It’s hard to remain dry with a model in the tub!

By , July 27, 2010 8:25 am

I guess that was what Pete found out, much to the dismay of his cheering fans ashore in Sunday’s Media Bath Tub Race that was held at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, part of the weekend’s highlight, the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival. The exciting race, which saw the team from the Philippines winning, also featured two teams representing, one with Pete and model Ang Geck Geck, and the other with Darren and Violet, who eventually came in a close second to the team from the Philippines.

Screaming girls cheering for Aussie Pete?

Not cheering for Pete as Pete might have imagined. A face amongst the thousands of fans who had gathered to scream at the sight of the KBS dream team.

There were literally thousands of screaming fans gathered for the race, and as Pete would have it, they would have been rooting for him in the race. Having made all the necessary preparations in the run up to the race, the two teams from were expected to do fairly well, and based on the strategies that were discussed by the repective teams, it seemed like the teams had everything worked out.

The race started with the blast of a horn, and from the vantage point of the media cordon amongst the very large numbers that had turned out, as it turned out, to greet the Korean Dream team from the KBS network which included U-KISS with the popular Alexander, who were taking part in an international media networks race (and not disappointingly for Pete, Pete and Geck Geck – although I must say that both have got star qualities). As the race progressed, the clumsily fashioned “bathtubs” laboured their way forward to the almighty efforts of the teams of two that seemed to want to have their bathtubs capsize with every stroke of the paddle, and midway through the race, spectators got more than what they had bargained for as with a big stroke of the paddle, Pete had put his weight to the starboard side and while not as graceful as the dolphins in Ocean Park, the sight of Pete and Geck Geck falling into the depths of the Fragrant Harbour appeared to be graceful and choreographed (hmm, maybe it was staged). The incident was greeted not in stunned silence, but with a big roar from the crowd … and any fears for the safety of the two was quickly proved to be unfounded by the quick appearance of the rescue parties (maybe it was the pretty damsel in distress that they were all concerned with).

The moment it happened, it did appear to have been a carefully choreographed move.

Into the depths of the Fragrant Harbour went Pete and the model.

The rescue.

I guess it was certainly a blast for the participants in the race, as it was for the fans who caught a glimpse of their KBS heroes, and for us bloggers to have had a chance to soak in the atmosphere of a dragon boating event in the very home of Dragon Boat racing as we know it today. The race also featured teams made up of breast cancer survivors and their supporters in which a team from Singapore, the Pink Spartans won.

Darren and Violet paddled their way to second place.

The soaking wet pair after being rescued from their bathtub adventures.

Even the buoys seemed to give Pete and Geck Geck a perfect 10!

25 Responses to “It’s hard to remain dry with a model in the tub!”

  1. Aussie Pete says:

    What??!! U mean the girls weren’t really screaming for me? :). I can assure u, regardless of my constant laughing throughout the ordeal, it was not staged, my friend!

  2. Jerome says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Pete, but not one of the cards they were holding had anything that looked like a Pete on it! I’m sure it wasn’t staged … or … was it? 😉

  3. Aussie Pete says:

    My mind read many of the signs as ‘will U-KISS me, aussie pete?’… Funny how the mind plays tricks in times like this… I think it’s called ‘delusions of grandeur’. 😉

  4. Jerome says:

    Ha ha Pete … delusions indeed … but must say that you do have that “star” quality!! 😉

  5. Ralph says:

    re Aussie Pete capsize………….I think it all has to do with the WIEGHT distribution in the tub…………..Aussie Pete should have sat in the middle…………

  6. Dora says:

    Man over board – Aussie Pete, Looks like you had fun

  7. Aussie Pete says:

    @Ralphie – mate, u’re being dangerously cheeky again. 🙂

    @Dora – it was an absolute blast!! ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie… Splash splash splash’!!

  8. Peter? What the hell have you got yourself into!!!!? Looks like fun though…You represent the great Aussie tradition of giving something a crack no matter the outcome.. You and Douglas Mawson are one and the same to me!


  9. Jerome says:

    Pete … I see where your “screaming” fans are now! 🙂

  10. Aussie Pete says:

    It’s my ‘rent a crowd’ buddies from down under… all good friends actually. 🙂

  11. JanetChew says:

    Great post Jerome! Brings us right to where the excitment is.

    Pete, wish i could have been there to join in for a splashing good time. Love the candid moments when you and Geck went in (though involuntarily)for a dip! WTH, bet you both has a blast! 🙂

  12. Jerome says:

    @ Pete … nice! 🙂
    @ Janet – thanks! Appreciate the feedback! 🙂 I think on the evidence of the photos we have Pete and Geck had a huge blast!

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