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Duddell Street Starbucks in 1960’s Hong Kong Bing Sutt Style!

By , July 23, 2010 7:19 am

Back during the school days, everyone know me as the ‘Karung Guni'(malay word for junk collector). Collecting old pieces of porcelain, knick-knacks of all sorts and even shamelessly trying to fit myself into tiny vintage dresses.

Although you won’t be able to find authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea in Starbucks but I’m pretty sure that you’ll love its “Bing Sutt” corner, a place where locals go for fresh coffee. Located only in the southwest corner of Duddell Street, Central District, you would have thought that it looks just like a cookie-cutter chain store you’ve seen around the world. Follow on.

I love climbing the stairs, especially to places leading you to another space where you explore and get surprised!

Taking a quick glance at the front counter and saw…

…a piece of odd looking furniture sitting near the pillar.

My heart skipped a beat — A GEM! A customized retro baby chair which comes with rollers too! Its such a hard find these days!

Looking beyond the espresso machines and find yourself this awesome space…

The ‘Bing Sutt’ has long remember as a place where people can go to feel connected to each other. Although it literally means “ice room”, it was actually the coffeehouse back in the 1950’s through to the 1970’s. Coffee, tea and iced beverages or trendy Western treats such as soda pop and ice-cream were served. The bing sutt was a fusion of Eastern traditions and Western modernization.

The location was chosen because of its relationship with the arts community and its a place to feel inspired, creative and connected to each other through simple goodness of your favorite drink and the feel good neighborhood spot. The atmosphere here is simply amazing — timeless yet inviting! It is as good as the beverages served (make sure you get a good dose of caffeine)

*Growl. More pictures after breakfast, please.

Starbucks + Bing Sutt Concept
Shop M2, Mezzanine Floor
Baskerville House
13 Duddell Street, Central

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We’ve Arrived!

By , July 23, 2010 7:09 am

We’ve arrived! *Roaring to go! You should see everyone’s faces before this shoot. So worn out and tired from the early flight. A quick snap before heading to the hotel.

If The Mira was a person, she’d be a woman who long for taste and stylish living and would instantly recognize a well-made designer chair. Stand close to her and you’ll sense her charming sensation of freshness. The fragrance smells sophisticated and summery. It could be distinctly Ferragamo.

When we arrived at the entrance of the Mira Hotel, we were greeted with the plain, black mirrored glass door. Simply put, the unassuming exterior design looks just like an entrance of a shopping center. Step in and you’ll be amazed with its sexy fin-like structure in monochrome palette, beautiful chandelier and stylish furnishings.

Wait. Inhale. The scent delivers a light yet burst of ripe lemons and citrus floras. This is definitely something very memorable about the Mira. LOVE IT!

The refreshing scent and all sexed up furnishings! *snap snap snap!

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Good-to-know facts about Hong Kong

By , July 20, 2010 2:00 pm

Thanks to and Hong Kong Tourism Board, has won the e-Commerce Blog this year. 3 more days to go and we’ll be off to Hong Kong! Here is a mini list of what I have trawled over the net for a good-to-know bite-size list.

#1 Victoria Peak Imagine yourself standing from the tallest point and you’ll see the most magnificent harbors on Earth! The one thing that is on top of my list would have to be The Victoria Peak. Even my friends, who have been staying there for years, raves about it.

If you think you have a slight acrophobia like I do, and in need of almost real to life virtual walk, take a peek here.

#2 Its in the name — ‘Fragrant Harbor 香港 A vivid aroma. Buttery egg tarts, freshly made dumplings and pipping hot fish congee. Hong Kong derives its name from a Cantonese word meaning “fragrant harbor.” Do you know that their national flower rendering in the National flag is a Bauhinia blakeana flower discovered in Hong Kong?

#3 Get your fortune read! You’ll see many fortune tellers with differing skills, from reading tea leaves (yes, the one for drinking!) to Tarot Cards. According to my girlfriend who is residing there, fortune telling is very popular and is chargeable at around HK50-150, my girlfriend swears that her reading was 80% accurate! and that is through palm reading style.

#4 Cha Chan Teng 茶餐廳. For some odd reason, I love to hang out in these ageless charm of the 1960s decor cafe. Maybe it has to do with my childhood, hanging around my grandmother’s vintage ware and rolling chinese tea leaves into my plastic cup for play. Soak into that old-fashioned and romantic ambient! Thick toast, half boiled eggs and tea — all served in a vintage ware will totally make my day! *screams

#5 A Symphony of Lights at the Avenue of Stars. Well known by the Guinness World Record as the world’s “Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show”, this is defintely Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It celebrates icons of Hong Kong cinema from the past century, and the seaside promenade offers fantastic views, especially at night.

#6 Wi-Fi. This could possibly be a good place for my tired legs and also an e-update on my trip — Starbucks offers free internet access for those who like to connect with friends over a cuppa.

#7 A cheap sightseeing tram ride. Hop on to one of these cheap tram rides and see how Hong Kong is the epitome of east-meets-west culture! Through the slow-paced journey, you’ll be able to see the neighborhood area gradually changing from old eclectic buildings to all mighty skyscrapers.

#8 Sail with Bounty The original Bounty was built in 1784, and carries a legendary story in the British nautical history. She is the only European tall ship that resides in Hong Kong! I’ve never sat in one like that before. Thanks to The Bounty, we’ll be enjoying a nice cruise ride and wonderful BUFFET dinner!

#9 Getting Around in a Taxi Although I love to take the MTR with the Octopus card, sometimes you will need to get to a destination, fast. With the first two kilometers priced at only $2, and a charge of $0.90 for every kilometer thereafter, taxis are one of Hong Kong’s great bargains and can be hailed almost anywhere. Here is a tip — try and write out the destination in Chinese.  The drivers are generally more familiar with this language and also, they are able to get to your destination at the soonest time possible.

#10 Bring home a slice of Hong Kong’s unique culture If you are bored of getting the usual souvenirs for your friends, head over to G.O.D. (the initials are a homonym of the Cantonese phrase “to live better”) instead. I’ve seen them on an interview in Singapore’s Channel News Asia and I tell you, every single item sold in their store echoes a past erain Hong Kong. They have almost everything from lifestyle and living products and much of them have incorporated the 20th-century Hong Kong imagery.

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