Singapore who really worked with each and every composer closely, at the same time allowing us complete creative freedom. Like 小寒酸 mentioned during the press conference. This project definitely upped the level of respect for our local music and arts teachers seeing how driven they are to make sure the kids get the creative foundation they all need for our ever-changing world. For me being in the pop music side of things, it was an eye opener for me meeting up with the heavyweights of the music education field. And also realising, musicians being musicians, we’re always a little whackier than we seem =D (Photo courtesy of Hwee Sian)

It’s really quite a kick that our song 对手 will be added to the current repertoire of folk songs sung in schools, such as Di Tanjong Katong and Munnaeru Vaalibaa that many Singaporeans have grown up with. The song is performed by 齐天音乐 Funkie Monkies Music exclusive songwriter/producer Jiacheng Pang, Jia Cheng’s the voice behind the demoes that I presented to the labels/artists for the songs I composed and produced such as 日常 by Hebe 田馥甄, 下一站 and 炸藥 by Powerstation 動力火車 and upcoming songs for artists such as Nicky Lee 李玖哲 etc. As I won’t usually share these demoes to the public in respect to the labels and artists, I’m glad I could provide him a chance to shine here, sharing his gift with the even newer generation of our nation’s future music fans/makers!

Apart from the press conference where we had a chance to meet up with our nation’s top music educators. Over the weekend, Xiaohan and me attended the Singapore Writers Festival listening to the other composers and the team behind “Stories We Sing” talking about their hard work and me sharing about the perks of being a musician, Singlish, the potential of creativity in schools through music and of course, my all Star team of powerful backup vocals on the song 对手. Feels good to be surrounded by fellow passionate music makers! I got to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Plus! I got to fiddle around with a heirloom harmonium!

With all the hard work put in by the team, “Stories We Sing” turned out to be a project more meaningful with the sum of it’s parts. I’m happy we were invited to work on this project as we made some new friends along the way. Plus, you know how we Singaporeans like to say “eh! Your grandfather road ah?!” I’m waiting for my kid to say “Eh! This one Lim Peh song! during music class in future =D

对手(To Be A Better Me)
词Lyrics:小寒Xiaohan 曲Melody:黄韵仁Eric NG
OP: Funkie Monkies Publishing Pte Ltd
SP:Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd
演唱 Lead vocals : 庞家成Pang Jia Cheng (Funkie Monkies Productions)
制作/编曲/吉他/贝斯/键盘/和音编写 Producer/ Arranger/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Background vocal arrangement :黄韵仁Eric Ng (Funkie Monkies Productions)
鼓Drums: Gary Gideon
*和音Background Vocals:Almira Farid, Elaine Lai, Leong Siew Chun, Lim Hwee Sian, Eric Ng, Pang Jia Cheng, Desmond Seah
录音室/录音师Recording studio/recording engineer : The Neater Dump (人声Vocals), Jay Studio (和音Background Vocals), Soundfarm Production studio(鼓Drums) recorded by Mandric Tan
混音/混音室Mixing By Frank Lee @ The Neater Dump
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Wakin – Macau Galaxy Broadway Theatre

2017 November 14
by Eric Ng

This is the 2nd time we’ve performed in Macau this year, and this is the 2nd time we’ve performed in the beautiful Broadway Theatre.

It’s always fun to perform in smaller venues like these as I can really observe the reactions of the audience from the front rows to the middle section. The audience was LOUD and the sing alongs were a big contrast to our last gig which was in the studio with no audience.

As the day before was Lyla’s dance concert. I requested to land in Macau only on the day of the performance so this trip was super short as we all went back the next day. Still the hosts in Macau always treat us well so I had a fun night eating my face off with the great food and checking out the cool band at the Roadhouse, a live venue pub at the Galaxy.

Lyla’s first concert!

2017 November 13
by Eric Ng

Lyla had her first ever concert as part of her graduation in her first year in school. I really don’t believe in forcing her to learn things before she asks for it. Coz that happened in my case when I was young when I was told to take up piano and did so badly that my piano teacher ‘fired’ me! =D But looks like dancing is one of her passions as she has been practicing willingly for the last 3 months without anyone asking her to do so. We had such a great time at her concert and being the kiasu uncle, I positioned 4 video cams to record her segment at different angles!

Hahah, me being terrible at dancing, this is gonna be interesting to see how her passion for dancing will turn out!

Sebastian Bach Live in Singapore

2017 October 20
by Eric Ng

I spent a looootttttt of time in secondary school frying my ears to this track

Given the bad boy images of those bands I never thought that I’d be able to catch them live. It’s only in the last few years more and more of these bands are coming to Asia. As of now it’s not really a rebellion act to listen to their music. It’s more of nostalgia and having a good time.

I’ve caught almost all my 80s bands concerts except for Poison, Tesla and Skid Row. And finally Seb Bach, the lead singer of Skid Row decide to descend into Singapore to do a gig at Deepavali!

I had a few albums of the opening band Loudness so it was a nice bonus to watch them. What I respect are vocalists who really work hard at preserving their voice. And 30 years on the singer is still able to scream his ass off. However I must say the sound was quite horrible. It was as if I’m just listening to the reverb send. It was a wash of echoes and I couldn’t really listen to what the singer was singing or when the guitarist played more than 1 note per second. I felt bad for the band as I could see they were top notch performers and playing their heart off. The last rock concert by Joe Satriani I watched at the Kallang Theatre had the same issue and I heard Megadeth and the recent Mr Big concert had the same problem. It was strange that these bands are hosted there when the theatre seems to be more suited for plays and more mellow music performances. Note to self : do not watch another rock concert at the Kallang Theatre unless absolutely necessary.

After Loudness set ended, without much delay. Headliner Sebastian Bach went up shortly after. Though he is no longer with his band Skid Row, the entire set had his former band’s MVs synced to his performance. It was a little unusual to have a performer’s music videoes synced to his song throughout the concert however I think it adds up to the nostalgia. The band was tight and the sound was better this time. However that meant that volume of the drums were pulled down to its bare minimum as I guess the acoustics couldn’t take it. I have been to quite a few 80s bands’ gigs only to discover that their voices have been blown out. Sebastian rocked the set and he could still scream the songs in their original key. With so many hit songs under his belt, the set felt like Metal Karaoke. The band rocked hard as well, and I later found out they were session players or previously from other famous bands like UFO, Fate’s warning etc.

Despite the compromised sound, we had a great time as the seats were great. Now I hope that Poison and Tesla will swing by Asia in my lifetime. If not I’ll make a trip to LA soon! =D

New Sounds

2017 October 18
by Eric Ng

I’m constantly asked. What inspires me?

Sounds. Sounds inspire me the most. As a music producer, arranger and writing melodies in songwriting, I’m constantly in search of new or old sounds that move me to create even more sounds. And it’s so easy now to search for new sounds, through streaming playlists, music magazines, music charts or through good ol word of mouth.

Here are some new sounds (some made by bands that’ve been around) that I’m recently digging.

1. Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

This album. So good…so damn good.

2. Alt -J – Relaxer

Using instruments that we know so well, but yet arranging it in such innovative ways that make me go “what?”

3. Liam Gallagher – As You Were

The ultimate rock star strikes back, with Greg Kurstin who also produced the Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold album and Sia’s, and Beck, and Adele, and Paul Mccartney. Which producer can name check all these artists in one breath? I’m a fan.

4. Beck – Colors

Guess who produced it? Damn…

5. Ásgeir – Afterglow

Such a cool album, and so cool that this guy’s still in his early 20s.

Feel free to share some new sounds you are digging too…

Funkie Monkies Presents The Professional Songwriting Camp – What you need to know

2017 October 16
by Eric Ng

1. The Professional Songwriting Camp is a 2 day event

2. 9Dec is the Professional Songwriting camp, a songwriter/music arranger talent search. To be selected, you have to send in your demoes for us to access. Last year we chose 80 participants out of 300over entries.

3. 10 Dec is an open to public music conference, where we will share information about songwriting, music production and the music industry.

4. The camp doesn’t end on the 10 Dec, last year’s camp participants established networks and a selected few were signed and continued to receive grooming under Funkie Monkies Publishing. Some went on to land hits by Stefanie Sun, compose theme songs for an upcoming drama series in China and artists from Taiwan and China.

5. To enhance the outcome element of participating in this camp, this year’s winning team will be commissioned to write a theme song for MM2’s upcoming movie production in Taiwan.

6. Mentors coming include 林明阳 Renowed Music Producer/Songwriter (Asia) (你最珍贵、爱是永恒(张学友), 倪子冈 Nese
Renowed Songwriter/Producer (Taiwan) Play(蔡依林)、零界点(鹿晗), Monica Lee President,Warner/Chappell Music, Asia Pacific 人质(张惠妹)、分开(杨乃文), Jessica Chang Creative Executive. Warner/Chappell Music, Taiwan
Songwriter Management, 小寒,林倛玉 and me. 

7. In the registration form, let us know what you’ve always wanted to know about the music industry, songwriting or music arrangement/production related. The most relevant questions will be answered 1-1 by the most appropriate mentors mentioned above!

8. To register go to

9. The 2 day event is free

10. Last but not least, this songwriting camp/music conference will not be possible without the support of our valued partners. All thanks to COMPASS, MM2 Entertainment, Noise Singapore (National Arts Council), Warner/Chappell, Scape, beyerdynamic, Klotz, Excel Print, 2MM Talent Hub, Samuel Seow Law Corporation and the precious mentors involved.

The music industry in China is booming. How does it apply to music makers in Singapore?

2017 October 15
by Eric Ng

I’m standing in the long customs queue at the Beijing airport as I’m typing this…

A month ago during the Music Matters conference in Singapore, what excited and interested me the most was the Ten Cent presentation of their progress report of music in China at this moment. In the past 10 years, we were regularly bombarded with facts of how bad the music industry is. The peanuts of streaming income, the dismal non existence of physical sales etc. In the Ten Cent presentation, they showed the figures of monetization thru their digital media platforms, and innovative ways of how they create events, promote and sell music in China. They also shared that since 2010, they have been working with the China government to surpress music piracy which contributed to their current success. If you look up “Music industry revenue in China 2017”, you’ll see that in 2017 to date, revenue for digital music ALONE amounts up to 570 million USD. There is a sudden glimmer of hope for the music industry.

Back here, apart from Singapore artists like JJ and Stef, a larger number of producers, songwriters and arrangers from Singapore have been quietly making waves in the mandarin music scene. It still amazes me when I meet new talents in China and they tell me that they grew up and were inspired by songs that Xiaohan and I wrote together more than 10 years ago. With the giant of an industry in China waking up and with the China government starting to pay attention to IP and Music publishing. I see all this as a possibility to a brand new era of the music industry. With the buzzword being “the Music industry in China is booming” being mentioned freely by industry professionals all over the world during Music matters. I’m proud that our little gang at Funkie Monkies have contributed to that pool of content since the 2000s.

So you are sitting in Singapore and thinking, “so how does that apply to me?” With the recent new wave of artists such as Nathan and Joanna making waves there, and with us successfully pushing more new generation FM writers works to be performed by emerging artists in China. This might be a gateway to a whole new world with exciting possibilites. Or judging by the insane amount of talent that I constantly meet in China, if we don’t constantly improve and up our game. The success of China’s music industry might mean absolutely nothing to us here in Singapore.

But if you love making music, and this is your passion. Does all this really matter? Back when we first started pushing talents in FM, we were constantly fed with news that the industry was doomed but that didn’t stop us from working our asses off in the past 20 years trying to push new talents as well as ourselves. And thankfully, we’re still here. Prepared more than ever to take on the next wave.

So if you tell me you’d like to enter the industry. The time is now.

With that I like to announce Funkie Monkies upcoming songwriting camp!

We’ll be conducting our songwriting camp again which successfully brought aspiring songwriters/music arranger/producers to land hits by Stefanie Sun, Andy Lau, emerging new artists from Taiwan, China and work on various other productions such as the recent 881 10 year anniversary medley remix and an upcoming drama series in China! What’s more, this year’s winning team will be commissioned to write a theme song for MM2 Entertainment Singapore’s upcoming Taiwan movie production.

It’s all good. It’s all free, because we’re searching for the best of the best to join 齐天音乐 Funkie Monkies Music to take on the world.

And for those who are just starting out who just want to learn more. We’re having a whole day of music conferences that revolve around songwriting, music arrangement, production and understand the current music trends and industry climate.

Don’t miss Singapore’s Ultimate Songwriting Camp, register now at

For more information, please visit or email your enquiries to
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Wakin《今天唱什麼》last stop – Singapore

2017 September 18
by Eric Ng

The last stop. But of course the music doesn’t end there. We have more shows lined up for the rest of the year. But this show spells the end of our 《今天唱什麼》concert tour.

As previously mentioned, our show coincided with the Foo Fighters show right across the road at the National Stadium. Some of us who missed the show decided to cross over to buy the Foo Fighters merchandise to feel better.

And so, guess what T shirt I decided to wear for the show? With other lesser artists, they might get sensitive about it. But Wakin, being the ever 大方 artist thought that it was hilarious. Halfway during the show he passed the mic over to me to have a word with the audience. I share with everyone that 20 years ago I watched the Foo Fighters concert in Singapore. At that time, I never expected 20 years later I will be playing for an international 天王巨星周華健 right across the street. So if u ask me if I rather be at the Foo’s gig opposite or here playing with Wakin to my family and friends. Of coz I rather perform with Wakin laaaa…We all had a good laugh.

This is the fourth time Wakin performed in Singapore this year alone. Surprisingly, the show was once again, entirely sold out. I had my family in the front row and I had quite a few friends who messaged me, telling me they’re at the gig. Even my neighbour was there!

The show went well and ended more than an hour after Foo’s gig across the street! All in all, a nice end to a fun tour. On to the next one!

After that we had a fun after party with our friends.

Wakin decided to stay a day more and we had so much good food, it was crazy!

Foo Fighters Live in Bangkok

2017 September 13
by Eric Ng

20 years ago, life was very different. I just came out of army. Without a clue what to do. I loved music, did a few gigs and wrote a few songs here and there but I didn’t know if I could make it as a career or not. 20 years ago, Foo fighters had a concert in Singapore. They opened for Sonic Youth at the Harbour Pavillion, a concert venue where I watched acts like Pearl Jam, Mr Big, Suede, Alanis Morrisette which has since long closed down. I watched as Dave Grohl led a band with, raw but with really hooky songs performed their short set before Sonic Youth came on. Even then, with those songs, the Foo Fighters set left more of an impression on me than Sonic Youth.

Fast forward 20 years, Foo Fighters have went on to be one of the biggest bands on the planet. Selling out venues such as the iconic Wembley Stadium and more. In 2007, I even had a chance to meet him in person for a very brief moment at an album release party in Singapore. He seems like what everyone say he is, a all round general nice guy with a big heart who truly just wanted to rock and roll.

I watched on, with respect as Dave achieved complete freedom to fulfil his artistic pursuits with music documentaries like “Sonic Highways” and “Sound City”. As a musician, I’d say this is where you say “Life is complete”. However he doesn’t seem like he is about to retire anytime, and the first few singles from the upcoming “Concrete and Gold” is solid proof.

And so with that, we flew to BKK to catch their concert as I had a gig just across the road in Singapore on the same day.

With the first scream from Dave’s lungs, the concert became all I expected what 20 years of experience can bring to a great artist and more. For 2 and a half hours, hit after hit, delivered with full power washed over the audience. This is my third time watching a concert in BKK and I’d say every experience has been great as the audience is super responsive, loud and went all out to have a great time.

Great music can really change your life. Thank you Foo Fighters. What a great way to end our BKK getaway!

Bangkok Getaway 2017

2017 September 13
by Eric Ng

Travelling…This year I’ve been to Taiwan, Japan, Australia, various parts of China, Vietnam and Thailand(twice). I find that travelling really fills me up with inspiration and I find myself raring to create better works when I get back, or at least you can say that’s my excuse =D

Actually the reason why we went to BKK this year was because of Mr 周華健. One of my favourite bands, the Foo Fighters, was playing on the same day that Wakinw as performing in Singapore! I thought, no way am I gonna miss this gig so we headed to BKK.

And this trip was really cool coz we decided to spend a week there. I got to hang with my friends who brought me around to really cool local places. For e.g. somewhere out there in BKK where it doesn’t feel like you’re in BKK!

A truly relaxing place, I’m not even sure of this exact location, other than it’s near the Dolphin View Point. It’s super quiet and the local seafood was delicious!

More Thai Food, you can’t really go wrong anywhere in BKK.

With what looks like a century old cooking pot for Beef Noodles. This shop is famous among tourists, the beef noodles is really good!

For the foodies, the address is 336 Ekkamai 18 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

As we had a week there, I managed to have some time to visit a friend’s studio and write some songs! What a super fun BKK getaway this has been!