I know I promised a personal post ( It’s already written and scheduled to go live on Friday). But today I want to share my sentiments on the whole Amy Cheong saga.

I’m sure you’re all aware by now.. but for the benefit of those who don’t, let me briefly sum it up for you: On Sunday night, Amy Cheong, posts a rude status updates about Malay void deck weddings. By Monday morning, it went viral.  Today (Tuesday), she was fired by her employer NTUC. Today, she flew to Perth (presumably to seek refuge, and get away from it all).

I don’t condone what she has done. In fact, I find her remarks distasteful and very malicious towards the Malays in Singapore. For this, she got fired by NTUC… which I think is fair. It is the prerogative of the employer whether to fire her or not over such poor conduct. Plus, as an assistant director at NTUC, I feel she should have known better than to conduct herself this way.

But then… I see all sorts of characters (of all races ah) coming out of the woodworks… some trying to flame this fire, some making the most asinine remarks (like calling her “Amy chee Cheong fun”. Woah dude, yeah.. I’m sure that cuts like a knife)…… some taking such umbrage and some others bringing politics and the PAP into the equation.

*My hands up in surrender* Ok, the Grassroots leader who made the police report against Amy Cheong for her comment, is a fellow grago (Eurasian)…. De Souza some more (same surname as my Grandma)…. I suppose if he did it in the hopes that they would give her a scare and she would stop making such remarks public in the future, then good. But if it was done because like… every little thing also call police… then *face palm*

And surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly)… now, some are saying she should come back from Perth so we can put her in jail. Ah?? Yao mo gao cho? More like, we should put YOU in jail for stirring shit and trying to cause more friction between the races.

If you’re one of those people I’m speaking about, your behaviour reminds me of a bunch of young hooligans. When one person punches another person, and some random fool shouts FIGHT!!! Everyone starts joining in, swinging and kicking, not knowing exactly why or what they’re fighting for.

Grow up a little, or at least try to.

Having grown up in Singapore as an extreme minority, not to be smug or anything, but I can tell you what racial tolerance is.
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One comment to “For Amy Cheong”

  1. cloudywind

    some ppl are just out for blood lah.

    actually IMHO, i feel that for NTUC to just sack her lidat, it’s still kinda harsh. i mean, it’s not like she said that in her office or in the presence of clients. it is her personal space on her FB page for G’s sake.

    she might be a racist bimbo, but she was just a racist bimbo in her own room.


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