Countdown to Hong Kong : – 4 Days

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By , July 19, 2010 11:46 pm


I’m a techno idiot. Chimpanzees would’ve built a rocket before I could figure out where the ‘ON’ button is on an electronic devise. Especially a new one.

So I’ve delayed opening the box to my new ASUS Eee PC T101MT until today. The netbook is one of the prizes from the Singapore Blog Awards 2010 and it’s been almost 10 days since I had it.

Touch me, baby!Contrary to most who would probably tear through the packaging, eager to explore the computing power within, having a new gadget is sort of an inconvenience to me because while I’m in the matrix generation, I still don’t speak binary.

That’s needless to say that when I own a piece of teckie thingamajig, I hold on to it till the National Heritage Board knock on my doors.

Hence, you can understand my dread when I touched the netbook for the first time and it struck me straightaway how light it is. Okay, that’s a good start. Since it’s so light, it would be great to travel with and I can use it to blog about the Hong Kong trip while there.

However, the small screen does take a bit of getting used to. Other than that, it is pretty nifty and comes with an adequate ecosystem for creating and utilising web content.

For a digitally-challenged user like me, so long as it can do what my current laptop does without fussing a whole lot about settings, updates and upgrades, I’m happy. And it’s touchscreen! Woohoo!

Other than test-driving the netbook today, I thought about the other teckie gadgets I want to bring on the trip in order to get all angles covered. I was wondering whether or not to bring my tripod along coz that thing alone weighs about 2.2kg. But I’ve decided to bring it along. I’m planning to try taking some sunset and night shots. That is if I can resist the lure of shopping at the night markets. Heh.

Well, hopefully all the investment in dollar and strength will be worth it to bring home some lasting memories of Hong Kong. Just pray I don’t forget how to use those high-tech dials when I’m there!

In focus : Hong Kong


By , July 19, 2010 4:37 pm


还有四天就要去拜访很多蜘蛛的香港了。谷歌了一下香港这地方,其中就有提及“香港”这名称的来源。香港位於中国东南端,毗邻广东省。总面积1110平方公里,比710平方公里的新加坡略大,是马来西亚的三百分之一。我们所熟悉的香港,是由香港岛、九龙半岛、新界及超过260个外岛所组成(小时候的我一直以为香港和台湾新加坡一样是一个岛啊 =.=”)。在鸦片战争后,英国殖民者曾统治香港长达90多年,1997年7月1日正式回归中国。香港的现代化气息浓郁,经济、通讯、科技、交通、生活、娱乐都处于世界发展水平的前沿,我要去开眼界了!



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“我说啊,周公老爷,您亲临寒舍,鄙人固感三生有幸,可您怎么就不让我入眠啊?!” 锐伊睡眼惺忪,不屑瞧周公一眼。




“周公老爷,那是…… HNKNOGOG 什么?”

“周公? 周公? 别走!说清楚!“







锐伊 摔个四脚朝天,突省起 :

啊!!! 我赢了 新加坡部落格大奖 部落 Y 格斗,奖项之一便是香港之行!

感谢 周公 与香港旅游局 HKTB 实现香港之行!

真期待与其他得奖者同游香江,观摩 DragonBoat Festival 龙舟节庆。

到时见! =)

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