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By , July 12, 2010 8:16 pm

Best Food Blog 2010 Winnercath-ling

crownCatherine Ling (1st prize)

Food is like travel for your tastebuds. It can really bring you to different times and places. I like to immortalise food memories on, where my blog philosophy is “every meal an adventure!” My dream is to travel and document all that is delicious and delightful. Bon appetit!

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Jerome Best Individual Blog 2010 Runner-Up

crownJerome Lim (2nd runner-up)

Once told that it was his destiny to wander through life, Jerome takes a wide eyed view of life’s wanderings through the eyes of the child that he was and blogs about the many things that has captured his imagination through life’s journey.

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Best Photography Blog 2010 Runner-Upszeping

crownLow Sze Ping (runner-up)


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Most Insightful Blog 2010 WinnerViolet Lim

Violet Lim

Aspired to be ‘Ally McBeal’, but ended up as ‘Miss Match’ instead. Happily married, mummy of two kiddos. Co-founder of Lunch Actually, Asia’s first lunch dating company. When she’s not busy bringing singles together, she spends her time blogging, public speaking and on community service work.

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Best LOL Blog 2010 Winnerlok

Huang Kee Hong


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Best WTH Blog 2010 Winner

Peter Breitkreutz

Singapore’s favourite expat, Peter Breitkreutz (aka Aussie Pete). Finance executive by day and blogger/writer and wannabe celebrity by night, Pete is localized in every respect. Having lived here for four years, whether it’s taking in the gossip at the kopitiam or looking for the next best place to makan, Pete can always be found mixing it with his local Singaporean mates.

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The Y-Bloggist Award 2010 Winnerelaine-chua

Elaine Chua

锐伊,原名蔡伊琳,不是聚光灯下那位舞娘的影子,而是站在舞台后的导演,编织着自己的故事、自己的梦,为生命的意义挥洒青春。一名用心的新加坡华文教师 / 创意设计师 / 写作人,以不同的角色诠释着生命的目的。座右铭是:“不怕山高水深,勇往直前追逐梦想,驾驭困难,挑战极限。部落格就是她的剧本,写的是心情、想法与生命的感悟。坚持用华文书写,因为坚信,华语是活的语言,她,亦能走在时代尖端,在新生传媒沙场上驰骋。

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Best e-Commerce Blog 2010 Winnergin_200x200

Gin Oh

Formerly a designer in interactive media majors, serious iced milk tea drinker and avid collector of vintage ware. Owner of three-year-old online blogshop —, lined with unique gifts and apparel. Did I mentioned shopaholic? Just turned mum with new found love in blogging. And my soft spot for freshly baked egg tarts!

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Best Lifestyle Blog 2010 Winner

Darren Ng

When life hands Darren lemons, he makes Long Island Tea. When it is bitter gourds he gets, he stir-fries them with eggs. After he’s done making a party out of misery, he blogs on to Celebrate Life! and hopes his adventures can be useful to readers. Follow his blog on Hong Kong as he seeks out the interesting and unusual in this energetic city!

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Best Modeling Blog 2010 WinnerAng Geck Geck

Ang Geck Geck Priscilla

Don’t ask if Ang Geck Geck is actually her real name? The name was given by a fortune teller in a temple.
She is an extremist. She can either be really crazy or really quiet. She lives with her grandparents and loves them the most. (: She loves painting, designing and she specialises in filmmaking in School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She gives tuition, does video editing and do part time modelling and acting. She blogs when she feel like it! A Female Cat Roars, Louder than before.


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