Checking out “Aunty Sweet” 甜姨姨 at Tin Hau, where locals go for dessert

By , August 8, 2010 9:48 pm

Tin Hau is less commercial than Causeway Bay
After Mak’s Noodles, I went to meet up with two old friends, Janet and Walter, whom I had not seen in more than four years. When they heard I had already had dim sum, grilled lamb rib, curry beef brisket, and wantan noodles…the only sane option left was dessert! At first, we headed to Times Square at Causeway Bay, but later Janet thought Tin Hau would be a better choice – it’s where the locals go, and the dessert shops there are less commercialised.

"Aunty Sweet" 甜姨姨 at Tin Hau
We came to Aunty Sweet or 甜姨姨. It’s a fairly well-known shop, but despite its success, it’s stayed as a single outlet, not a chain. The owner Candy used to work at TVB, so occasionally you’ll catch some TV celebrities eating here too.

Durian beancurd
Their signature special for the month was “Durian beancurd” (HK$28) – oh yes, oddly you’ll find quite a few durian desserts in Hong Kong. Gorgeous creamy durian pulp atop refreshingly cold and smooth durian-flavoured beancurd. Even though durians are generally better in Singapore, this dessert was actually really good.

Mango Orchestra - ice cream, puree, fresh mango cubes, dried mango
The other very beloved fruit for dessert in Hong Kong is mango. Hui Lao Shan is probably the name most people (especially tourists) flock to, but someone told me locals prefer other brands.

This “Mango Orchestra” (also about HK$28) features mango ice cream, mango puree, fresh mango cubes and dried mango atop shaved ice. Extremely decadent with nothing to cut through the mango overload, but if you love mango, this will be the bomb!

Lychee pomelo shaved ice
Walt took a Lychee Pomelo with nata de coco on shaved ice. It looked luscious.

Hawthorn shaved ice drink
There are also some unusual drinks here, like the “Hawthorn” ice blended drink. It tastes like hawthorn-spiked lemonade. Tangy for the most part, with the sweetness coming from the red bits.

Look for the street with the flyover
The place is quite easy to find. From the main road, look for intersecting street that has the flyover above it (you can see it in the first photo too). Turn in there, walk a little bit and you’ll see Aunty Sweet next to Kin’s Kitchen.

For you durian lovers, check out Cha Xiu Bao’s photos of Aunty Sweet’s durian desserts – including the “Ultimate” (3rd photo) of durian sorbet, durian ice cream, durian puree, durian wafer and dried durian.

Here’s a list of other summer desserts in BC Magazine – Aunty Sweet’s included too.

AUNTY SWEET 甜姨姨 私房甜品
G/F, 13 Tsing Fung Street,
Tin Hau, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2508 6962

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  1. tricia says:

    Your shots really made those desserts look more “Sweeter” @^*)真的食在口里…甜在心里!Mango Orchestra(芒果交响乐)…look so yummy!

  2. Jerome says:

    Oh gosh Catherine … you always succeed in getting my tummy to rumble …

  3. Vivien Cheong says:

    Yummy, this is new discovery for me too!

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