I’ve been a long time fan of Vanity Trove. And this season, I ordered Vanity Troves as gifts to my girlfriends so they too can share in the joy of receiving a beautiful box of surprises. Each trove is $25.

The subscription for the coming Vanity Trove (January Edition) ends on 14th December. And between the 21st and 25th this month, you can expect your beautiful surprise right at your doorstep… just in time for Christmas!

Here are some of the products in my Vanity Troves for November and December. By the way, my readers can key in special code “Hollyjean” when they purchase and they will enjoy an extra treat FREE in their troves! This promo starts from 1 December.
Look how much the Vanity Trove team packs into each trove!
There’s always such a variety of beauty products .. even stuff to try out on my hair. The Ichikami hair products are new on the scene, and really catching on. Was thrilled to receive the trial pack of hair treatment,  shampoo and conditioner. This product smells awesome, and the results are good. Makes my hair feel much softer.
Some products are full sized instead of trial sized. Woot!
This Ujene Collagen Eye Gel deeply moisturises the eye area, I find it very hydrating, but no sticky residue left behind. This product is excellent quality… I would never have thought to try it out if not for Vanity Trove.
In my December trove, I got to try out the 1000 Hour Wax Strips for the first time.
I give it the thumbs up for removing finer hair. Like the hair on your face, or arms. It’s pretty painless, and gentle on the skin. I don’t think it’s as suitable for coarse hair. I love that Vanity Trove allows me to test out these products before splurging on the full sized ones.

The December trove has lots of face care products for me to try from established brands like – Clarins, Belif and Philosophy. These sample sachets are perfect for my weekend trips.

For this Christmas season, you can order special Gift Sets specifically from your favourite brands- Hello Kitty, Laline, Ujene, Decleor, Superberry, Skin Inc. They make perfect gifts. Check out the Vanity Trove website for more details. remember to use code Hollyjean for your added Freebie

The troves are so pretty and durable, I use them in my bathroom to organise my make up now. 🙂

You can sign up at Vanity Trove anytime, but remember to Subscribe by December 14th if you want to receive your trove before Christmas.


Finally the Luxury bag giveaway is coming to an end! The draw is coming up soon, and MFP is closing the entries tomorrow.
If you have not submitted your entry yet, it’s simple! Just click here (http://is.gd/Q073rJ) and fill in your particulars. Get your best friend to sign up too because it’s a best friend edition… that means if you win it, she gets one too!


I know I promised a personal post ( It’s already written and scheduled to go live on Friday). But today I want to share my sentiments on the whole Amy Cheong saga.

I’m sure you’re all aware by now.. but for the benefit of those who don’t, let me briefly sum it up for you: On Sunday night, Amy Cheong, posts a rude status updates about Malay void deck weddings. By Monday morning, it went viral.  Today (Tuesday), she was fired by her employer NTUC. Today, she flew to Perth (presumably to seek refuge, and get away from it all).

I don’t condone what she has done. In fact, I find her remarks distasteful and very malicious towards the Malays in Singapore. For this, she got fired by NTUC… which I think is fair. It is the prerogative of the employer whether to fire her or not over such poor conduct. Plus, as an assistant director at NTUC, I feel she should have known better than to conduct herself this way.

But then… I see all sorts of characters (of all races ah) coming out of the woodworks… some trying to flame this fire, some making the most asinine remarks (like calling her “Amy chee Cheong fun”. Woah dude, yeah.. I’m sure that cuts like a knife)…… some taking such umbrage and some others bringing politics and the PAP into the equation.

*My hands up in surrender* Ok, the Grassroots leader who made the police report against Amy Cheong for her comment, is a fellow grago (Eurasian)…. De Souza some more (same surname as my Grandma)…. I suppose if he did it in the hopes that they would give her a scare and she would stop making such remarks public in the future, then good. But if it was done because like… every little thing also call police… then *face palm*

And surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly)… now, some are saying she should come back from Perth so we can put her in jail. Ah?? Yao mo gao cho? More like, we should put YOU in jail for stirring shit and trying to cause more friction between the races.

If you’re one of those people I’m speaking about, your behaviour reminds me of a bunch of young hooligans. When one person punches another person, and some random fool shouts FIGHT!!! Everyone starts joining in, swinging and kicking, not knowing exactly why or what they’re fighting for.

Grow up a little, or at least try to.

Having grown up in Singapore as an extreme minority, not to be smug or anything, but I can tell you what racial tolerance is.
Click here to read whole post…


Less than 4 months to my big day!

My shoot for bridal catalogue, previously

(For my own wedding, I will have all my hair up in a high bun, because I think this blah wavy hair makes me look so OLD)

I can’t reveal my actual gown yet though. You will find out on my actual wedding day (Live via FB and Instagram)! I can only tell you, that it’s a column style, with a chapel train and sleeveless. It will arrive in Singapore in December! Excited!

I paid for my wedding dress using my OCBC Cashflo Card and the payments automatically got split into 3 months… making each month’s installment payment for this dress (which by the way, is interest free!) about $100 only. That’s cheaper than one dinner date out!

If you’re thinking of buying an expensive wedding gown (like $1000 plus), you should seriously consider the OCBC Cashflo Card. And if you happen to purchase from one of their participating merchants, the payment will be split into 6 months, interest free.

This card really reduces our financial constraints when it comes to paying for the wedding because it automatically helps us manage our cash flow efficiently and effortlessly. With it, I also get movie discounts, dining privileges and hassle free shopping online. 🙂

For more info on how this card works, click – here.

I have $500 Robinsons Vouchers to give away to you. No minimum spend required at the store, you just use the vouchers as if it’s cash (at Robinsons, Marks & Spencers or at John Little). 5 Readers will get  $100 Robinson Gift Vouchers each. Winners will be announced on my blog, on 18th Oct.

The Question is-  How would you use the OCBC Cashflo Card to finance a wedding?
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Good luck!


And you don’t have to do much. Just Subscribe to the SAYS.SG newsletter.

I first discovered SAYS.com when I saw an interesting Remix shared on a friend’s Facebook Wall. It was titled Japanese Chef Serves Own Penis For Dinner. At first I thought .. “No Way, must be fake!”

But when I clicked the link, I was brought to Remix page on the SAYS website which had all the snippets of information on that particular topic. Turns out… it was indeed TRUE!! People even paid top dollar to have a taste of it. OMG! *puke*

Pretty soon, I was hooked, getting my daily dose of instant news in my inbox… as a blogger I find this so useful because it gives me ideas and keeps me inspired. It’s excellent fodder for conversation topics when you’re out socialising too. With Says, you’ll always be in the know.

I also started creating my own Remixes… because it’s so much fun!

It’s all Free.. trending news, lifestyle, design, entertainment, tech & sports content created by the people for the people. Love it!

Have a look at the video I just shot .. which shows you the magic of SAYS in under 45 seconds! 🙂

[youtube 1gScppCo0pI]

1. You stand a chance to WIN a Mac Book Air in their current Giveaway!!!
2. It’s FREE, yet not spammy!
3. It’s FULL of the most current hot topics
4. I Love SAYS
5. You will love SAYS too
6. All of SAYS subscribers are beautiful, smart, charming and drop-dead awesome.
7. You’ll get unfiltered and uncensored access to everything on SAYS
8. Did I mention the chance to win the Mac Book Air giveaway?!!!!!
9. Being part of this will be cool.
10. My remixes will be emailed to you personally every week!

I’m so happy to see my designs come to life, it’s the best experience I’ve had this year so far! As promised, here are more pics and details about the rest of the dresses in my collection for ClubCouture. 

This is the Raven Ladder-back Dress. It’s a classy looking black chiffon dress with  an asymmetrical hemline which is longer at the back and shorter at the front. The horizontal ladder-like cut out design at the back is sexy.

I love how the dress flows, it’s light and airy. One of my favourites!
This is the Sahara Maxi Dress. It flows down like a column, elongating the figure. Cinch in the waist with a belt and you’ll give the illusion of longer legs.

It has drop armholes, so you can wear a tube inside. I prefer it on it’s own, it has elements of the casual, and yet it’s so elegant and ethereal looking at the same time.

A completely different look… the Holly Contrast Dress in navy with contrasting cream collars and cuffs.

I love casual girly designs. This dress is made of a slightly stretchy material and it hangs so well on the body.

For even more girliness, there’s the Holly Contrast Dress in pink with contrasting white collar and cuffs. I love the  soft pink colour.

This dolly dress is your ticket to a pretty girly look.

Adopting the shirt tail hem with a twist, is the Jet-Set Sheer Blouse. It’s a black collared sleeveless chiffon blouse with long tail. 

It’s made of a sheer black material, but it’s not overly sheer. You will get away with wearing a plain black bra underneath.

The simple girl in me loves the Blush Oversized Tee, which can be comfortably worn as a dress, or you can wear it with tights/shorts. This jersey knit material adds that vibrant pop of pink to your style. There’s no way one can look dull wearing this.

And oh… do I even need to mention the comfort of this look?

If you want to see the rest of my photos for all 10 outfits I designed, it’s in my FB album, Click Here.
If you want to just get straight to shopping, Click Here!!!!

For the past 3 years as a ClubCouture ambassador, I designed the Earth Angel Dress and the ‘Holly’ Dress and loved the experience very much.

I am so excited this time round… because I have a whole collection of 10 designs! And last month, ClubCouture made the whole treat an even better one by doing a lookbook shoot for my designs!

We had an outdoor shoot at Wessex. The whole feel of the shoot was natural and rustic. I love how Wessex has old black and whites, old swings, tractors and many scenes old school.

It was a freaking hot day though! And I amaze myself at how non-athletic I can be. Almost gave myself a butt cramp and heart attack just trying to get into this tyre swing. (Haha…You try doing it in heels!!)

But I love how the photos turned out. Gritty. Interesting setting. Love Love Love!

See how fun and effortless swinging looks? LoL.  To see the rest of the Lookbook shots- Click Here.


Just last week, a special package came from ClubCouture for me… my personal issue of all 10 of my designs!!! I was so excited, I got my brother to help me take pictures of me in every single one of them. You can view the whole album – click here.

Let me tell you more about a few of them…

Cobalt Drape Dress

    A gorgeous shade of shocking blue. This comfy drape dress has an elasticated waist and a V-neckline.

    Nera Lace Cape Dress

    This is an exquisite black mini dress with a full lace overlay. It’s comfy and stretchy too.

    Scarlet Cutout Bodycon Dress

    A super gorgeous shade of red. This dress will turn heads with it’s sexy unique cut-out neckline and exposed zipper back.

    This halter dress is a pretty pink, with wide lapels in a contrasting  plum shade. The wrap front design gives a sexy low neckline.

    I’ll share with you more about the rest of my designs soon. If you want to see the rest of the shots of my designs, it’s in my Facebook album (click here). And do give me feedback on my designs as well as what you’d like to see more of.

    To shop my designs at ClubCouture, – Click here. They come in 3 different sizes. Hope you’ll enjoy these pieces as much as I have! Happy Shopping! 


    I know this is going to make me very unpopular, and maybe even hated. But I think the My Grandfather Road vandal should be punished.

    The artist vandal 25 year old woman who painted “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” on several roads in Singapore the past couple of weeks, has been arrested. A person who is convicted for vandalism can be punished with a fine of up to S$2,000, or jailed up to three years and caning.

    Singaporeans are crying foul. Well some Singaporeans cried foul… then the rest followed suit, like lemmings off a cliff. To me, it looks like, anything goes, they’ll jump on any anti-government bandwagon. People on the internet have been petitioning for her release (dafug?! You think your practically as good as anonymous signature on Facebook is so powerful meh?). .. and bringing things like freedom of speech (WTF?) and censorship (again.. wtf?) into the picture.

    But like Hello??? The Issue here is not WHAT she has said or meant. It is HOW she has chosen to deliver it… censorship and freedom of speech isn’t even relevant. If she wants to say something, say it lah. But if she wants to spray paint the roads, yah also can, but there’s just a penalty she must face for it because that’s vandalism. If she believes in her ‘art’ then let her face the punishment, it’s part and parcel of the whole work isn’t it?

    She’s also the one who pasted these circular stickers all over the streets. I think the stickers are quite hilarious and entertaining. I don’t think she should be penalised for it, at most give her a bucket and a small toothbrush and make her go and clean off every single one of it lah.

    Afterall, I think after a while, these stickers won’t be as entertaining anymore, then what? Make the poor old cleaning anutie and uncle scrub away at it. Geez, I am not so deprived that I need kicks like these in my life or environment.

    Stickers aside, … (out of her own accord) spray painting the roads with her slogan My Grandfather Road ??? Clearly vandalism. Not even a grey area. There’s not a courtroom in this world where you can prove otherwise. (petition for what?!)

    Last weekend, I took a girlfriend down to meet one of my good friends. I don’t know if you’ve already heard of him, he’s a very very popular cosmetic surgeon and his forte is liposuction and body sculpting.

    He does it by syringe method (which is hard work… that explains his muscles), but most doctors now prefer the newer methods by machines because it’s faster and less physically strenuous for them. But Dr Arthur is a perfectionist who believes that the syringe method is safest, gives the best results and has minimal scarring.

    He lived in Singapore for many many years, but a few years ago, he set up his own clinic in Medan. You can go see his case studies and actual photos of his work – http://elixirdevie.sg/liposuction.html . He also does botox and anti ageing treatments. If you want to check out the list of cosmetic surgeries he does in his clinic, it’s – http://elixirdevie.sg/cosmetic.html

    My girlfriend wants to get a chin implant and also dimples. She was quoted over $2k here by Singapore surgeons for the chin implant alone! But Dr Arthur will do it for her at a fraction of that price (no kidding, really fraction!!). Of course I won’t recommend my friend to someone just because it’s cheaper! It’s because I’ve known him for a long time, and have seen his amazing work. If I ever needed anything done later on (definitely will do some tuck after pregnancy! I never want to be flabby *touchwood*), I would definitely go to him.

    Medan is only like 1 hour plus flight away, and costs about $150 on a budget airline. I’ve visited him in Medan some time back. He has a driver who picks up his friends (and of course, his patients too) straight from the airport, so no worries about getting lost or what. Very safe. Then his patients can stay in his clinic during their visit, not sure how many rooms for patients he has.. but more than enough (it’s huge and has a gym even). He only performs one surgery a day, so you get dedicated attention during your visit. I will be going with her when she does her chin implant, so i can get a short holiday as well, have A&W (!) and also to see Arthur, who is a dear friend of mine.

    If you want more info, etc you can drop me a mail anytime (“contact me” button on top of my blog), I am always happy to help my readers out. Or you can contact the clinic directly at Singapore@elixirdevie.sg  / Medan@elixirdevie.sg . Do mention you’re my friend/reader so you’ll get a special price too.  🙂

    Eu Yan Sang was founded in 1879 with the mission of “Caring for Mankind” (仁泽众生). It is a brand I trust for safe, high quality products and herbs.
    When I mentioned to a friend that I shopped at Eu Yan Sang, he exclaimed, “Eee… I didn’t know you’re so traditional Chinese.”

    I was like ,”huh?” Because Eu Yan Sang isn’t cheena to me, it has it’s roots from traditional Chinese medicine (which is a good thing), but it has also become a global healthcare and wellness company which caters to the modern man and woman today.

    So I told him, ” Yah, I always get my essence of chicken (yummy!), Honey, muscle rub and anti-flu meds from there.”

    Then he was like *sheepish*, “oh.. I love all those things too.”   LOL.

    Did you know that you can now order online from their e-store and it gets delivered to your home (or office). It’s so convenient. Their e-store has complete information about each product in English. 

    Plus a great bonus for me is that their e-store sells the products cheaper (!!!) than the Eu Yan Sang retail store! It’s for a limited period only though… not sure when they’re going to change it back to normal price. So I just enjoy the promo prices while I can!
    Ever since I was a child, my mom would give me Essence of Chicken, especially during exam period. Nowadays, I still take it, especially when I start feeling run down or haven’t had enough sleep.
    Eu Yan Sang has a whole series of essence of chicken (with ginko biloba/American ginseng/ wolfberries & red dates/ danggui & pearl) but I love the plain one best.
    I looove the taste of Essence of Chicken when it’s chilled. Just open my fridge, pop a bottle open, and enjoy the yummy goodness ! 🙂 

    A pack of 6 bottles of Essence of Chicken  retails in the shops at  SG$18.90, but the online price at the e-store is SG$17.96.

    Another product I love consuming .. that is also great for my health and skin is Honey. I use Clover Honey as a substitute for sugar. I love drizzling honey over my cut fruit, or cereal. Sometimes, I get cravings and just put a spoonfull of it into my mouth! Honey is also a natural sweetener which you can use in your tea or for cooking.

    This is my first time getting the Black Current Honey from the Eu Yan Sang e-store.
    It’s natural honey enhanced with added blackcurrant juice to create a deliciously scented honey. It provides the natural goodness of both honey and blackcurrant juice. Blackcurrent contains rich amounts of vitamin C, it’s a powerful antioxidant to sustain good health.
    I eat very little carbs but I love honey on toast or biscuits for a quick yummy breakfast. Blackcurrent honey tastes better than jam. Plus it’s healthier! All products at Eu Yan Sang are 100% natural with no added colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

    Blackcurrant Honey retails at SG$31.40 but I got mine from their e-store at $29.83 for a large 500g bottle.