Honeymoon In Taiwan Part 2

By , December 8, 2011 8:00 am

Finally after 4 and a half hours. We reach Taipei Tao Yuan Airport. Quickly we get off the plane and proceed to get our luggage. Maybe due to it year end period. When we reach Taipei. Our watch shows 6.30pm but the sky in Taipei is already like 8.00pm. The sky is dark. Not so used to it really LOLZ. So we boarded a Cab and proceed to the hotel that we book.


ECFA Hotel is the one we booked. It located inside Xi Meng Ting. And the location is really very good as just infront of the hotel. There is a Cinema and also alot of Seven Eleven. So we won’t really run out of food or late nite snacks LOLZ.

Here are the site of ECFA.


So after we check in. We wasted no time and started exploring Xi Meng Ting.

Xi Meng Ting is huge. It just like walking at Bugis or Orchard. Damn Happening and we happened to catch a few street performers rapping.

Finally after some shopping. We all managed to find a restaurant and we took Ramen for dinner and retired to our hotel to rest. As tomorrow we’re going to go to Tai Pei Train Station to explored 🙂

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