Countdown to Hong Kong : – 2 Days

By , July 21, 2010 10:02 pm


Two more days to the trip and it’s time to play Ken doll. Or in my case, Chucky needs a few clothing changes while in Hong Kong.

Usually, I don’t start packing my luggage until the night before and normally, I bring only half of what I’m bringing on this trip. I brought more this time round because the Omy camera crew will be following us on some of our activities. I better make sure I don’t look shaggy and my armpits smell like a flowering valley in spring.

Well, it’s summer now in Hong Kong. It’ll probably be burning but according to the Hong Kong Observatory 7-day weather forecast, this weekend is going to be rather wet. I hope the forecast is wrong. Maybe we should get Paul the psychic octopus to predict the weather.

Weather Forecast 22-28 Jul 10

I really hope it will be bright sunshine on Saturday as I’m going to the Wetland Park. I’ve even prepared my nature photography outfit :

White T-shirt – To keep cool and reflect light onto the insects’ eyes to create catchlight. Catchlight is the reflective highlights in a subject’s eyes that adds life and makes the photo more interesting.

Long Pants – To protect from insect and snake bites.

Half Sleeves – To deflect UV rays and protect arms from sunburn.

Neckerchief – To keep back of neck from getting sunburnt.

Fisherman’s Hat – To protect face from sunburn and cut out sun flare.

Sounds like I’m a wuss when it comes to shooting nature. Well, I used to be all macho-dory and don’t bother with sunblock and covering up during shoots. But after getting terribly burnt from shoots each time, I finally surrendered to Mother Nature and let her dictate what I should wear.

And I pray she’ll let me have a chance to model my outfit this weekend.


Bath Tub Race Competition in Hongkong with Angmoh.

By , July 21, 2010 2:24 pm

Firsty, I am not trying to be rude here, calling pete ..Angmoh. (pete no offend okay). It is actually my comfortable way of addressing someone to break the ice and yes, he is going to be my partner for my BATH TUB RACE competition in Hongkong. YAY! (:

I don’t think  it is  a race to complete who bathe faster or slower or whatsoever. Hmmmm..


Sooo WTH am I gonna to do with BEST WTH BLOGGER, Pete in this BATH TUB COMPETITION?



All I can imagine is a bathtub in front of me …

The answer to it is… I am not too sure myself till I visit HONGKONG

so Stay tune then for photos and updates.. woohoo!!!

Anyway, I shall keep this post short and sweet ! (:

I am going with the rest of other nine  NO1 bloggers in different catagory.  I am probably the youngest among the rest. Hope I am not too out of the place.




AGG wants to blog more about HONGKONG because she is so excited for it! 😀


eat shop eat shop eat shop!!!

Fabulous Feasting in Hong Kong!

By , July 21, 2010 2:21 am

Photo from
Photo from

As a food blogger, I love to plan my holidays and trips around food. I did that for Japan in 2007 and now I have a chance to do that for Hong Kong!

However, I am not that familiar with Hong Kong eateries as my last trip was like ten years ago, or so it feels! I do know I want to try the legendary Mak’s Noodles and Kau Kee’s beef brisket noodles. Would love to squeeze in some good old dim sum – should I brave the queues at Tim Ho Wan (awarded one Michelin star!), Lin Heung or Fu Sing? Or should I head for luxury dim sum at Lung King Heen (Four Seasons Hotel) or Golden Leaf (Conrad Hotel)? What about that Bo Innovation – molecular gastronomy, Asian style?

But I don’t know very much beyond that. And with only 3-4 days, there isn’t much time for experimentation.

So given my lack of knowledge, I’m secretly glad we are hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board because they know Hong Kong best. We just got our itinerary and I was very impressed with some of the dining places they have chosen for us. Certainly not run of the mill choices. Here’s a quick sneak peek at the places we’ll be eating at:

1. Busy Suzie – a Japanese rotabayaki joint serving exquisite grilled fare in chic designer interiors. The chefs are from Japan, and fresh ingredients are flown in daily.

2. Gingko House – a western (French and Italian) restaurant that’s run like a social enterprise, giving the elderly meaningful employment and allowing their rich life experience to enhance service and customer relationships.

3. The Bounty – dinner cruise on a 42m replica of the HMS Bounty! It doesn’t get more dramatic than this!

4. Hong Kong Old Restaurant – serves really good Shanghainese and Sichuan cuisine. It’s also one of celebrity chef Hugo Leung’s favourite eateries.

5. Yin Yang – Hong Kong’s first female celebrity chef Margaret Xu Yuan runs her own organic farm in Yuen Long, and has concocted some unusual healthy dishes with incredible self-taught flair. Yin Yang is her private kitchen in Wan Chai. I’m looking forward to that crispy chicken roasted in a terracotta clay oven.

That’s not all. We even have a special workshop with Margaret who will impart secrets on making her extremely popular Chinese sauces.

It looks like we have a really wonderful program lined up for us. I can’t wait to show you photos! Later, ok?

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