Countdown to Hong Kong : – 9 Days

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By , July 14, 2010 11:45 pm

Hello! I’m Darren. Winner of Best Lifestyle Blog (Celebrate Life!) at the Singapore Blog Awards 2010.

As one of the prizes from the awards, all winners get to go on a 4D3N trip to Hong Kong and share our experiences on this very specially created blog site. To start sharing with you my encounters of the trip, I’m starting with a countdown to our departure on 23 Jul 2010.

In this series of ‘countdown posts’, I will share with you how I’m preparing myself for this exciting trip. So please join me on my exploration and ‘see’ Hong Kong with me! Thank you… 😀

And our journey begins with…


Today, the 10 of us attended a briefing by representatives from the Hong Kong Tourism Board at SPH. This is the first time all of us met but somehow, they didn’t feel like strangers to me.

I guess that’s the side effect of having a blog. We sort of know each other before we know each other. I have a feeling this is going to be a trip like no other!

We’ve yet to receive the full itinerary but sounds like there’s going to be some serious fun getting to feel a side of Hong Kong by doing what the locals do. For me, that’s taking part in the International Media Race at the HK Dragon Boat Carnival on 24 Jul 10.

Dragon Boat Carnival 23-25 Jul 2010

Yup, I will be racing… In a bathtub! I can’t imagine what that would be like but I smell a Charlie Chaplin act coming. Hmm… Shall I bring my shampoo and sap boon along? I wonder who’s my partner in the tub. The future of Singapore’s bath culture is in our hands. Hope we will do Singapore proud!

There’re other special programmes being planned but they’re pending confirmation so I will share more once they’re confirmed. But I am starting to get quite excited because for one, I would like to see if this trip can change my perception of Hong Kong as a tourism spot.

I’ve been there 3 times in the past – as a teenager, in my 20s, and in November 2008. My first trip there, a huge misunderstanding happened between me and one of the girls. Our parents had to ‘sit down’ and talk to settle it. The visit during my 20s wasn’t amusing and my last trip there, I lost my passport and wallet and was stuck there for 2 days before I could come home.

So you know how I feel about Hong Kong right? Will this 4th visit be jinxed, or will the Fragrant Harbour henceforth leave a lingering sweetness in my memory… ?

Team SBA2010

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