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Catch us LIVE on Radio 100.3 next Mon (16 Aug), 3 to 4pm

By , August 13, 2010 5:07 pm


Four of the bloggers, Kee Hong, Sze Ping, Elaine and Geck Geck will be going LIVE on air on Radio 100.3, next Monday (16 Aug), 3 to 4pm, on veteran deejay, Anna Lim’s program, “星期一好风光”.

They will be sharing more on their Hong Kong summer trip and their fun experience there. Remember to tune in! 🙂

Bath tub race or shower race?!?!

By , August 3, 2010 9:36 pm

Do you remember my previous post,

 Bath Tub Race Competition in Hongkong with Angmoh?

This is what’s it all about…

 The Hongkong Dragon Boat Carnival held on beautiful Victoria Harbour!


 Pete and I ready for the Bath tub Race! yay!I finally got to know how my bath tub looks like. Very squarish and light, made of plastic i think, totally differs from what I imagine it will be.


spot me!


AGG in ponytail rowing very hard… 1,2 row.! 1,2 row! Angmoh are you listening??? BUT…


you know … I know, everybody knows.. Still, pete is very happy with what’s- gonna-happen- next because ….Photobucket

Pathetic AGG..Tsk tsk.Thanks to Darren splashing water to her making her wet before she even falls into the water.


because…. okay… hmm. 0.O


because angmoh is hot, he wants to get wet together with me.


Pete is still smiling and he exactly knows where to pose for photo!! hmmmmm O.O whereas AGG is choking because of the sea water. She gets hit by the boat when it capsizes. OUCH.


I wonder why all the SOSer are staring at me only?!! sorry angmoh maybe they are only interested in girl not guy..OR MAYBE I AM WETTER THAN ANGMOH. angmoh is hot , rem? He is not cool but hot. ok LAME! -.- No, AGG is not going to slap ANGMOH in the photo who keeps grinning away.. _-.- NO she didn’t! . She is merely struggling with the big shower pool. LOL.


 an overall view of the story of  ‘shower’ race!


I am so wet! Pete is really elated getting wet, I wonder whyyyyy!!!!




There are total of 100 local and 30 international teams (Australia, North Americfa, Europe and Asia completing in different categories)


 Korean celebrities are there as well to complete in the Dragon boat race. Also local teams representing the finanical services, commercial corporations, professional bodies, post secondary institutions, the hotel and travel trade etc.  

We have so MUCH fun in the day at Victorial Harbour!



Alexander from U kiss band.



International Dragon Boat Races are the biggest event of the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular. There are fabulous live entertainment, food stalls and a biergarten while you watch the world’s best paddlers complete for glory in the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races.

A day of fun passes very quickly @ Victoria Harbour! But don’t be despair, how about a romantic night then?

When night falls, this is how Victoria harbour looks like…


PhotobucketI love lights. It is a place suitable for chilling and entertainment for couple as well as family.


Tell me, who would not want to visit such a beautiful Victorial Harbour ?

Follow me to my next entry for more of such beautiful scenary and wonderful dinner in the Bounty Boat @ Victoria Harbour! 😀

credit photos to Jerome, Szeping and myself ;D


It is like a fairytale ..

By , August 3, 2010 6:07 pm


Why is it a fairytale???


UGLY girl


in the process to turn into ….


not so ugly… duckling..

Make up



and hair done too!


I really love Emily’s make up skill & she is damn polite make-up artist I ever meet( emily standing on my left with a hairbun.)



Do you like my dressing?!


then transform to a maybe-beautiful swan


Celia wong is a renowned stylist who styled for famous celebrities like S.H.E, Kelly Chan etc and I, ANG GECK GECK PRISCILLA , AM STYLED BY CELIA WONG TODAY WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !

with my other 3 princesses

Gin, Violet and Elaine


When ugly ducklings turn into pretty swans, we get the best attention ever and we all love it. (:



thank the salon “Make Up Forever” who provided the stylists and all materials for the whole makeover process



The food we have are…

either very popular in the street market or in the high end resturant!

credit photo to Jerome

The best Japanese grilled food I ever had @ Busy Suzie. It costs freaking 100 plus per person for this set of meals. All foods are freshly imported from Japan .


want to see more food pictures? go to catherine, the best food blogger woohoo! 😀

I have the best company! As you know PRINCESS is never lonely, (even without the prince;) she is happily living in HONGKONG with the rest of the KINGS , QUEENS & PRINCESSES)


After a whole day out, going back to The Mira Hotel for a good rest is damn SHIOK! Not to rest is shiok, is the shiokness of the hotel room itself. Pics will tell you more..

Look at the exterior, interior and the room, they are awesome!

credit photo to szeping




Lychees are yummy according to the rest of the bloggers. But I NEVER EVEN TRIED ONE! ROARS!!!!




Kingsize bed. err. I only took up 1/4 of the space.


SHOWER TIME ! guess what!!! high end Ferragamo for my shower! Smell really good and I have a great bubble bath at the big bath tub! YAY.
My first time in a bath robe , in Hk, soaked myself in a big bath tub, and pluss morreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I feel so much as a princess for the first time in my whole 22 years. Seriously this is too good to be true , akin living in a far far away land .. yes, I am a virgin mountain turtle princess! HAHAHA.
However, I really wish my grandparents/ sister/good friends were here with me to share my joy together! Feel that my family deserves better than I do .. I am really grateful for what I have..

thank you for this wonderful sponsored trip hosted by Hongkong Tourism Board and OMY sg..
I am sooo happy!
Stay tuned for more drooling goodies. 😀

Bath Tub Race Competition in Hongkong with Angmoh.

By , July 21, 2010 2:24 pm

Firsty, I am not trying to be rude here, calling pete ..Angmoh. (pete no offend okay). It is actually my comfortable way of addressing someone to break the ice and yes, he is going to be my partner for my BATH TUB RACE competition in Hongkong. YAY! (:

I don’t think  it is  a race to complete who bathe faster or slower or whatsoever. Hmmmm..


Sooo WTH am I gonna to do with BEST WTH BLOGGER, Pete in this BATH TUB COMPETITION?



All I can imagine is a bathtub in front of me …

The answer to it is… I am not too sure myself till I visit HONGKONG

so Stay tune then for photos and updates.. woohoo!!!

Anyway, I shall keep this post short and sweet ! (:

I am going with the rest of other nine  NO1 bloggers in different catagory.  I am probably the youngest among the rest. Hope I am not too out of the place.




AGG wants to blog more about HONGKONG because she is so excited for it! 😀


eat shop eat shop eat shop!!!

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