Bath tub race or shower race?!?!

By , August 3, 2010 9:36 pm

Do you remember my previous post,

 Bath Tub Race Competition in Hongkong with Angmoh?

This is what’s it all about…

 The Hongkong Dragon Boat Carnival held on beautiful Victoria Harbour!


 Pete and I ready for the Bath tub Race! yay!I finally got to know how my bath tub looks like. Very squarish and light, made of plastic i think, totally differs from what I imagine it will be.


spot me!


AGG in ponytail rowing very hard… 1,2 row.! 1,2 row! Angmoh are you listening??? BUT…


you know … I know, everybody knows.. Still, pete is very happy with what’s- gonna-happen- next because ….Photobucket

Pathetic AGG..Tsk tsk.Thanks to Darren splashing water to her making her wet before she even falls into the water.


because…. okay… hmm. 0.O


because angmoh is hot, he wants to get wet together with me.


Pete is still smiling and he exactly knows where to pose for photo!! hmmmmm O.O whereas AGG is choking because of the sea water. She gets hit by the boat when it capsizes. OUCH.


I wonder why all the SOSer are staring at me only?!! sorry angmoh maybe they are only interested in girl not guy..OR MAYBE I AM WETTER THAN ANGMOH. angmoh is hot , rem? He is not cool but hot. ok LAME! -.- No, AGG is not going to slap ANGMOH in the photo who keeps grinning away.. _-.- NO she didn’t! . She is merely struggling with the big shower pool. LOL.


 an overall view of the story of  ‘shower’ race!


I am so wet! Pete is really elated getting wet, I wonder whyyyyy!!!!




There are total of 100 local and 30 international teams (Australia, North Americfa, Europe and Asia completing in different categories)


 Korean celebrities are there as well to complete in the Dragon boat race. Also local teams representing the finanical services, commercial corporations, professional bodies, post secondary institutions, the hotel and travel trade etc.  

We have so MUCH fun in the day at Victorial Harbour!



Alexander from U kiss band.



International Dragon Boat Races are the biggest event of the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular. There are fabulous live entertainment, food stalls and a biergarten while you watch the world’s best paddlers complete for glory in the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races.

A day of fun passes very quickly @ Victoria Harbour! But don’t be despair, how about a romantic night then?

When night falls, this is how Victoria harbour looks like…


PhotobucketI love lights. It is a place suitable for chilling and entertainment for couple as well as family.


Tell me, who would not want to visit such a beautiful Victorial Harbour ?

Follow me to my next entry for more of such beautiful scenary and wonderful dinner in the Bounty Boat @ Victoria Harbour! 😀

credit photos to Jerome, Szeping and myself ;D


It is like a fairytale ..

By , August 3, 2010 6:07 pm


Why is it a fairytale???


UGLY girl


in the process to turn into ….


not so ugly… duckling..

Make up



and hair done too!


I really love Emily’s make up skill & she is damn polite make-up artist I ever meet( emily standing on my left with a hairbun.)



Do you like my dressing?!


then transform to a maybe-beautiful swan


Celia wong is a renowned stylist who styled for famous celebrities like S.H.E, Kelly Chan etc and I, ANG GECK GECK PRISCILLA , AM STYLED BY CELIA WONG TODAY WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !

with my other 3 princesses

Gin, Violet and Elaine


When ugly ducklings turn into pretty swans, we get the best attention ever and we all love it. (:



thank the salon “Make Up Forever” who provided the stylists and all materials for the whole makeover process



The food we have are…

either very popular in the street market or in the high end resturant!

credit photo to Jerome

The best Japanese grilled food I ever had @ Busy Suzie. It costs freaking 100 plus per person for this set of meals. All foods are freshly imported from Japan .


want to see more food pictures? go to catherine, the best food blogger woohoo! 😀

I have the best company! As you know PRINCESS is never lonely, (even without the prince;) she is happily living in HONGKONG with the rest of the KINGS , QUEENS & PRINCESSES)


After a whole day out, going back to The Mira Hotel for a good rest is damn SHIOK! Not to rest is shiok, is the shiokness of the hotel room itself. Pics will tell you more..

Look at the exterior, interior and the room, they are awesome!

credit photo to szeping




Lychees are yummy according to the rest of the bloggers. But I NEVER EVEN TRIED ONE! ROARS!!!!




Kingsize bed. err. I only took up 1/4 of the space.


SHOWER TIME ! guess what!!! high end Ferragamo for my shower! Smell really good and I have a great bubble bath at the big bath tub! YAY.
My first time in a bath robe , in Hk, soaked myself in a big bath tub, and pluss morreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I feel so much as a princess for the first time in my whole 22 years. Seriously this is too good to be true , akin living in a far far away land .. yes, I am a virgin mountain turtle princess! HAHAHA.
However, I really wish my grandparents/ sister/good friends were here with me to share my joy together! Feel that my family deserves better than I do .. I am really grateful for what I have..

thank you for this wonderful sponsored trip hosted by Hongkong Tourism Board and OMY sg..
I am sooo happy!
Stay tuned for more drooling goodies. 😀

There would certainly have been a mutiny on this Bounty …

By , August 3, 2010 10:00 am

One of the many things that I looked forward to on this Hong Kong trip was the chance to board the Bounty, a tall ship which is in fact, a replica of the Bounty, infamous for the mutiny led by a certain Fletcher Christian. The mutiny which would have been construed as an act of disobedience not just against the authority of the ship’s commanding officer, Captain William Bligh, but also an act against the Crown, resulted in some of the surviving mutineers setting up a settlement on hitherto uninhabited Pitcairn Island and setting the original Bounty aflame to escape detection. By this unintended twist of fate, the group of islands that Pitcairn is in, has somehow become Britain’s last surviving colony in the Pacific. While we were certainly not in for this level of heart stopping excitement on the present replica of 1978 vintage (in fact this is the second replica built), it was for me, still something to look forward to, as I would do for any opportunity to visit a tall ship.

The Bounty, a second replica of the original, seen in full sail in Victoria Harbour (image courtesy of Hong Kong Resort Company Limited)

Tall ships are one of those things that I have always approached with the awe and fascination of a child. Captivated by the magnificent sight of tall ships in full sail from images seen in photographs and in the movies, and in part, drawn to the silhouette of a brig in the Old Spice brand of men’s toiletries that were popular back when I was growing up, I have long hoped to be able to sail on one, and work her sails. I guess the opportunity somehow never presented itself, and so, the next best thing for me was to attempt to visit one whenever I could. I managed a visit to one earlier this year, when the fastest tall ship, the STS Pallada, a Russian merchantmen training ship called to port in Singapore, and so it was very nice that I have a second opportunity this year, not just to board one, but also stay on her for a cruise around Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, albeit not with sails for practical reasons, but by her diesel power.

The figurehead of the new Bounty (image courtesy of the Hong Kong Resort Company Limited).

This replica of the Bounty that is in Hong Kong, was built in New Zealand in 1978 for the movie “The Bounty”, which starred Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins and was released in 1983. This would have been the same ship I had wanted to go onboard during a visit to Sydney some years back, but not having had the time, decided to give it a miss. This Bounty has, since 2007, been in the service of the Hong Kong Resort Company Limited, a company which operates the Discovery Bay Resort on Lantau Island at which the Bounty is based.

The bounty coming in to Central Pier 9 as the sun sets on Hong Kong.

A close-up of the stern.

The replica is not constructed of wood as one might think, being constructed of steel and clad in wood to give an authentic feel. While not as imposing as the Pallada which has a 49.5 metre tall main mast and measures some 106 metres (sparred), the 42 metre replica does have a spacious deck which measures 30 metres in length and 7 metres in width, and in the shadow of the rigging of the main mast which towers some 33 metres above deck, and the two other masts, the visitor is offered a very unique experience onboard. This makes the Bounty an ideal location for the use for which she has been put to. The Bounty is in fact available for charter for events such as corporate entertainment, private functions, harbour cruises, training activities etc, for which information is available at the Bounty’s website.

The main mast of the Bounty rises some 33 metres above deck.

The main mast holding its own against the IFC tower in the background.

The dinner cruise we had boarded the Bounty for, started from Central Pier 9, and it was a treat to stand by the wharf side and watch the magnificent vessel come in. Assisted onboard by the helpful crew, we were greeted by the sight of the expansive sheathed wooden deck, and the web of ropes and tackle along the gunwale that ran up to the masts. This, along with authentic looking fittings on deck as well as cannons lined up along the ship’s sides added a feel that we were going to have an adventure on the high seas, as it might have been for Fletcher Christian and his shipmates, sans the uncomfortable motions that might have come with the wind and the waves that in all probability have accompanied the voyage.

Blocks and tackle by the gunwale.

More rigging and tackle ...

While we may not have sailed the seven seas, the cruise around the harbour wasn’t without exotic sights. There were four to begin with, the lovely ladies in our group, who had a makeover with Celia Wong, a well known Hong Kong based stylist. While this would probably not have sparked a mutiny today, this would certainly have sparked a mutiny of a different kind in the days of Christian and Bligh, and might in all probability, have not just those loyal to Captain Bligh, but the Captain himself, join the mutineers! I guess with the company of pretty ladies, the spectacular night time views of the famous Hong Kong and Kowloon skyline, and the treat of the Symphony of Lights, was an added bonus.

Three of the four lovely ladies who might have set off a mutiny ... from left to right: Gin Oh, Violet Lim, Elaine Chua.

and here's the fourth ... Ms Ang Geck Geck ...

The company of the four lovely ladies was complemented by the magnificent views of Hong Kong and Kowloon from the harbour.

Dining on the deck was certainly a very pleasant experience. The light breeze that accompanied the cruising vessel which charted a course around the harbour made what was a balmy evening very pleasing and enjoyable. We had an opportunity to also inspect the accommodation below decks in the forward mess. An attempt has also been made to recreate the living spaces where perhaps the senior rates might have lived in. Going down through the hatch and stairway, it is probably hard to imagine conditions that may have existed on the actual ship where there would have been men tired and worn from their battles with the sea resting on what are now empty berths, right next to where livestock would have been kept during the early part of the voyage to provide the hungry men with fresh meat. Standing by the two tiered wooden bunks that lined up against the sides and centreline in the warm incandescent glow of light reflected off the lacquer of the wooden bunks and wall panels, I somehow could imagine that, and for a while I allowed myself to be transported to the original Bounty as she pitched and rolled to the rhythm of the violent sea, the creaking of timbers that strained as she rode over the waves, the bleating of goats, and the shouts of rowdy men fuelled by the contents of the wooden casks that lay on the deck, combining in a disconsolate tune. But it was only for a brief moment … the trance that I seem to momentarily be in, broken by the sight of one of the pretty ladies descending the stairway.

Dining on the deck of the Bounty.

Crew accommodation below decks.

Bunks in the old style with a modern watertight door.

The table in the mess.

Ms Ang came down for an inspection of the crews' quarters.

Back on deck, the rest of the cruise in the glow of the bright lights of Hong Kong’s wonderful harbour in the excellent company of my fellow bloggers somehow made the evening pass like a flash, and before we knew it, the evening onboard had sadly come to an end, and it was time to bid farewell to the beautiful Bounty. As we disembarked on to the pier at Tsim Sha Tsui in the glow of the clock tower, a crowd had gathered, seemingly to gawk at the magnificent vessel … but thinking about it, it might have actually been that word had got out that she was delivering her cargo of the four pretty ladies … and it was at them that the crowd were gawking at.

The spectacle of the Symphony of Lights and the beautiful Hong Kong skyline is seen through the rigging of the Bounty.

The view of Hong Kong's magnificent skyline by night was a treat!

Alvin seemed to want to participate in the ongoing Symphony of Lights!

The dance of lights on Hong Kong's skyline.

Some of the excellent company onboard ...

More night time views of the magnificent Hong Kong skyline from the Bounty.

Tsim Sha Tsui's historic clock tower (1915) ... the last remnant of the Kowloon Railway Station.

More views off and on the Bounty …

The ship's bell.

The bowsprit and figure head.

The fore deck.

View through the rope work towards Hong Kong Island.

The compass and helm.

Part of the ship's rigging ...

More of the ship's rigging.

The figure head seen from the fore deck.

夏游香江 – SOHO 【新。旧并存】摄游记

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在中环的罗富记吃完丰富的粥面早餐后我们就与【光影作坊】创办人孙树坤(Leon Suen)会面,并开始了我们的摄游记。



然后就在 Leon 对一路所见的讲述下走走拍拍。。。



些利街清真寺/回教清真礼拜总堂(Jamia Mosque, Shelly Street)是让我们大家歇脚的地方,也是见证传统古典和现代新颖建筑并存的其中一个指标。

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